Which is the Best Indian Pharmaceutical Company to Import Medicines for Ukraine?

Pharmaceutical imports in Ukraine are becoming increasingly popular with the rise of the economy and health awareness. The industry is growing at an impressive rate, and imports have increased by 30% over the past year. This is partially due to new international trade agreements that have opened up more opportunities for pharmaceutical companies to import their products into Ukraine.

Ukrainian consumers have a higher demand for foreign medicines because they are more affordable and offer better quality than local ones. They also provide a wider range of products than local pharmacies can offer, meaning that patients have access to more options when treating their medical conditions.

Benefits Of Importing Medicines From India To Ukraine

In today’s tough economic climate, pharma companies in Ukraine are more concerned than ever with finding ways to save money. One such way is importing medicines from India to Ukraine.

When it comes to importing medicines from India to Ukraine, there are many benefits. Here are some:

  • India has a long history of producing high-quality medicines, and the country is home to some of the most advanced pharmaceutical companies in the world.
  • The Indian government ensures that imported medicine is safe and high-quality by conducting regular inspections at all manufacturing facilities. In addition, the government sets strict guidelines on how medicines should be stored and transported.
  • The cost of importing medicines from India to Ukraine is significantly lower than that of importing medicines from other countries.
  • The quality of medicines imported from India is very high and can be relied upon by the customer.
  • It is easy to import medicines from India to Ukraine because there are no trade restrictions between these two countries, meaning the customer does not need to obtain any permits or licenses for this purpose.
  • Most of India’s pharmaceutical companies are ISO 9001:2008 compliant, which means they have been audited by an external auditor and have been found to meet rigorous standards for quality management systems (QMS).
  • When importing medicines from India, you don’t have to worry about inventory management or storage costs, which can run into thousands of dollars annually for many businesses.
  • You’ll have access to a wide range of products and brands that might not be available in Ukraine, such as Indian-manufactured generic drugs that have been approved by the US FDA.

If you are a pharma company in Ukraine and looking to import medicine from an Indian pharmaceutical company, then look no further than JoinHub Pharma.

JoinHub Pharma – Leading Pharma Medicine Exporter from India to Ukraine

JoinHub Pharma is a leading global medicine exporter from India to Ukraine and other countries. We offer our clients a wide range of medicines at affordable prices. Our company specializes in exporting medicines, supplements, and medical supplies to Ukraine, as well as other countries around the globe. 

We also specialize in exporting all types of pharmaceutical products, including nutraceuticals, medicated cosmetics, drugs, injectables, generics, and more. We are also one of the largest suppliers of generic medicines in India. We ensure that all our products conform to international standards, so you can rest assured that they will be safe for use.

We have over 10 years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry and are fully licensed by the Indian government. Our team of experts ensures that we meet all international standards for quality control, packaging, and shipping our products. 

  • We export medicines for cancer, diabetes, pain management, epilepsy, heart diseases, and many other life-threatening diseases. We offer:
  • World-class manufacturing facilities
  • Highly experienced staff with many years of experience in the field of medicine manufacturing
  • A wide range of products, including generic medicines as well as branded medicines
  • Fast delivery times

We also offer discounts on bulk purchases, another reason our customers prefer us over other pharmacies offering similar services. We have built strong relationships with many hospitals, clinics, and pharmacies throughout Ukraine and other countries around the globe over the years.

If you are looking for effective medicine or want to know more about our products or services, please contact us at [email protected]

Why Should You Import Medicines From Joinhub Pharma?

JoinHub Pharma is your one-stop shop for all your medical needs. Whether you’re looking for a specific drug or just want to stock up on the essentials, JoinHub Pharma can help you find exactly what you need at a price that works for your budget.

Here’s why:

High-quality products

JoinHub Pharma is a top Indian pharmaceutical company that has been in business since 2014. We have a deep understanding of the highest quality standards, and we make sure to follow them when producing our medicines. Our products are rigorously tested by an independent third party before they’re sold to consumers, and they’re manufactured in facilities that are inspected by the FDA every year.

Latest Technology

JoinHub Pharma uses state-of-the-art technology to ensure its products meet all FDA (Food and Drug Administration) regulations. We test our products extensively before they go on sale to ensure they’re safe for consumers.

Wide Range of Drugs

You can choose from a broad range of drugs when you import medicines from JoinHub Pharma, as this company is a global wholesale supplier that imports pharmaceutical products from all over the world.

Safe for consumption

The company has ensured that all its products are safe for consumption. Its products are produced in facilities with advanced technology and by highly skilled experts who have been trained on how to use this technology correctly.


You can easily access their products as they have a wide range of products available at different prices depending on your budget and needs. They also offer discounts from time to time, so make sure you sign up for their newsletter to get the latest offers!

Smooth Transportation

JoinHub Pharma is the right choice for your company’s importation of medicines because we have a long history of providing reliable products and services. We have been in business since 2014 and are based in India, meaning we can ship products from our warehouses to anywhere in the world and meet your deadline. We have strong partnerships with manufacturers, distributors, and wholesalers all over the world, so we can help your company source products from any country you need them from quickly and affordably.

Quality Control

JoinHub Pharma has an impeccable reputation for quality control. We are FDA-approved and ISO 9001:2015 certified, which means that we follow strict procedures to ensure that all of our products meet international standards for safety and efficacy. Our staff is highly trained in pharmaceutical science and regulatory compliance, so they know what they’re doing when it comes time to ship your order.

Affordable Price

In addition to our strict quality control processes, we offer competitive prices on all of our products—from generics to branded drugs—so you don’t have to worry about breaking the bank when you order from us!

Time savings

You’ll be able to save time by avoiding the lengthy process of importing medicines yourself.


JoinHub Pharma ensures that every shipment is handled correctly and securely, so you won’t have to worry about your shipments being damaged or lost during transit.

How to import medicines from JoinHub Pharma to Ukraine?

If you are considering importing medicines from JoinHub Pharma to Ukraine, there are a few things to keep in mind. 

  • First, be sure you have a business license. 
  • Second, make sure that you have all the proper paperwork and certificates. 
  • Third, check to see if there are any restrictions on what kinds of medicines can be imported into Ukraine. 

These are just a few things you should consider before importing medicines from JoinHub Pharma to Ukraine.

  • Once you have everything, you need to follow these steps:
  • Find the type of medicine you’d like to import. You can find this information on our website on the product portfolio page.
  • Select the quantity and type of package you’d like (for example, a box containing 100 tablets).
  • Contact JoinHub Pharma and let them know you’re interested in importing medicines from them. They’ll send you information about the process and what they have available.
  • If your needs are met by one of our existing products, we will send you a quote for the product(s) that you need, and then you can place an order for them.
  • If there is no existing product that meets your needs, we will work with you to design a custom solution that meets those needs and then send you a quote for the custom solution after it has been designed.
  • We will send you a quote for the medicines you want to import and an invoice and payment instructions.
  • You can pay by credit card or wire transfer, whichever is most convenient for you!

Looking to Import Medicine from India to Ukraine? Partner with JoinHub Pharma today!

JoinHub Pharma is an Indian pharmaceutical company that provides high-quality medicines to people all over the world.

With JoinHub Pharma, you can import medicines from your home country and have them delivered to your door. This can save you time, money, and effort as you don’t have to go out of your way to find these medicines.

JoinHub Pharma also offers discounts on its products, so you can get even more savings by ordering through this company.If you have any questions about importing medicines from JoinHub Pharma, don’t hesitate to contact us via email at [email protected].


Who is the Best Indian Pharmaceutical manufacturer for Kyrgyzstan

The pharmaceutical manufacturing industry in Kyrgyzstan has been growing at a rapid pace and has attracted the attention of Indian pharma companies. This is because Kyrgyzstan offers several incentives to foreign investors, including tax exemptions, cheap labor, and government-supported infrastructure.

The government of Kyrgyzstan has taken steps to encourage investment in its economy by focusing on improving infrastructure. In 2012, it created a special economic zone (SEZ) that has attracted many large multinational corporations. The SEZ allows companies to operate tax-free for up to 20 years, which makes it an attractive place for pharmaceutical manufacturers looking for lower costs.

The government has been actively promoting investment in this sector, and they have a lot of potential for growth. If you’re looking for a reliable pharma manufacturer for Kyrgyzstan, then look no further than Indian pharma companies like JoinHub Pharma.

How can Indian Pharma Manufacturers be helpful to Kyrgyzstan?

The pharmaceutical industry in Kyrgyzstan is growing, but it still needs to be developed more. Here are five ways Indian Pharma Manufacturing companies can help to increase the number of jobs available in the country and improve its economy.

  • Indian Pharma Manufacturing companies can provide high-quality products to Kyrgyzstan at affordable prices.
  • They can help the Kyrgyzstan government to develop a strong and modern pharmaceutical sector.
  • They will be able to help Kyrgyzstan by providing them with new technologies that they are currently lacking, such as new production processes or improved packaging techniques.
  • Indian Pharma Manufacturing companies will improve the number of employment opportunities in Kyrgyzstan and help boost their economy by offering jobs to locals instead of importing workers from other countries like India or China.
  • Lastly, Indian Pharma Manufacturing companies will be able to give back to their community by sponsoring local charities and organizations such as schools or hospitals.

JoinHub Pharma – Leading Indian Pharma Manufacturer for Kyrgyzstan

JoinHub Pharma is a leading Indian pharmaceutical company with a focus on manufacturing and distributing quality products. The company specializes in the production of generic drugs that are sold at a low price and are available to patients who cannot afford the high-cost branded products.

We have been serving clients in Kyrgyzstan for over many years now, offering a range of products manufactured to meet their needs. We offer our clients top-quality third-party manufacturing services, including:

  • API manufacturing
  • Bulk production and packaging of APIs, intermediates, and formulations
  • Formulation development, process optimization, and scale-up of APIs/intermediates and/or formulations
  • Product development, process development, and scale-up of APIs/intermediates and/or formulations

JoinHub Pharma’s products are used to treat diverse conditions, including diabetes and heart disease, as well as chronic pain. The company is committed to providing patients with affordable medications that are safe and effective. Their products include anti-inflammatory drugs, antibiotics, painkillers, anti-cancer drugs, and more. We specialize in manufacturing pharmaceuticals for human use and veterinary medicines and chemicals.

Our company was founded in 2014 by a group of experienced businessmen who liked to make a difference in the world. Since then, we have grown into one of India’s most trusted names in pharmaceuticals. Our goal is to deliver our customers quality products at affordable prices without compromising quality. We work closely with our suppliers to ensure that your order meets all specifications and requirements before shipping it out to you so that you can start benefiting from our products as soon as possible.

Our WHO-GMP Certified Manufacturing Facility

JoinHub Pharma’s manufacturing facility is certified by WHO-GMP, the highest standard for quality assurance.

Our facility is equipped with state-of-the-art equipment, and we have a dedicated staff of highly skilled professionals who ensure that all products meet our quality standards. The facility has been designed with the following features:

  • A state-of-the-art clean room environment
  • A personnel training program that ensures our employees understand the importance of maintaining a clean environment at all times
  • An automated production line that allows us to produce high-quality products at low costs
  • Automated quality control systems that ensure each batch is safe and effective before it leaves our facility

We are committed to providing our clients with top-notch quality products and services, which is why we maintain rigorous standards for ourselves and our employees. We are proud to have achieved WHO-GMP certification and will continue to provide you with high-quality products and services.

Our production team has been assembled from the best minds in the industry, including some of the world’s top scientists and engineers. We have decades of collective experience working together as a team to create new drugs for patients around the world—and we’ve learned from each other along the way. That’s why our products are so good: they’re made by people who know how to make them well!

100% Quality Assurance

JoinHub Pharma is committed to providing the highest quality assurance for its products. We are passionate about delivering a safe and efficient experience to our patients, which is why we have partnered with you for all your needs.

We are always looking for ways to improve our product and make it as good as possible. We work hard to guarantee that every customer has a positive experience with our products, from ordering through delivery.

We aim to ensure that all products meet internationally recognized standards for quality, safety, effectiveness, and accountability.

Our Third-Party Pharma Manufacturing Services

JoinHub Pharma is a certified third-party pharmaceutical company that provides high-quality, affordable medicine to the entire country of Kyrgyzstan. We take pride in being a reliable, consistent, and affordable source for all your pharmaceutical needs.

We have been working hard to become one of the leading manufacturers for Kyrgyzstan, and we are proud of our achievements so far. Our team comprises some of the most talented individuals who strive to ensure that each product meets our high standards before it reaches any customer’s hands.

Working with JoinHub Pharma allows you to focus on your core pharma business while we take care of your pharmaceutical outsourcing needs. Our experienced pharma team will work closely with you to ensure that your product development and manufacturing processes are optimized for efficiency and quality.

Benefits of Partnering with JoinHub Pharma for Pharma Contract Manufacturing for Kyrgyzstan

When you partner with JoinHub Pharma for pharma contract manufacturing for Kyrgyzstan, you can expect five benefits:

  • Focus on your core business

JoinHub Pharma provides a range of services that lets you focus on your core pharma business while maximizing the benefits of outsourcing.

  • Save time and money

You can save time by letting us handle all the technical details and save money by partnering with us.

  • Do more with less

By partnering with us, you’ll be able to grow your business without having to invest in new equipment or hire new staff.

  • Keep up with industry standards

Our experienced team will help you stay ahead of industry standards by ensuring that all our processes are up-to-date and compliant with international regulations and requirements.

  • Get access to new markets

We have established relationships with distributors across Kyrgyzstan, so we can help you expand into new markets quickly and easily!

  • Flexibility

Our flexible approach means we can adapt quickly to meet your needs, whether you need one batch or ten thousand batches. Our team is ready to help you develop a unique solution that meets your exact specifications, so you can focus on what matters most—your business model!

Partner with JoinHub Pharma for Pharma Manufacturing for Kyrgyzstan Today!

At JoinHub Pharma, we’re proud to offer our clients the best pharma manufacturing for Kyrgyzstan. We are one of the most trusted names in the Kyrgyzstan industry, and ensuring our clients have a great experience with us.

Our team of experts is dedicated to working with you every step of the way, so you can rest assured that your products will be safe and effective when they reach your patients.

We offer a full suite of pharmaceutical services, including:

  • Pharmaceutical formulation development
  • Contract manufacturing
  • Product quality assurance and control

We know that with JoinHub Pharma as your partner, you can rest assured that your company will get the best product possible at a price that works for you. We offer flexible payment options and competitive rates so that you can concentrate on what matters most—your business success!

To learn more about our pharma manufacturing services, please get in touch with our pharma experts today!

Pharmaceutical Regulations and Standards

Pharmaceutical Regulations and Standards | JoinHub Pharma

The making of EU GMP pharmaceutical products has to be kept at high standards to assure the strength of the APIs, quality, and purity of the concluding pharma products. These standards and regulations guarantee reliable and effective products for patients. Minor changes in any of these factors can have severe consequences for patients; therefore, the controls and checks are set to be far more stringent than, for example, the food industry.

The primary responsibility for ensuring consumer safety lies truly at the manufacturing stage, where it is crucial to utilize industry-accepted Good Practices to maintain safety and effectiveness.

GMP for Drug Manufacturing

All regulatory specifications maintain Good Practices for controlling safety and quality, right from drug development to delivery:

  • Drug discovery: Good Laboratory Practice;
  • Drug trials: Good Clinical Practice;
  • Manufacturer: Good Manufacturing Practice;
  • Distribution: Good Distribution Practice;
  • Storage: Good Storage Practice.

Regulatory Requirements

US Regulations

In the USA, the regulatory standard for human pharmaceutical products is the cGMP regulations, which the FDA enforces.

  • Provides guidance for pharmaceutical manufacturers in the Code of Federal Regulations, cGMP for Finished Pharmaceuticals.
  • Inspects manufacturers worldwide for compliance with CGMP
EU Regulations

EU regulations demand all pharmaceutical manufacturers comply with EU Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs) if they supply products to the EU.

  • EU competent authority or other approved authority inspect manufacturers and importers to check compliance with the EU GMPs manufacturing plant.
  • Where a particular company imports products, the importer is responsible for ensuring compliance with GMP.
  • The number of inspections depends on a risk assessment, and additionally, the local or national level authority must supply written evidence that every batch of product conformed to GMPs.


  • Design and Layout
    • The facility’s design and layout must have good sanitation and allow effective cleaning and maintenance to safeguard cross-contamination and build-up of dirt.
  • Cleaning
  • Staff Facilities
    • All facilities for toilets, wash, eating, and others must be separate from production and storage areas. Facilities must have appropriate for the number of users.
  • Services
    • Lighting, temperature, ventilation, humidity, and electrical supply should not affect pharmaceutical products or equipment functioning adversely.
  • Delivery and Dispatch Areas
    • These should be designed to safeguard products from the weather and be designed and well-equipped to clean delivery containers.
  • Fittings
    • Ventilation fittings, pipework, and light fittings must be designed for ease of cleaning and maintenance.


  • Pest Control
    • Pest control materials, including insecticides, rodenticides, and fumigation gases, should not contaminate equipment: starting materials, materials in process, packaging materials, or finished products.
  • Water
    • The water utilized in the manufacturing process should be of the best quality.


  • Equipment for Cleaning
    • Equipment for cleaning, washing, and drying should be suitable for use and not contaminate products.
  • Cleaning
    • Equipment must be cleaned using validated procedures, according to a suitable schedule and records kept of the procedures, times, and results of tests.


JoinHub Pharma

Leveraging India’s worldwide competitive cost base and talented team of scientists, JoinHub Pharma has successfully launched a wide range of affordable pharma products which are accessible across the globe. From innovation to development to commercialization, our growth is supported by affordable drug development and substantial manufacturing.

JoinHub Pharma exports to more than 100+ countries across the globe, with more than 85% of its revenues acquired from international operations.

Simply drop us an email at [email protected] or call us directly. Our experts will get in touch with you within 24 hours.


Why India is a hub for pharma manufacturing worldwide?

The pharmaceutical industry’s main markets are under serious pressure. Europe, Japan and North America jointly account for 82% of audited and unaudited drug sales; overall sales reached US$773 billion in 2008, as per IMS Health. Yearly growth in the European Union (EU) has decreased to 5.8%, and sales are increasing at a much progressively sluggish rate in Japan (2.1%) and North America (1.4%). Impending policy changes, promoting the utilization of generics in these key markets are required to additionally dent the top- and bottom-line of global pharma majors. The industry is preparing itself for some fundamental changes in the marketplace and is looking at newer approaches to drive growth. Thus, at JoinHub Pharma, we bring better wellness for people and progress in medicine by implementing latest quality parameters and developing superior pharmaceutical products.

From the centuries-old centre for silk brocade to the world’s biggest hub for polishing and cutting diamonds, there are industrial clusters spread in various parts of India. Rising hi-tech centres to some which are thinking about many problems, there are very few surprises on India’s manufacturing map.

India’s pharmaceuticals industry looks set for strong long-term growth. With the near sales of US$19 billion in March 2009.10, it ranks 14th in the worldwide league table. However, PwC estimates that it will rise to around US$50 billion by 2020 – 163% over the course of about 11 years.

In response to this growing regulatory environment, best pharmaceutical companies in India continue to reinforce their processes, while improving automation, operating processes and quality management systems. This incorporates vigorously efficient quality control and quality assurance systems alongside workshops and training programs, fabricating an omnipresent culture of quality. The result is a focus on quality that begins at a shop-floor level for machine operators, guaranteeing compliance starting from the earliest stage.

Because of these actions, FDA review outcomes for the top 10 pharmaceutical manufacturers in India have not only improved, yet are in line with results from other worldwide manufacturers. Former FDA Commissioner Scott Gottlieb said to media about the report reports questioning the quality of Indian products, “…the FDA labs tested 323 products from around the globe — including at least 100 from India — to decide whether foreign manufacturers had a higher incidence of product failure. All 323 samples met U.S. market quality standards utilizing testing standards submitted in marketing applications or set by the United States Pharmacopeia (USP).”

Accountability is additionally intrinsic to this focus on quality. Consider that the receipt of an FDA “warning letter” often brings about staff changes at the most senior levels of leadership at Indian generic companies. This accountability happens even in incidences where the FDA has come down hard on organizations for even the smallest of deviations.

Redefining India’s reputation

For instance, Indian generic manufacturers play an important role in bringing safe, new, affordable drugs to US customers. In 2018 alone, the FDA approved a record 741 generic drugs with Indian companies, representing almost 50% of the approvals.

Consider that the Indian pharmaceutical industry has essentially reduced the burden on the U.S. public health system by making genuinely necessary medicines affordable and promptly available. Each third tablet sold in the U.S. comes from India. Generic drugs savings totalled $292.6 billion in 2018, as indicated by the AAM Access & Savings Report (2019). Of this, surprising savings totalling around $80 billion in 2017 credited to the contributions from Indian generic companies.

Moreover, Indian pharmaceutical companies are presently turning into a key source of medication for many countries. Of note, they are playing a significant role in bringing down the price of lifesaving, antiretroviral drugs that have contained the AIDS pandemic.

India’s global reach

The global demand for medication from India will keep on going up. India’s share of the US generic market is growing quickly, and the number of companies and manufacturing facilities providing to the U.S. market is growing fast. The emphasis on growing regulatory requirements, improved healthcare infrastructure, and flood in research and development spend looks good for the pharma industry.

This growth isn’t exclusive to India. Indian generic manufacturers are likewise producing in the U.S. what’s more, in other countries whenever necessary. The Indian Pharmaceutical Alliance (IPA) has 23 research-based pharmaceutical organizations centred around patient safety and health with a commitment to give quality drugs to patients throughout the world.

To drive forward this promise to give safe and quality drugs, IPA organization have undertaken a few focused steps towards excellence in quality. In the past 4 years, IPA has focused on:

  • Benchmark & measure Indian pharma quality with the other countries rules
  • Create focused guidelines and best practices in areas of relevance, which are verified by regulators over the world, including the FDA
  • Expand the skills and abilities of quality talent for Indian pharmaceutical companies

Furthermore, IPA companies gave $161 million to generic-drug user expenses between 2012 and 2016, along these lines contributing the greater part of the income under the Generic Drug User Fee Amendments, which helps the FDA to carry more prominent consistency and timeliness to the review of generic drug applications, just as assists to fund the inspection of generic plants.

In conclusion

Indian companies will keep on expanding globally, enriching their manufacturing capabilities to satisfy the growing demand in the world. The future will see a significant role in global healthcare by Indian pharma, not only in making medicines affordable, yet additionally in fortifying India’s position as a global hub for making innovative and high-quality medications.

By making bolder vital strategies in uncharted countries, technologies, and products, Indian generic manufacturers look to set their position as a world-class provider of high-quality, affordable drugs. Guaranteeing we communicate this vision and quality-centric focus will be basic to the bright future between manufacturers and those who depend on these medicines.

All things considered, a clear understanding of achievement and emphasis on quality supports the progressing endeavours of Indian generic manufacturers to give quality solutions that at last benefit consumers over the globe.

Looking for the best pharmaceutical manufacturer in India? Then, contact our experts today.

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Which are the precautions that must be taken to avoid Corona in lockdown?

India is closely monitoring the danger posed by a new flu-like virus (2019 Novel Coronavirus, or COVID-19) that has killed hundreds in China, and has asked its citizens not to go there.

While the Food and Drug Administration reported that testing in the United States would be enormously expanded, health experts have been warning that the virus’s spread in the country is unavoidable. That implies it’s time to prepare your home and family in case your community is influenced.

Started at now, a vaccine has not been formulated for the novel Coronavirus. Considering this reality, prevention appears to be the best cure accessible so far.

The World Health Organisation has a list of suggestion for protection against a few illnesses, including the new strain of coronavirus. Here is a helpful infographic from the UN body.


What will be the effect on pharma industry post Corona?

The effect of the Coronavirus pandemic and the lockdown, it triggered is unmistakably obvious in financial markets. Yet, there is still no clarity on the more profound effect that it is having across businesses and industrial sectors. Being a WHO, FDA, ISO 9001:2008, and GMP certified company, we at JoinHub Pharma helping and supporting healthcare experts by offering face masks, hand sanitizers, N95 masks, surgical masks, tablets, drops, capsules etc covering everything of healthcare.

Based on assessments made by different analysts and industry body FICCI, here is an impact analysis on the pharma sector.

The impact of China and India
Among the problems for pharmaceutical supply chains during this pandemic are the restrictions and impact of COVID-19 on two of the largest global producers of active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) and generics: China and India.

Since the outbreak started in China and lockdowns were imposed, ¬supply from their manufacturing facilities has reduced. The true extent has been difficult to quantify as limited numbers of the typical workforce have been able to return to work. A recent letter sent by Medicines for Europe revealed that the Chinese powers expect large manufacturing facilities to be fully operational soon, although smaller producers may continue to struggle for some time J.P. Duffy, a Reed Smith Partner stated that “most companies feel that they are relatively well-positioned to weather short-term disruption. This is because many publicly traded companies have six months to a year of stockpiles; however, if restrictions continue for an extended period, especially if people in China cannot get back into the factories to work, eventually supply chain shortages will start to disrupt everyone.”

Reports suggest a range of possible effects, including:
• Generic drug producers who source APIs from China are likely to face supply chain issues if the outbreak continues
• Short-term scarcities affecting certain products – one such shortage has already been announced by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA)1
• Manufacturers of branded pharmaceuticals may see a shift in their demand, both as antiviral use rises and as other chronic conditions are left untreated by patients due to concerns over exposure to COVID-19.

India pharma’s global standing:
The Indian pharma industry has been a world leader in generics both globally and domestic markets contributing significantly to the global demand for generics in terms of volume. Made-in-India drugs supplied to the developed economies such as the US, EU and Japan is known for their safety and quality. In recent years, India has seen increasing competition from China, which it has been able to leverage due to its inherent cost advantage, manufacturing intermediates and APIs at a cost much lower than those in India which has resulted in a gradual increase in API imports from China to India and this, in turn, has led to the killing of domestic manufacturing capacity for certain key APIs and their advanced intermediates.

Supply chain disruption for India pharma:
Any disruption in the supply chain of APIs can result in significant shortages in the supply of essential drugs in India. Some of the critical APIs for high-burden disease categories such as cardiovascular diseases, diabetes and tuberculosis are listed in the National List of Essential Medicines (NLEM). In fact, the current market is largely dependent on China for many antibiotic APIs manufactured by the fermentation route such as penicillin, cephalosporins and macrolides.

The increased dependency of low-cost API is mainly attributed to China’s extensive efforts towards developing economies of scale, easing regulations for bulk drug manufacturers, availability of low-cost utilities, building process efficiencies and supporting manufacturers in the form of subsidy, low taxes and fiscal incentives. India has significantly lost out on the API manufacturing owing to the inadequate government support and API focused infrastructure coupled with complexity in getting approvals for setting up a manufacturing plant, delayed pollution clearances, the high cost with low availability of utilities, regulatory and price control regime are some of the key challenges faced by the bulk drug industry.

Relative stability, reasonable valuations:
HDFC Securities says Pharmaceutical manufacturer in India has been relatively resilient to the COVID disruption and is poised to gain from favourable currency tailwinds and stable outlook for India and US business. India growth has picked up (~10% growth for IPM as of MAT Mar’20). It forecast 11% growth for covered companies over the next two years. US pricing environment continues to remain benign and the regulatory challenges are well understood. The pharma sector is up ~1% YTD and has outperformed the Nifty Index by 28%. Some prefer stocks with high India exposure as it offers greater earnings visibility, supported by reasonable valuations.

Valuation and Risks:
The sector trades at ~23x one year forward, 10% below its 5-year historical average. The sector premium to Nifty is at 35% vs. (5-year avg of 38%). Key risks: a) extended lockdown can impact demand and manufacturing; b) Delay in US FDA plant resolution due to travel advisory; c) EM markets currency risks and subdued demand; d) delay in key approvals.

Major earnings cuts ahead for pharma firms:
Edelweiss Securities says the novel coronavirus or COVID-19, the pandemic has caused severe supply-side disruptions in various sectors, earnings will be cut by 10-15%. Pharma as a sector has emerged as a strong contender to drive the next leg of the rally, whenever it comes. In expectation, pharma stocks have seen a huge run-up in the last 10 days. This isn’t simply true for India, yet globally too best pharma companies have performed well. While for the time being, most companies will bounce back from the most recent 5 years of underperformance, this time around, the leader will be unique.

While drug shortages due to COVID-19 are so far limited and expected to remain this way in the short term, if the pandemic continues then stockpiles of pharmaceuticals, APIs and other chemicals may decrease, resulting in shortages. A further effect is the added complications for distribution, particularly with population movement restrictions across Europe.
Duffy advises medicine exporter from India and other countries to monitor the evolving situation and ensure enterprises are aware of the clauses of their contracts that may become problematic in the longer term.
Looking for the best pharma product exporter from India? Then, contact JoinHub Pharma today!