Benefits of partnering with top generic Third-party manufacturing companies
Pharmaceutical Manufacturing

Benefits of Partnering with Top Generic Third-Party Manufacturing Companies

Third-party manufacturing of pharmaceutical business has been a widely used, popular business model for quite some time. This type of manufacturing in the pharmaceutical industry can provide several benefits. Third-party manufacturers are also known as contract manufacturers. As per business world definition: “Creation of products by one firm, under the name or brand of another firm.

Before we spill the beans for you, JoinHub Pharma is a leading third-party generic medicine manufacturer. They have an extensive WHO-GMP-approved manufacturing facility and a wide array of pharma products. Besides, JoinHub Pharma also encourages other businessmen to come forward and take up franchisees leading to the spread of business.

In this blog, we will briefly discuss the several benefits of third-party pharma manufacturing. So, without further ado, let’s take a look without further delay.

What is Pharmaceutical Third Party Contract Manufacturing?

A third-party contract manufacturer is nothing more than a pharmaceutical company specializing in making another company’s products under its label or brand name. In the case of generic medicine manufacturers, they will manufacture prescription drugs brands for pharma manufacturers based on designs submitted and approved by the company that has partnered with them to build drug products.

The third-party contract manufacturing model helps small pharma companies streamline their operations and research and development efforts and bring healthcare products such as generic drugs to market faster than those manufactured using traditional manufacturing models.

Pharma manufacturers generally have the pharmacist expertise to make the top-of-the-line healthcare products such as generic medicine, the designer skills to design appealing final products, and a sales and marketing department to promote and sell them. Although they have this knowledge that defines a healthy business, there’s one essential area where their knowledge falls short: manufacturing drugs themselves. They cannot manufacture them as they don’t have the required experience or manufacturing facilities.

At times when demand is exceptionally high for an active pharmaceutical ingredient (API), the pharma manufacturer’s active involvement in the end-to-end production cycle isn’t important due to already having produced enough stock on hand; it may choose to outsource production by farming out batches of making orders to third party contract manufacturers.

Benefits of Third-party generic medicine manufacturing

Generic third-party manufacturing services are very beneficial in several ways. Check out the countless benefits of third-party pharma manufacturing that enable you to determine whether outsourcing is right for your business or not.

Expand business with minimum investment

Third-party generic medicine manufacturers can expand their businesses without significant investment. Making a choice of pharmaceutical company in India to manufacture your products is an important task. Choosing a good company like JoinHub Pharma can provide the highest quality products to end-users, wholesalers, and retailers. It also assists you in increasing your product and company value among customers.

Win-win for both owner and service provider

Both pharma companies and external manufacturers of pharma products have huge benefits. External generic manufacturers can produce the same products for other companies with different brands. Similarly, pharma companies can outsource the same medicine to varying manufacturers across the world. Hence, you can cherish a high level of benefits for your business.

Production cost-effectiveness

One of the primary benefits of third-party pharma manufacturing is that the entire process is cost-effective. Firstly, being an entrepreneur, you do not need to worry about your finances. Second, the maintenance cost of the pharma medicine manufacturing procedure is also not your headache.

Last but not least, highly-skilled staff arrangement and equipment will also be taken care of on your behalf. Since these are the two most challenging aspects of owning a pharma manufacturing business available, with third-party manufacturing, you are saved from all the stress; we call it hassle-free and cost-effective.

Higher efficiency

Higher work efficiency is assured when you invest in third-party manufacturing. Your business partner is a reputed pharma company. Hence, you can expect exceptional work efficiency and productivity.

Expertise and experience

Meanwhile, suppose you are simply stepping into the pharma business or assuming you have a new beginning recently. You are directly associated with some great pharma companies, and they already have significant expertise and experience in the same niche. In that case, you don’t need to think much about securing clients or deals. However, it will give you direct benefits. A good pharma company’s brand name, reputation, and products will always lead you to a significant milestone.

Promotions and branding

Last but not least, every business starts with the expectation that the sky is the limit. Without marketing and promotion of the particular brand, products, or services, it is tough to survive in the market. So if you are choosing a reputed third-party generic medicine manufacturing company in India, it will doubtlessly assist with compacting your advancements and advertising endeavours; the brand organization is continually doing significant upgrades and promotions.


The above-given information gives you all the required details about the third party and its beneficial uses. So if you are confused about opting for Third-party generic medicine manufacturing, then you should choose the best Indian pharmaceutical company like JoinHub Pharma for investing and see the shining sky by opting for profitable third-party services.

JoinHub Pharma is a leading manufacturer, supplier, and exporter of generic medicines across the world. All our generic medicines are manufactured in our WHO-GMP-approved pharma manufacturing facility located in Ahmedabad, Gujarat.

Our highly skilled staff of Designers, pharmacists, and pharma drug supply chain experts have years of experience in building all types of pharma products.

Lately, we have been delighted to help out during the COVID-19 pandemic by quickly responding to the medical community’s needs and ramping up the production to prevent virus and antibody detection products such as hand wash, hand sanitizer, immunity boosters, and multivitamins tablets. We’re incredibly proud to provide the same level of commitment and services to all of our clients across the globe, and we’re confident that you’ll get the top quality work from us.

If you are looking for a top generic medicine manufacturing company, reach out to JoinHub Pharma. Just drop us your requirement at [email protected], and our pharma experts will get in touch with you within 24 hours.


Things To Consider While Choosing Pharmaceutical Contract Manufacturers For Venezuela
Pharmaceutical Contract Manufacturer

Things To Consider While Choosing Pharmaceutical Contract Manufacturers For Venezuela

A third-party manufacturer for Venezuela helps a small pharma company reduce workload, time, R&D, and investment expenses. However, a dilemma arises when one begins to research the perfect fit for its needs.

Essentially you must consider various factors before partnering with a third-party manufacturer for Venezuela. Additionally, some myths come when choosing an Indian pharma contract manufacturer for Venezuela that we will clarify.

If you’re wondering about contract manufacturing for Venezuela, refer to this blog to get a detailed understanding.

Myths Around Third-Party Manufacturing

Before discussing anything you should focus on while finding the right contract manufacturer for Venezuela, it’s crucial to get your head around the myths surrounding this topic.

Like any other selection process, numerous myths hurdles our final judgment. Here are some of the misconceptions that you should avoid at all costs.

Partnering with the pharma company with the lowest quote

A lower quote doesn’t mean that you are getting the best. There comes a  time when there are hidden charges which are revealed at a later stage of the pharma manufacturing process. To avoid this, you must clear all the terms and conditions before entering the manufacturing contract.

Further, a lower quote can even serve as a question mark on a third-party manufacturer’s competency.

It’s a bad idea to partner with your competitor’s Contract Manufacturer.

The prospect of a competitor utilizing the same CM as yours could be off-putting, particularly if you pride yourself on having a unique pharma manufacturing process. However, on the other hand, your ultimate output is the culmination of numerous procedures. Even if you’re utilizing the same pharmaceutical contract manufacturers for Venezuela, you can differentiate yourself and add value. So do not undervalue a Contract Manufacturer just because they’re making for your competitor.

Tier 1 contract manufacturer is the best.

Partnering with a tier 1 contract manufacturer for Venezuela is not always the perfect choice. Tier 1 is probably a tag that financial markets utilize to classify organizations based on their size. This in no way should be your essential criteria to select a partner.

It would help if you have a pharma manufacturer that fits your company’s requirements and product type even if it is not the ‘tier-1.’ Additionally, you should assess them on their criteria: corporate culture, technology, philosophy, customer reviews, and business model.

The product pitch says it all

No, it just doesn’t. Sometimes contract manufacturers tend to harbour incredible in-house marketing and designing teams.

Result: Product pitch that’s every bit worthy of being carried away. However, don’t be blind to your decision at this point. No matter what the product pitch, you need to do your homework before finally adopting the contract manufacturing. Even with a fantastic product pitch, the Contract Manufacturer could still have flaws in the manufacturing process.

How to choose the best third-party manufacturing companies for Venezuela?

Following are some criteria that will help you while choosing the best third-party manufacturing companies for Venezuela:

Equipment and assets of the company

An entire survey of the third-party company’s technology and equipment will give you the necessary pointers of their efficacy. They should have the latest and most efficient technological equipment to cater to your needs and deliver market-ready, competitive pharma products. Further, some pharma manufacturing companies will even source the essential tools for your project if required. Just ensure you have a clear picture.

Regulatory compliance

Ensure your potential partner follows required quality and regulatory standards. A pharma company adhering to regulations and norms established by the country will always prevent you from manufacturing delays. Hence, it is better to be vigilant about the third party’s compliance standards.

Listing the specialties of the prospects

Along with shortlisting the potential third-party partners for Venezuela, maintain a list of their capabilities too. This will help you get a clear snapshot of what they will be able to provide you. In addition, when you list down the specialties, you also get a deeper understanding of your need, which you may not understand until you know their existence.

In the end, it will act as an ultimate checklist for you to choose the ideal partner for your business model.

Strength of personnel

It is the workforce that will achieve your pharma manufacturing goals. In addition, the presence of highly-skilled employees always reduces the time spent in hiring and training new ones. This makes it important to analyse the third-party company’s personnel and their ability to execute your planned manufacturing strategy.

Domain expertise

Expertise doesn’t always relate to the number of years your potential partner has been in the market. Instead, the breadth of their offerings and successful implementations determines their expertise. Therefore, mapping those achievements with your goals should align to make an ideal match.


This isn’t as critical as it may sound. The final assembly location of your product should ideally be in your vicinity to reduce logistics costs. However, this factor can’t be the end all be all for choosing a partner, but it is better to determine whether their location suits you or not.

Joinhub Pharma – Your Potential Third-Party Manufacturing Partner for Venezuela

If you’re looking for a trusted third-party manufacturer for Venezuela for your business JoinHub Pharma can help. We are the leading contract manufacturer for Venezuela, Iraq, Libya, South Africa, Latin America, and many more countries.

We help you reduce all the stress and burden of the pharma manufacturing process.

Our 6 Simple Steps of Third-Party Manufacturing for Venezuela

  • Choose Pharma Products and Prices:

Select the products you want to manufacture with your own brand names—Shortlist of probable suppliers – forwarding, online, etc. Send an email/call for a quotation, including Production expenses, Product Cost, securities, and minimum delivery schedule quantities.

  • Composition and Finalizing Order Quantity:

The chosen order quantity of the product should be finalized. After the order amount, the composition as specified by the pharma manufacturer should keep in mind minimum order quantities.

  • Purchase order Increase: 

You must get an order from the selected manufacturer after completing the composition and order quantities for contract manufacturing. The third-party manufacturer for Venezuela should also be asked to double-check your items. A partial advance to start the process must be deposited after confirmation.

  • Designing & Packaging:

You must fulfill all the steps for registration requested by the manufacturer once you have applied. Your design work should be finalized as quickly as feasible. Key checkpoints when the artwork is completed: Check the brand’s name on board & foil, Packaging, Composition, Details of manufacture, Design & colour, Marketing By firm name, logo & address on board & foil.

  • Submission of Documents: 

Director of Company Profile (Aadhar Card and Pan Card), Authorized Resolution Signing Card for Processing Drug Registrations Tax / TIN Registration, Certificates Manufacturing Agreement, and Non-Commonwealth Certificate.

  • Finally, Get the  Goods Delivery:

After manufacturing the medicines, a quotation will be received indicating the product production details and the balance to be placed. After submitting documentation & clearing accounts, the products will subsequently be dispatched by your selected carrier.

Want to know more about JoinHub Pharma’s Third-party pharma manufacturing process or want to partner with us?

Reach out to our pharma experts today!

Top Indian Pharmaceutical Contract Manufacturer For Nigeria
Pharmaceutical Contract Manufacturer

Top Indian Pharmaceutical Contract Manufacturer For Nigeria

Due to the COVID-19 impact, the pharmaceutical sector strived for contract manufacturing significantly. Its growth from USD 934.8 billion in 2017 to USD 1.17 trillion in 2021 provides insight into the exponential boom this industry is experiencing. However, the actual figures could be comparatively much higher due to better healthcare becoming a global priority in the year 2020.

To keep up with the demand, pharma companies for Nigeria have been burdened with increased financial performance, mainly when it comes to buying and running expensive equipment for the mass production of pharmaceuticals. To combat this, numerous companies have started outsourcing their manufacturing to top Indian pharmaceutical contract manufacturing organizations with the facilities, equipment, and labor force to carry out the more cost-effective production. This sort of outsourcing is explicitly a game-changer.

What is a pharma contract manufacturing?

Pharma contract manufacturing, sometimes called contract development & manufacturing organization (CDMO), is a pharma company that serves other pharma companies on a contract basis to offer services for drug development via top-quality manufacturing. Because of the high demand for medicines in India, the growth of the PCD pharma business is increasing on a daily basis. Today, India comes in the third rank in the Contract Manufacturing sector.

A contract manufacturing company acts as a business partner for your pharma company’s overall growth and reduces the burden of manufacturing products.

Are you looking for a top Indian pharmaceutical contract manufacturer for Nigeria? JoinHub Pharma is a leading Pharma contract manufacturing company with trained and dedicated professionals to maintain the highest quality standards and ensure the safety and efficacy of pharma products.

Which is the leading pharmaceutical contract manufacturer for Nigeria?

JoinHub Pharma is a reputed contract manufacturer for Nigeria. We help your pharma company gain maximum mileage by imparting adequate compliant manufacturing facilities to meet the high magnitude of demands.

We manufacture branded and generic medicines as per the required standards followed by our Nigeria-based business partners. Furthermore, all our pharma products are formulated with superior quality yet sold at affordable rates.

Our pharma products are acclaimed in the market for their safety & efficacy. Moreover, JoinHub Pharma excelled in the self-production line and ranked among the top Pharma Contract Manufacturing companies in India.

JoinHub Pharma provides its partners and customers with
  • Sterile manufacture of APIs and Formulations
  • Excellent safety record
  • Excellent Quality Assurance
  • Secure supply chain
  • High-quality products
  • Innovative pharmaceutical services
  • Technical mastery and expertise in contract manufacturing
Advantages of contract manufacturing at JoinHub Pharma
  • We develop and manufacture cost-effective, robust pharma products
  • We offer environmentally sustainable commercial process
  • Well-positioned Global Supply
  • Research and development plant in the manufacturing facility
  • Highly automated manufacturing facility with software control
  • High containment facilities
  • Ideal capacity for Third-Party manufacturing

Pharma Products Offered By JoinHub Pharma

Our pharmaceutical products are completely safe and also have effective results on the human body. Additionally, the demand for our manufactured pharma products is exceptionally high in Nigeria, Iraq, Venezuela, South Africa, Latin America, and other CIS countries.

Check out the variety of products that we manufacture and offer.
  • Tablets
  • Capsules
  • Syrups
  • Nutraceuticals
  • Pediatric
  • Antibiotics
  • Gynae products
  • Mouthwash
  • Sachet
  • Cardiac products
  • Soft gelatin
  • Gum Paint
  • Gargle
  • Oral Paste
  • Shot
  • Softget

Amongst our main services, pharmaceutical contract manufacturers of capsules and tablets are involved, along with the production of JoinHub Pharma’s own commercial range. Being a trusted pharmaceutical formulation company, JoinHub Pharma offers flexible terms of trade and pays attention to each client. Our products are of the highest quality yet reasonably priced, thanks to the ultra-modern production line and GMP standards.

Your pharma company for Nigeria will be able to share information internally easily and securely. Your complete product definition information is being captured and organized by JoinHub Pharma in a secure online environment so that everyone works together on the same set of product data. Moreover, outsourced partners and suppliers can be invited to view and work with information as much or as little as you choose. JoinHub Pharma solves the challenges of working with an extended design chain so your outsourcing partnerships can work better for you.

Our large-scale production and packaging capacities, highly qualified production and quality control staff, and state-of-the-art, WHO-GMP approved manufacturing facility combines to give a perfect environment for outsourcing or contract manufacturing pharmaceutical products.

Kindly contact us for your requirements and let us help you with our best rates. We offer our products on a ‘third party basis’ and under a neutral label for export.

We wholeheartedly welcome you to visit our manufacturing plant any time, for your satisfaction.

Which Is the Best Pharma Contract Manufacturer for Libya?
Pharmaceutical Manufacturing

Which Is the Best Pharma Contract Manufacturer for Libya?

Are you in search of the best pharma contract manufacturer for Libya? Or want to collaborate with a reputed third-party manufacturing company for Libya?

If yes, then JoinHub Pharma is your ideal destination. We are the leading pharma contract manufacturer for Libya who can fulfill all your pharma needs.

JoinHub Pharma – A Leading Contract Manufacturer for Libya

Being one of the top third-party and contract manufacturing pharmaceutical companies for Libya, JoinHub Pharma is engaged in manufacturing all sorts of pharma products at an affordable range. We are the leading third-party manufacturing pharma who provide more services as pharma supplier, pharma exporter, and pharmaceutical distributor.

We help India-based pharma companies gain maximum mileage by imparting WHO-GMP pharma manufacturing facilities to meet the high magnitude of demands. We manufacture branded and generic medicines as per the standards followed by our business partners across Libya. Also, all our pharma products are formulated with high-quality standards like FDA, WHO, etc., and have affordable rates.

  • We have a capacity for large-scale production of pharma tablets, capsules, syrups, gels, creams, ointments, etc.
  • We have a well-developed quality assurance system.
  • We adhere to the stringent specifications of GMP.
  • We have a highly skilled team of professionals in the areas of Pharma Contract Manufacturing.

JoinHub Pharma – Being Indian Pharma Contract Manufacturer for Libya, will aid your pharma company by:

  • Successfully meeting all your drug supply demands and other medical products.
  • Giving you complete peace of mind by overseeing all your outsourcing drug requirements.

Why choose JoinHub Pharma as your Contract Manufacturer for Libya?

Let us strengthen your business

As a pharma contract manufacturing company for Libya, we believe in helping our clients in every possible way. You can leverage our broad experience to ensure that you succeed in your manufacturing needs and avoid reoccurring threats which affect your pharma company’s ability to supply. We can also provide you with every bit of industrial information that will help you to sky-rocket your revenues and keep you stay ahead of your competitors.

Batch size

We offer flexible pharma manufacturing, and lateral flow test batch sizes are made according to the customer’s requirement.

No minimum batch size is required

Leverage our broad experience and avoid reoccurring threats which affect your pharma business’s ability to supply. Let us help you succeed in your pharma manufacturing field.

  • Product packing 
    • Numerous options for pharma product packing in both boxes and foil pouches are available.
  • Functional QC testing 
    • This is carried out as per the specifications agreed with the customer at the project start.
  • Batch validations
    • Three product batches are manufactured after a trial batch is ready. This decreases the risk and ensures robust, reliable processes and scalable manufacturing is possible.
Product and process improvements

Our highly skilled team will make the manufacturing processes robust, cost-effective, fully harmonized, and improve existing methods.

JoinHub Pharma’s Win-win Strategy for Contract Manufacturing

Success in pharma contract manufacturing is led by factors such as cost competitiveness, product quality, delivery schedule, and CM/Customer relationship.

Cost Competitiveness

We are using the latest tunnel systems, which is a capital intensive, high quality & cost competitive ‘process. Our mission is to help people across the globe afford medicine and promote public health.

We fulfill our mission in many ways:

JoinHub Pharma contributes to the availability of good medicinal products on a national and international level by stimulating the development of innovative and new medicines, by helping pharmaceutical companies with approval procedures, by evaluating the safety, efficacy, and quality of new medicines before authorization, and by constantly monitoring them once they are launch in the market.

Simply put, we make every possible effort to make sure that the Contract Manufacturing services offered by us are the most affordable without any compromise in quality.

CM/Customers Relationship

We truly understand that the success of contract manufacturing entirely depends on the mutual understanding between the contract manufacturer and the client. Thus, we know how to service at its best and clear our customer’s requirements in advance. This strong relationship depends on mutual trust, and hence the communication between the two parties must remain open. This will help both sides to understand the requirements of maintaining the partnership.

Product Quality

The most crucial thing in contract manufacturing is producing high-quality pharma products. This is not a challenging task for JoinHub Pharma. Cutting-edge hi-tech automatic manufacturing procedures are available for manufacturing superior quality products.

Delivery Schedule

Time is money for us. All contract manufacturers for Libya demand that their products should be delivered within given time frames. Moreover, the success of a CM largely depends on whether it can meet this requirement of Customers.

Maintaining a strict delivery schedule involves JoinHub Pharma’s close planning of the entire production. Such planning involves; Control of incoming supplies.

Maintenance of an operating schedule of the production line is taken care of by deciding the number of lines and shifts required, the manpower needed, and the process yield at JoinHub Pharma. When you choose us for your pharma contract manufacturing services, we will provide you with the flexibility your business needs and thus help you gain an edge above your competitors for Libya.

Pharmaceutical Quality Control and Assurance

Our only mission is to deliver high-quality pharma products that meet the needs of our customers across the globe. JoinHub Pharma ensures that there are no compromises on the quality of the product. All our products are certified by ISO, WHO, and GMP, ensuring that the drugs are safe and effective. The professional team inspects the products on various quality parameters, including effectiveness, purity, pH value, side effects, and composition. That’s what distinguishes us as one of the leading pharma third-party manufacturers.

  • We source our raw materials from certified and reputable suppliers and give surety to our pharma products.
  • Throughout our organization, we adhere to GMP & ISO guidelines.
  • All advanced and high-tech laboratory equipment
  • To ensure the superior quality of our products, we keep them in two temperature-controlled areas.
  • A dedicated team works on defective pieces immediately, ensuring delivery is not delayed.
  • The storage unit is entirely airtight to prevent contamination of the air.
  • We have invested innumerable resources to differentiate ourselves from the competition, from product development and quality assurance to fulfillment and distribution.

If you are looking for an Indian Pharma Contract Manufacturer for Libya, there is no need to look further; let’s get in touch. We can offer you quality pharma products at the most competitive prices for pharma contract manufacturing for Libya.

Pay attention to where it is needed more, focus on your core sales, and leave the rest of the work to JoinHub Pharma. Let us help you alleviate your manufacturing workload and run your business without worrying about fulfilling any production demands.

Get in touch with JoinHub Pharma’s experts today to place your order.

How Are Pharmaceutical Tablets Manufactured at JoinHub Pharma
Pharmaceutical Manufacturing

How Are Pharmaceutical Tablets Manufactured at JoinHub Pharma?

The design and manufacturing of pharmaceutical tablets is a complex and multi-stage process. The formulation experts at JoinHub Pharma ensure that the correct amount of drug substance in the suitable form is delivered at the appropriate time, reasonable rate, and at the desired location with its chemical integrity protected to the extreme point.

Many drug substances do not possess the required properties, which give adequate flow from the hopper to the die cavity of tablet presses. Thus, they are subjected to pre-treatment either alone or in combination with suitable excipients to form free-flowing granules that lend themselves to tableting.

As a leading pharmaceutical tablet manufacturer, we at JoinHub Pharma manufacture tablets by wet granulation, dry granulation, or direct compression. These tablet manufacturing processes consist of a number of steps, including weighing, mixing, granulation, milling, drying, compaction, often coating, and packaging. The unit processes – milling, weighing, and mixing- are the same; subsequent steps differ regardless of which method is utilized.

Primary Goals of JoinHub Pharma’s Tablet Manufacturing Process

The primary goals include:

  • To formulate solid and hard tablets to resist mechanical shock encountered during production, packing, shipping, dispensing, and utilization.
  • To formulate tablets that are uniform in drug content and weight.
  • To formulate tablets that are bioavailable as per the indication requirements.
  • To formulate tablets that are physically and chemically stable over a long period.
  • To formulate tablets with an elegant product identity free from any tablet defects.

Categories of Pharma Tablet for Oral Use

  • Coated tablets
  • Uncoated tablets
  • Gastro-resistant tablets
  • Soluble tablets
  • Modified-release tablets
  • Dispersible tablets
  • Oral lyophilisates
  • Chewable tablets

How Tablets Are Manufactured at JoinHub Pharma

A tablet is a dosage form comprising a mixture of active substances and excipients in powder form in the pharmaceutical jargon.

The ingredients pass through a series of processes and compact into a solid dose. The excipients are:

  • Binders
  • Diluters
  • Glidants
  • Lubricants

The disintegrators are included to help break the pharma tablet into the digestive tract. Sometimes, flavors or sweeteners are added to make the tablet palatable. Polymer coating makes swallowing easy and controls an active ingredient’s release rate. It makes the tablet more environment-resistant.

Steps Involved in Pharmaceutical Tablet Manufacturing

All pharmaceutical tablets are manufactured in JoinHub Pharma’s WHO-GMP certified manufacturing units located in Ahmedabad.


Each ingredient in the tablet formula is weighed and precisely dispensed as per dose. This is considered as one of the critical steps in any type of formulation process and is done by our technical experts.


Formulation ingredients are equally separated in form; otherwise, reducing size needs to be carried out for better flow property and easy mixing.

Powder Blending

Powders are mixed utilizing a suitable blender to get a uniform and homogeneous powder mix. Further, the drug substance and excipients are blended in geometric dilution.


At this stage, tiny powder particles are gathered into layers and permanent aggregates to induce them into free-flowing forms.

Drying and Dry Screening

Screened wet granules are dried for a particular period in a tray dry or fluid bed dryer at a controlled temperature not more than 550C. Dried granules are screened via the appropriate mesh screen.

Tablet Compression

This step includes compression granules into flat or convex, oblong, round, or unique shaped, scored, or unscored tablets; engraved with a recognized symbol and/ or code number using a tablet press.


Granules and tablets are coated if there is a need to mask the unpleasant taste/odor of some drug substance or increase the aesthetic look of uncoated tablets and modify the release or control the release drug substance from tablets. This is accomplished by enclosing or covering the primary tablet or granules with coating solutions.

Packaging and Storing of Tablets

Before sending out tablets to the distributor, they are generally packaged using the latest packaging techniques and materials. The type of packaging material utilized is superior. We choose the material based on several factors, including:

  • Compatibility of the material with the formulation.
  • The degree of protection required.
  • Presentation, especially for those pharma products which may be the subject of impulse buying
  • Customer convenience in terms of weight, size, method of opening or reclosing, legibility of printing, etc.
  • Filling Method and
  • Cost

Types of Tablet Packaging:

Our top-notch pharma product packaging provides excellent environmental protection for each tablet unit, coupled with an aesthetically pleasing and productive appearance. At JoinHub Pharma, pharmaceutical tablets are typically packed using blister and strip packs and are kept in low humidity and save from extreme temperatures. Blister and strip packaging additionally offer some degree of tamper resistance to the dosage form.

Blister Packaging Tablets

This is a universal term for preformed plastic packaging for pharmaceuticals tablets. The major element of the blister pack is in the thermoformed plastic.

It has a fundamental tablet packaging that will envelop the product and keep it in place. The main components of the blister packs are the cavity and the lidding.

We will then cover it with secondary packaging for grouping all primary packages in one place. It further has an aluminum leading foil, paperboard backing, or plastic seal. You may also use a clamshell, a type of blister that folds onto itself.

We use the blister packages for unit packaging of doses.

Bottle Packaging of Tablets

We place the tablets in a bottle which is the primary package. After that, we cover the bottle with a lid which acts as the secondary package. This type of tablet packaging is used for very strong tablets that cannot break easily.

After packaging the tablets in either the blister package or bottle package, we place them in a tertiary package like boxes for bulk handling.

Let us proceed to the last section of this guide, covering the quality control tests.

For larger quantities delivered to the pharmacist, plastic or glass bottles, cartons, metal containers, or paperboard drums are used along with polyethylene liners, whenever required, to provide extra protection from moisture.

If cotton wool stuffing is used under these circumstances, we use external liners so that any moisture it contains does not gain access to the tablets. Tablets that are decomposed when exposed to moisture are packaged with a desiccant packet. Light-sensitive tablets are packaged in light-resistant containers. With just a couple of exemptions, tablets that are well stored will remain stable for many years.

Joinhub Pharma – A Leading Pharmaceutical Tablet Manufacturer

An ISO Certified Third-Party Pharmaceutical tablet manufacturing Company adheres to WHO, and GMP Guidelines have a Trusted name in providing Third-Party Manufacturing services for Tablets.

Being the Best Pharmaceutical Tablets Manufacturer in India, we offer to manufacture all Tablets segments such as analgesics, antibiotics, antiemetics, anti-infectives, anti-allergic, local anesthesia, anti-inflammatory, etc. We Manufacture tablets intending to be uniform in drug content and weight, chemically & really stable and free of defects. Also, it uses the latest packaging technologies Flexible selection of more modern and venerable science.

We always focus on manufacturing pharma tablets that are effective and hard to resist several movements without breaking yet become an easy solution in dissolution.

Looking for the best pharmaceutical tablet manufacturer and supplier in Latin America, South Africa, and the Middle East?

Want quality pharmaceuticals tablets drug/ medicines range? Look no further than JoinHub Pharma – The top pharmaceuticals tablets manufacturer in India that brings total quality controls, Schedule M units, best packaging technique, skilled brains, and quick distribution chains, all under one roof.

Reach out to our pharma experts today by just dropping an email at [email protected]

Process and Regulatory Expectations To be an EU GMP-Certified Pharma Company
Pharmaceutical Manufacturing

Process and Regulatory Expectations To be an EU GMP-Certified Pharma Company

The EU GMP certification unlocks greater market access for EU GMP-certified pharma companies in India. It allows it to sell products in all the 27 member countries of the EU and access the European Economic Area (EEA) countries.

About EU GMP Certificate

Good manufacturing practices (GMP) explain the bare minimum standard that a pharmaceutical medicines manufacturer must meet in their production facilities. The EMP regulates inspections for verifying standard compliance and plays a crucial role in harmonizing GMP pursuits at the EU level.

Any EU-GMP Certified Manufacturers of pharma medicines intended for the EU market, regardless of where in the world they are located, should comply with GMP.

GMP demands that medicines:

  • are of consistently high quality;
  • are appropriate for their intended use;
  • meet the requirements of the clinical trial authorization or marketing authorization.

EMA Role

The Agency regulates GMP reviews of EU-GMP Approved Pharmaceutical Plants for medicines whose marketing authorization in the EU is submitted by the centralized system or as part of a referral method.

The Agency additionally plays a pivotal role in regulating and harmonizing GMP activities at an EU level. It is involved in:

  • harmonize the preparation of new and revised guidelines on GMP;
  • ensuring general interpretation of EU-GMP requirements and related technical problems;
  • developing EU-wide procedures/guidelines on GMP inspections and related activities;
  • providing collaboration between the Member States for inspections of manufacturers in third nations.

Marketing sanction owners and aspirants should utilize EMA’s IRIS system to interact with EMA, or GMP inspections inquired by the Agency’s scientific committees.

Utilizing IRIS for GMP inspections improves efficiency by harmonizing and automating processes and re-using master data held by EMA. It further simplifies retrieving and reporting data.

Registration of Manufacturers of Active Substances

Producers of active substances intended to manufacture human drugs for the EU market must register with the Member State’s competent national authority.

Active substance manufacturers should comply with GMP. Moreover, the finished product manufacturer must ensure that the active substances they utilize have been manufactured in compliance with GMP.

Importers of active substances designed for the EU market are additionally needed to register. Further, each consignment should be accompanied by a confirmation by the country’s competent authority where it is produced to conform to GMP standards equivalent to those in the EU unless a waiver applies.

Joinhub Pharma – Top EU-GMP Approved Companies in India

When it comes to choosing the best pharma company from the List of EU GMP-certified companies in India, JoinHub Pharma ranks on top.

JoinHub Pharma is a European Union (EU) GMP-certified pharmaceutical manufacturing company in India with a manufacturing facility located in Ahmedabad, Gujarat.

The company manufactures a wide range of pharma products at its Ahmedabad – EU-GMP Approved Pharmaceutical Plants Facility and manufactures a wide range of pharma products such as respiratory system, dermatology, gynecology, gastro, anti-infective, anti-malaria, anti-bacterial, anti-diabetic, pain management, etc.

The company’s in-house Quality Assurance team has helped them maintain very high-quality standards ensuring utmost ease in meeting the stringent demands required by Food & Drug organizations worldwide. This has assisted in gaining easy & quick access to overseas markets.

Building on core values of focus, teamwork & product development, they have achieved continuous growth since our establishment. Their primary aim is to be a global leader in offering premium quality health supplements and sports nutrition and in being known worldwide for their contribution in raising the quality of life of those who want to enjoy the benefits of an active lifestyle and healthy diet.

Get in touch with experts at JoinHub Pharma to get the premium quality, reliable, honest, and high customer satisfaction rated pharma products.

Simply drop us a line at [email protected] or call us directly. We’ll reach out to you within 24 hours.

Top EHG Capsule Manufacturer in India | JoinHub Pharma
Pharmaceutical Manufacturing

Top EHG Capsule Manufacturer in India

EHG is the full-form of Empty Hard Gelatin. Made from a compound known as gelatin, these capsules are consumed mainly by pharmaceutical industries for various reasons. Due to widespread industrial use, e.g., food, pharmaceutical or cosmetic, they are pretty high in demand.

EHG capsules are additionally famous as two-piece capsules or hard-shell gelatin capsules in solid dosage forms. One or more medicinal representatives and inert materials are enclosed within a tiny shell. Its well-established dosage form offers solutions to many of today’s drug delivery and nutraceutical formulation challenges.

EHG capsule market in India is valued at about 64 billion capsules in complete production terms. Pharmaceutical companies are moving towards grabbing this opportunity.

JoinHub Pharma is known globally for manufacturing high-quality, cost-effective hard gelatin capsules. We cater to customers from the nutraceutical, pharmaceutical, and dietary supplement industries across 100+ countries.

Our high-end manufacturing and warehousing facilities help us guarantee secure deliveries to global markets.

We have invested in cutting-edge Empty Hard Gelatin Capsules manufacturing units. The unit shows the pharma value–orientation into its methods and systems to manufacture benchmarked products with US and EU approval. The unit is entirely based on the pharma concept & is the only unit to follow the unique concept of SMSR (Single Machine Single Room).

Being one of the largest manufacturers of EHG capsules, our only mission is to find solutions to customers’ problems through expertise acquired from servicing large and small requirements. Customize your capsules to be best suited for you

Some of the unique features of the JoinHub Pharma’s EHGC facility are:

  • The State of the Art facility is certified by WHO-GMP and complies with all on Pharma Concept.
  • All production lines are duly segregated.
  • The facility complies with the cGMP guidelines of USFDA, UK MHRA, WHO, & EMEA.
  • A comprehensive uniflow pattern is followed for all the materials.
  • The printing facility also has distinct segregated lines.

We also supply:

  • Liquid filling gelatin capsules
  • TSE / BSE free hard gelatin capsules
  • Printed empty hard gelatin capsules

Gelatin is an odorless and colorless substance made from collagen that is obtained from domestic animals. Capsules made from gelatin can be of varied colors and color combinations. They additionally come in various sizes like 00, 0EL, 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, suiting our dosage forms.

Empty Capsules, whether HPMC, Gelatin, Or Pearl, come in a pre-locked position and must be filled and compressed from both ends (cap and body) for the airtight lock. Filling and locking can be performed manually or by filling machines.

Our capsules work efficiently on high-speed semi and fully automatic machines. Further, we have the material you require is ready stock in our inventory, so you don’t have to wait long. Get your material delivered within 3 to 4 business days right at your doorstep.

Moreover, we have an in-house Batch printing unit—all these complete a full-fledged Formulation manufacturing unit providing end-to-end solutions.

Ingredients Used in Gelatin Capsule

JoinHub Pharma as a Gelatin Capsule Manufacturer offers EHG capsules that are flavorless, colorless, and unscented, making them very easy to consume. Our capsules are an animal obtained product made from a 100% natural protein found in the bones and hides of cows. They are additionally bovine spongiform encephalopathy (BSE) free, generally recognized as mad cow disease.

Advantages of JoinHub Pharma’s Gelatin Capsules

The most critical thing about choosing herbal supplements in Gelatin Capsules is that they are available at a reasonable price than Hard Shell Capsules or vegetable capsules. It is one of the most common reasons a buyer considers when buying between the two forms of capsules. There are other health advantages of preferring these capsules, which contains –

  • Don’t require much effort to swallow.
  • Help to mask the taste and odor of medicine/supplements
  • Easy to digest
  • Available in different sizes

If you’re looking for a reliable EHG capsule manufacturer, supplier, and exporter, look no further than JoinHub Pharma. With the help of our great logistics facility, we can deliver the orders within the proposed time frame.

Get high-quality, cost-effective capsules from the best capsule manufacturer today!

What Are the Benefits of Pharmaceutical Contract Manufacturing
Pharmaceutical Manufacturing

What Are the Benefits of Pharmaceutical Contract Manufacturing?

Contract manufacturing organizations offer various manufacturing services to the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries. Right from drug development to full-scale production, they can help you. These pharma organizations can help manufacture a small number of materials for R&D purposes, then some more for clinical studies, and ultimately for full-scale production.

As per the 2012 Informa report named “The CMO Market Outlook to 2017”, the global spending on contract manufacturing touched the US $31.9 billion in 2011. The CMO industry has encountered double-digit growth in the past two decades, and that trend is projected to last for the next five years.

Benefits of Pharmaceutical Contract Manufacturing

Some of the benefits of pharmaceutical contract manufacturing are discussed below:

  • Advanced Skills
    • Bringing a new drug to the market quickly at affordable rates requires considerable investments in the manufacturing process. Due to the demand in the pharmaceutical industry, the use of advanced technologies and skills for manufacturing has become imperative. Even the biggest pharmaceutical companies find it challenging to have such expertise and resources.
    • CMOs have already established expertise and WHO-GMP-certified facilities to manufacture at full scale. They have strong connections with the raw material suppliers and have included various efficiency methods to produce at the lowest possible operational expense.
  • Global Presence
    • A pharma company can enter into new markets with the help of a CMO at minimal financial risks. No local investment is required in the capital, time, and executive talent areas. In some cases, the CMO may also take care of marketing and sales for its clients. Entering into new markets via joint ventures and FDI exposes an organization to financial and political risks. Pharmaceutical contract manufacturers can help such organizations in minimizing these kinds of risks.
  • Cost-effectiveness
    • The development of a new drug requires a substantial initial investment and comprehensive research. After making a massive investment in R&D, more investment is required for setting up a manufacturing facility. A company can save on extensive labor costs such as training, wages, and fringe benefits through contract manufacturing. On the other hand, a CMO has an already established market reputation and infrastructure to produce the drug at much cheaper rates.
  • Quality Assurance
    • CMOs have a pre-established drug quality check process in place that has been improved over the past couple of years. They have been manufacturing in compliance with numerous standards used in different countries and have specific systems to control the quality of the end product. CMO helps small companies utilize such quality control procedures to ensure compliance with diverse quality standards worldwide.

JoinHub Pharma – Pharmaceutical Contract Manufacturer

JoinHub Pharma is a Pharmaceutical Contract Manufacturing Company established and initiated with an aim to offer the best quality medicines at affordable rates. GMP quality assurance procedures ensure optimal performance of all pharma products. By using the latest equipment, the automated and modern pharmaceutical drug manufacturing process has been set. We offer a wide range of services with timely and reliable assistance to all our customers.

What do pharmaceutical contract manufacturers do?

Pharmaceutical contract manufacturers in India serve many purposes. They can help you relieve the burden of production off drug organizations by offering services such as:

  • Drug development
  • Manufacturing and commercial production
  • Process equipment fabrication/set up
  • Documenting FDA regulations and obtaining compliance
  • Pre-formulation
  • Stability studies/method studies
  • Pre-clinical to late-stage clinical trial material
  • Scale-up, registration batches
  • and more.

We manufacture a wide range of branded and generic medicines in almost any form. Distributors, importers, and agents are always welcome to collaborate with us and market our products in their national markets.

We produce medicines quickly at an affordable rate. Moreover, we can assist your bottom line and help you compete in the market. Get in touch with JoinHub Pharma – a reputable pharma contract manufacturing company today!

What Is the Difference Between Tablets & Capsules?
Pharmaceutical Manufacturing

What Is the Difference Between Tablets & Capsules?

Generally, there are two types of medication in finished products: capsules and tablets. Some medication can be available in both two forms. Some can only be presented in only one form.

Capsule or Tablet? It is always a mystery for both pharmaceutical manufacturing companies and consumers. For so many reasons, the debate on this topic may never be stopped.

This article will provide more details on both of these medications and see which is better for the manufacturer and consumer.

What are Tablets?

In the pharmaceutical world, a pharmaceutical tablet is a tiny dosage comprising an active ingredient that has been developed into a solid form. Tablets are generally found in a flat shape and can be broken into two pieces.  While they are usually found flat, the tablet’s shape, size, flavour, and colour can vary. This enables the manufacturer to pack the most material into a smaller space than with capsules and tends to be more cost-effective to manufacture.

Advantages of coated tablets
  • Faster in production
  • Lower raw material costs
  • Relatively smaller in volume
  • No additional quality variation
  • More diverse in sizes and shapes
  • Not restricted by supplies
  • Better stability

What is Capsule?

Capsules are typically utilized in the pharmaceutical world as vessels for both nutraceutical and pharmaceutical drugs. According to the reputed capsules manufacturing pharma company, they are very easy to manufacture, as they do not require complex formulations to produce, unlike other medicines.

Caplet is just “a small case or container.”  These capsules typically contain powder or liquid in a shell-type vessel. The usual makeup of a capsule is cylindrical and can’t be sliced in half.

Capsules have an external coating or shell that includes the active ingredients. The capsule shell is typically made from animal gelatin, even though vegan capsule options are made from starch hydroxypropyl or hydrolysate. Inside the shell is generally a powder, liquid, or paste that is the actual formulation of the API.

Capsules do not come in various sizes or shapes and tend to be popular among consumers since they are known to enter the bloodstream at the moment. There are two different types of capsules: hard capsules and soft capsules.

Advantages of hard gelatin capsules
  • Fewer ingredients
  • Low manufacturing costs
  • Less manufacturing steps
  • Flexible formula
  • Better in covering up the taste
  • Can simply separate two incompatible products
  • Consumer preferences
  • Be considered to be easier to swallow
  • More marketing possibilities

Consumer Preferences for Tablet and Capsule

As per the FDA, over 16 million people in the USA are troubled by dysphagia, and 30% of them discuss this with professionals. Around 8% of these people admit that some medications are skipped during treatment because of dysphagia, and 4% even gave up treatment.

Consumer preference is essential to the market, and it is challenging for people to accept medications that looks less appealing. Moreover, the type of preparation that is more popular with consumers will be better in sales.

Top 10 Pharma Tablets Manufacturers in India should assure the patient’s choice would not be affected since some of the medications’ physical properties (such as shape, colour, size, smell, etc.). The patient should immediately inform your doctor for replacement if there are any problems.

The Production Cost of Tablet and Capsule

The pharmaceutical industry is facing increasing research expenses and increasingly fierce market competition, especially for originator products. Its research expense can be as high as 300-400 million US dollars and require at least 5-10 years. Moreover, time and expense on market declaration, production, patent maintenance litigation have not been included.

The normal efficacy period of the patent after the listing is about 10-12 years. So for the medicine, in addition to the production expense, the production time is also vital.  Shortening the time on R&D simply means being profitable in another way.

As contrasted with tablets, fewer processing steps are involved in making capsules, which simply means lower equipment expenses, labour costs, and pollution dangers.

The investment required for capsules is much less than that needed for a tablet manufacturing pharma plant, and that it is cost-effective for operation and control and decreases inventory levels. Only when the expense of excipients is considered in isolation does the tablet process have an advantage.

Dose Control

Many people think that pharma tablets are more comfortable in dosage controlling than capsules since you can make tablets of excellent quality. Still, the dosage measuring of the medication inside the capsule is not very simple.

However, various size capsules can meet all your needs. You can add some unrevealing fillers to improve the actual quality of the medication.

Should You Manufacture Capsules or Tablets?

In conclusion, capsules are much better than tablets, or vice versa, is finally up to the consumer and which they choose. Moreover, it also depends on the tablet capsule manufacturing company to determine which is most suitable for the kind of formulation you’re looking to put into a pill form and how much you are ready to spend on this formulation to draw your potential customer’s attention.

JoinHub Pharma – The top pharma tablet manufacturer in India, offers the best quality tablets and capsules at affordable rates. Simply drop an email at [email protected] to know more about their pharma tablet and capsule manufacturing offer.

JoinHub Pharma Explains the Expectations from Third Party Pharma Manufacturing Companies in Latin America
Pharmaceutical Manufacturing

JoinHub Pharma Explains the Expectations from Third Party Pharma Manufacturing Companies in Latin America

In May, the DTAB (Drugs Technical Advisory Board) gave a green flag to the recommendation for amending the Drugs & Cosmetics Act. This makes pharmaceutical marketing firms in Latin America and the Middle East liable for any negligence in the regulations. Earlier, the company marketing substandard medicines was not held accountable for making patients consume low-quality medicines in India.

This has put immense pressure on the Pharma Marketing Companies in Latin America to go for the reliable and trusted third-party pharma manufacturing companies in India, which follow all quality standards and regulations by the FDA and other authorities.

So many times, big pharmaceutical companies get their medicines manufactured by smaller pharma companies. Today, only the manufacturer can be held responsible if something (a violation) happens (Product quality). Now, legal action can be taken against both the manufacturer marketing company.

This amendment has made pharma professionals reconsider what to expect from third-party Manufacturing pharma. Third-party manufacturing has shown tangent growth of late in most medicine production as it reduces a good amount of cost and benefits the big pharma companies.

There are numbers of third-party Pharma Manufacturing Companies in Latin America which practice quality manufacturing for drugs and follow norms. All one has to do is select the right company to avoid any sort of illegal trouble. At the same time, Pharma manufacturing in India needs to upgrade to the best manufacturing standards.

The pharmaceutical industry in Latin America has gained prominence since the 1970s, but not much attention was given to the manufacturing standards. After almost 48 years, the scenario is completely different. 9% of the pharma market is oriented, 70% is generic, and the remaining 21% is over-the-counter (OTC). To stay ahead in this highly competitive sector, the company has to put its best foot forward.

Why Do Pharma Companies Go For Third-Party Pharma Manufacturing?

Third-party pharma manufacturing is a hassle-free process that attracts many pharma marketing companies in the Middle East and Latin America. There are approximately 250 large units and almost 8,000 small scale units, which constitute the core of the pharmaceutical industry, and these companies go for third party pharma manufacturing services in Latin America because of the following reasons:

  • Pharma companies in Latin America can get time to work on the global expansion.
  • Cost-effective Manufacturing
  • Variety of Medicine to market in Industry

Third-party medicine manufacturing companies must pay special attention to the medicine’s quality at every level of manufacturing. It is pharma companies’ responsibility to utilize high-quality ingredients, chemicals for the formulations.

Experts at JoinHub Pharma have only tips for the pharma marketing company, i.e. ‘Choose the right third-party Pharma Manufacturing company in Latin America which is approved by authorities and follows the norm. One should always go the extra mile to find a reliable third-party manufacturing company that can offer the best third-party pharma manufacturing services at affordable rates.

Today, many pharma companies are looking for cost-effective and innovative ways to manufacture medicines, and third-party manufacturing is the best choice. JoinHub Pharma is one of the most trusted and reliable third-party Pharma manufacturers in Latin America and the Middle East, which is offering manufacturing of medicines at affordable rates.

In this evolving world of pharma medicine, the future of third-party pharma manufacturing is continually improving, and JoinHub Pharma plays a crucial role in keeping up with the evolving future of third-party Pharma manufacturing in Latin America and the Middle East.

About JoinHub Pharma

JoinHub Pharma is a leading third-party manufacturing Pharma company in India. The company has WHO-GMP & EUGMP Certified state-of-art manufacturing facilities at Gujarat State, India. The facilities are home to a portion of the famous branded medicines of the country.

We currently manufacture a wide range of medicines from Antibiotics, Antidiabetics, Antipsychotics, Vitamins, Antidiarrhoels, Dermatological, Antacids, to Tranquilizers, etc. utilized by people. We have also secured a good rank in the list of top 100 pharma companies in India in 2020.

The third-party manufacturing pharma products are manufactured according to the master formulation, prepared by trained staff at JoinHub Pharma, adhering to purity and elevated standards. All products are accordingly manufactured and packaged in strict accordance with good manufacturing practices. We provide quick delivery of orders.

Due to our world-class third-party manufacturing facilities, we efficiently manufacture a diverse range of drug formulations in several segments. We are fully dedicated to the quality of medicines, and thus our medicines are recommended by many licensed doctors.

If you’re looking for reliable third-party medicine manufacturing companies in Latin America, contact JoinHub Pharma. We deliver what it takes to be the top third-party manufacturing Pharma or the best Third-Party pharma manufacturer in Latin America.

Be part of one of the best and reliable third-party manufacturing pharma companies!

How Do You Choose The Right Pharmaceutical Contract Manufacturer For Your Pharma Products In Latin America
Pharmaceutical Contract Manufacturer

How Do You Choose The Right Pharmaceutical Contract Manufacturer For Your Pharma Products In Latin America?

The development of a new medicine is a complex task and requires many iteration and decisions before a commercial launch. Some biotech and pharmaceutical companies in Latin America choose to outsource most or all of their medicine manufacturing efforts throughout the development phase with a contract manufacturing organization.

However, choosing the right contract manufacturer in Latin America is crucial in pharma manufacturing to ensure product success as well as your pharma company’s performance.

Enlisting the right pharmaceutical contract manufacturing organization is a critical decision that puts your brand’s reputation, supply chain, and patient safety in someone’s hands. For the best pharma product manufacturing relationship, here’s how to choose the right contract manufacturer.

Know What You Need From Them

The first step of choosing the right contract manufacturer in Latin America is to know precisely what you need. There are various CMO relationships you can have based on your business needs. For example, a tactical contractor is ideal for a single project or to become a helping hand in in-house productions.

Working with a contract manufacturer in South Africa can allow you to establish an ongoing and long-term relationship without giving too much control over decision-making. Otherwise, a strategic partnership with a CMO is a long-term relationship between you and the CMO to accomplish defined business goals by maximizing the effectiveness of each participant’s resources.

Many pharmaceutical companies in Latin America and South Africa are looking for a reliable CMO to support their projects-right from the development phase to clinical trials and commercial pharmaceutical API manufactures and production and drug manufacturing, product formulation, and packaging. For these pharma companies, a strategic partnership is the best option.


Create a List of Top Contract Manufacturing Organization

Create a shortlist of top pharmaceutical Contract manufacturers you’re interested in working with, and analyze every CMO on the same characteristics and needs to single out the right partner eventually. Finding contract manufacture in Latin America is as simple as searching local CMOs or asking industry colleagues for references.

Ensure Quality and Compliance Standards

For safety and your reputation, the pharmaceutical contract manufacturing service you choose should be reliable. Make sure that they have a strong standing with regulatory agencies like the FDA and WHO. Check if they have had in past relationships for gaps in quality and consistent drug manufacturing.

Do not forget to request a report of their recent inspections, audits, and investigations. You won’t want to hire Third-Party contract manufacture in Latin America, Middle East, and South Africa that doesn’t host regular inspections and audits—or one that may be hiding their poor results. This could result in your product shipments’ drug delay or cancelation due to your contract manufacturer’s poor compliance.

Consider Their Experience and Expertise

Considering the capabilities of potential CMOs is an essential step in the process. You’ll need to determine if your pharmaceutical drug manufacturer has the capability and expertise required to manufacture your product. To do so, think about their expertise and experience. You do not want to become the trial run for your CMO, so find out about their previous experience.

Read research and reviews, ask for referrals, or consider hiring a consultant to help evaluate CMO’s profile. You must request that your CMO share key performance indicators they have in place and their success in meeting client expectations.

When evaluating their expertise, you’ll have to make sure it is in the realm of what you’re looking for. This shows they can finish similar needs. However, don’t just assume they have the right capabilities depending upon what they’ve done previously. You’ll still have to be upfront about exactly what you are looking for to make sure they meet your individual expectations and requirements.

Room for Growth

Like choosing a CMO with broad pharma manufacturing services, the pharmaceutical contract manufacturer in Latin America should provide room for growth. An ideal CMO can grow with your pharma product’s success. As such, this contract manufacture should have the proper equipment, staffing, and flexibility to handle your production cycle as it grows.


The issue of confidentiality can be crucial when it comes to formulation development. A confidentiality agreement is a must-have document, and it should be draft in a way to benefit both parties. Evaluate how the potential CMO ensures confidentiality. The pharmaceutical contract manufacturer should have a system in place that limits the usage of client names or initials, locks data in a secure area, and sends separate client passwords for electronic access to documents.

There are many things to consider when choosing the right CMO in Latin America for your pharmaceutical product. Carefully assessing your needs, capabilities, reputation, the CMO’s abilities, and previous expertise is the ideal way to build a successful partnership.


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Best Indian Pharmaceutical Tablets Supplier in Latin America

pharmaceutical companies in Nigeria
Pharmaceutical Manufacturing

Challenges and prospects of pharma manufacture in Nigeria

Nigeria is the largest economy in Africa. It has a huge consumer market. In fact, Nigeria is considered the hotspot of the pharma industry in entire Africa. Unfortunately, the pharmaceutical companies have become victims of the recent recession.

The International Monetary Fund has decreased the GDP growth forecast of Nigeria to 1.8% in July 2016. Gathering the challenges faced by pharma manufacture in Nigeria:

  • Absence of immediate accessibility to pharmaceutical products
  • Lack of good quality of medicines
  • The extremely high price of imported medicines

The respective challenges have urged certain things related to political and public interests in Nigeria:

  • Promotion of self-sufficiency
  • Development of capacity of local industries
  • Creation of new jobs
  • Freedom of international medicine suppliers
  • Production of foreign exchange via local medicine exports

Pharmaceutical companies in Nigeria used to import dosage forms:

Majority of Nigeria’s developing countries used to import finished dosage forms till mid 20th century.

  • Tablets
  • Syrups
  • Powders
  • Suspensions
  • Creams
  • Capsules
  • Parenteral preparations
  • Suppositories
  • Ointments

There was a lack of strict focus on local production of processing equipment, necessary dosage forms, and raw materials. But, the recent days are experiencing a shift towards local production.

More than the top 20 pharmaceutical companies in Nigeria are manufacturing simple medicinal products presently. Still, large numbers of pharma products come from India, Europe, China, the USA, Brazil, Taiwan, Pakistan, and so on. Experts say that Nigeria has to go a long way in the matter of producing medicines locally and meet the health needs of the citizens.

Let’s look at the recent prospects on Nigeria:

Local government and private manufacturing laboratories and research organizations are competing with many reputed foreign companies. In fact, pharmaceutical exporters in Africa are distributing their locally produced products to other nations.

Training is being given to the pharmacists. Lots of workshops and educational programs are being held in African countries. Now, people are showing confidence in the locally manufactured medicines that are good in quality.

Now, in Nigeria, highly trained and registered pharmacists consult about analysis of drug production as well as quality assurance. They have the power to give certificates to the deserved pharmaceutical companies in Nigeria.

Presently, there are many local industries producing starches for gums, non-internal preparations, plastic containers, etc. Now, local manufacturers no longer receive certain drug excipients from other countries. The top 20 pharmaceutical companies in Nigeria are manufacturing finished products, excipient raw materials, specific dosage forms, etc. for exporting and local usage.

Nigeria is developing a comprehensive commercial model:

The leading pharma companies in Nigeria are revisiting the commercial model. They are coming up with innovative strategies for the country ensuring certain aspects.

Firstly, they are focusing on the actual ambition related to the global priorities and Nigeria’s present conditions.

Secondly, stress is being given to the main buyers and the value they can bring.

Thirdly, strategies are working on geographical conditions including districts and cities to prioritize.

Fourthly, improvement of the product portfolio is being done.

Fifthly, the experts are finding the right ways to address patients’ pain points easing their access to high quality pharmaceutical products.

Sixthly, they are researching the best sales and distribution model that can enable patients to the right healthcare solution.

Seventhly, stakeholders from local areas and international zones are taking interest in investing in Nigeria’s pharmaceutical industry. The pharma companies in Nigeria are approaching long-term partnerships with big medicine producers from India, Europe, China, etc. Extensive research is going on about the return on investment and sales growth.

Eighthly, specialist pharmacists are finding skill gaps and organizational flaws. They are planning for filling the potential gaps for the growth and development of Nigeria’s pharma industry.

Ninthly, plans are being held in order to reach milestones, targets, etc. to make the future pharma market better.

As per estimation, the Nigerian pharma market value can increase by approximately 9% each year. By the year 2026, it can reach around $3.6 billion. It will be the largest market in South Africa. Again, as per expert study and opinion, Nigeria will gain the power and capacity to contribute approximately $2.2 billion to pharmaceutical sales which will include prescription drugs and other products.

In short:

Nigeria is gradually overcoming the past and current challenges. The nation is progressing towards a strong pharmaceutical industry that can export good quality drugs at affordable prices. The pharmacists are getting training from internationally certified professionals. They are concentrating on boosting the local market so that entire Africa doesn’t have to import costly drugs from outside.

Many multinational pharma companies have set up their manufacturing units in Nigeria and are contributing a lot to increase the market capacity. Local people are given education and training so that they can be employed. People’s life is getting better as they can now avail proper healthcare at an affordable cost within the country.