How to Choose The Top Indian Pharmaceutical Company For Armenia
Pharmaceutical Company

How to Choose The Top Indian Pharmaceutical Company For Armenia?

The pharmaceutical industry in Armenia is the most vital sector of the country’s economy. It has been growing steadily over the past few years, and its growth is expected to continue.

The industry has been able to grow so quickly because the government supported it. The government provides various kinds of tax incentives to companies that want to enter Armenia or expand their operations within Armenia.

Armenia is a great place for pharmaceutical companies because it has many skilled workers who are willing to work hard at very reasonable rates. The country also has a very high standard of living compared with other countries in the region, meaning that people have more money to spend on healthcare services or medications.

The government also gives financial assistance to companies that want to build factories or research facilities in Armenia by giving them low-interest loans with flexible terms so they can get started quickly without having too much upfront capital needed before they can generate revenue from their business ventures here in this country.

If you are looking to partner with an Indian Pharmaceutical Company for Armenia, look no further than JoinHub Pharma.

Joinhub Pharma – Top Indian Pharma Companies For Armenia

JoinHub Pharma is a top Indian pharma company for Armenia. It is one of the leading pharmaceutical brands in India, focusing on providing high-quality medicines to patients.

The pharma company was founded in 2014 to provide affordable, high-quality treatment options for patients who cannot afford them.

JoinHub Pharma offers medicines that are made with technology and innovation, which means they are safer and more effective than many other drugs on the market today.

Some of the services we offer in third-party manufacturing include

  • With rigorous chemical testing and clinical studies, produces quality medicines with zero customer complaints.
  • We realize the importance of quality packaging and work on it to prevent pharmaceutical contamination with our worldwide industry standards.
  • Our medicines are effective and inventive, and highly qualified professionals work hard to offer the same.

They are a leading manufacturer, supplier, and exporter of pharmaceutical products, including APIs, bulk drugs, intermediates, and formulations. Their manufacturing facilities are ISO 9001:2008 certified, and the US FDA has approved their products. They have offices in India and are constantly looking for ways to expand into other countries.

JoinHub Pharma also focuses on creating innovative medicines to help patients suffering from cancer, diabetes, and other serious health conditions. Their goal is to discover new therapies that will enhance the quality of life for people around the world who suffer from these diseases.

Wide Range Of Pharma Product Portfolio Offered By Joinhub Pharma

Joinhub Pharma is a trusted name in the healthcare industry in India, with over a decade of experience in drug discovery and development. Our expertise lies in providing products and services to our clients that are both safe and effective.

We provide various pharmaceutical products. These include:

  • Tablets
  • Capsules
  • Syrups
  • Sachets
  • Ointments
  • Injections
  • Powder
  • Eye Drops

Exceptional Research & Development

JoinHub Pharma is a leading Indian pharmaceutical company that has been helping people lead healthier lives for years. Our exceptional research and development team works tirelessly to create new drugs and treatments tailored to our patient’s needs.

Our commitment to quality is why JoinHub Pharma has been ranked among the top 100 pharma companies in the country. We use cutting-edge research methods to develop highly effective medications that provide relief from a wide range of ailments. Our goal is to provide affordable medication that can help people live longer, healthier lives.

Top-Notch Quality Standards

JoinHub Pharma is proud to stand behind our top-notch quality standards.

Our products are made in a WHO-GMP and FDA-approved facility that adheres to industry best practices, and we test each batch of our products before they’re sent out to ensure that they meet all industry guidelines. We also have a full-time staff of in-house pharma experts who are available 24*7 to answer your questions regarding our products or any other concerns you may have about using JoinHub Pharma’s products.

We are committed to following top-notch standards, which means we will always:

* Follow all state, federal, and local regulations

* Maintain a safe workplace environment for our employees and visitors

* Ensure that all of our products meet or exceed regulatory guidelines

We believe that what you put into your body is just as influential as what you put into your body. That’s why we only use top-notch quality ingredients in our products and ensure they’re all sourced from trusted vendors.

What are the benefits of Partnering with top Indian Pharmaceutical Companies for Armenia?

Partnering with top Indian Pharmaceutical Companies for Armenia can be a fantastic way to expand your business.

It’s a win for both parties: you get access to high-quality products and services, and they get the opportunity to sell their products in a new market.

If you are looking to partner with the best Indian pharmaceutical companies like JoinHub Pharma, then it’s a sure-fire way to get your product in front of people who are actively looking for what you offer.

Here are a couple of the benefits of working with an Indian pharmaceutical contract manufacturing company:

  • Cost-effectiveness

Manufacturing is expensive since you must invest in high-tech machinery as well as a valued and knowledgeable team. On the other hand, contract manufacturing allows you to avoid both the expense and the work of production.

  • Operational benefits

Contract manufacturing businesses will take care of all requirements in the shortest amount of time, which is helpful to everyone. When a product line is popular and in high demand, the company does not have to expend more work or money to satisfy those requests.

  • Increased productivity

Investing in third-party pharmaceutical production means working with a team of specialists to understand job efficiency. This is usually beneficial and productive.

  • Flexibility

The flexibility offered by these companies makes them an ideal choice for different kinds of businesses that need different types of medicines or products at different times during the year or even throughout their life span! This means that you will not have to invest heavily into buying equipment or hiring staff members who are experts in making drugs’ formulations because these companies have everything under one roof, from raw materials to finished products.’

  • Expertise

Indian pharmaceutical companies are known for their expertise and quality products, so partnering with one could help improve both aspects of your business.

  • Ease of use

Many Indian pharmaceutical companies offer easy access through online channels such as email or phone calls so that customers can easily place orders without having to travel long distances or wait long periods of time between orders being placed and received (which could cause delays).

  • Quality control

The government highly regulates the Indian pharmaceutical industry. This ensures that all products produced to meet international standards of quality control.

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Are you looking for a pharmaceutical partner for Armenia? JoinHub Pharma is the right company to contact.

We are a full-service pharmaceutical distributor specializing in pharmaceuticals, medical supplies, and equipment. We aim to provide superior customer service and high-quality products at competitive prices. We are committed to providing our clients with the best customer service experience possible.

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Pharmaceutical Regulations and Standards

Pharmaceutical Regulations and Standards | JoinHub Pharma

The making of EU GMP pharmaceutical products has to be kept at high standards to assure the strength of the APIs, quality, and purity of the concluding pharma products. These standards and regulations guarantee reliable and effective products for patients. Minor changes in any of these factors can have severe consequences for patients; therefore, the controls and checks are set to be far more stringent than, for example, the food industry.

The primary responsibility for ensuring consumer safety lies truly at the manufacturing stage, where it is crucial to utilize industry-accepted Good Practices to maintain safety and effectiveness.

GMP for Drug Manufacturing

All regulatory specifications maintain Good Practices for controlling safety and quality, right from drug development to delivery:

  • Drug discovery: Good Laboratory Practice;
  • Drug trials: Good Clinical Practice;
  • Manufacturer: Good Manufacturing Practice;
  • Distribution: Good Distribution Practice;
  • Storage: Good Storage Practice.

Regulatory Requirements

US Regulations

In the USA, the regulatory standard for human pharmaceutical products is the cGMP regulations, which the FDA enforces.

  • Provides guidance for pharmaceutical manufacturers in the Code of Federal Regulations, cGMP for Finished Pharmaceuticals.
  • Inspects manufacturers worldwide for compliance with CGMP
EU Regulations

EU regulations demand all pharmaceutical manufacturers comply with EU Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs) if they supply products to the EU.

  • EU competent authority or other approved authority inspect manufacturers and importers to check compliance with the EU GMPs manufacturing plant.
  • Where a particular company imports products, the importer is responsible for ensuring compliance with GMP.
  • The number of inspections depends on a risk assessment, and additionally, the local or national level authority must supply written evidence that every batch of product conformed to GMPs.


  • Design and Layout
    • The facility’s design and layout must have good sanitation and allow effective cleaning and maintenance to safeguard cross-contamination and build-up of dirt.
  • Cleaning
  • Staff Facilities
    • All facilities for toilets, wash, eating, and others must be separate from production and storage areas. Facilities must have appropriate for the number of users.
  • Services
    • Lighting, temperature, ventilation, humidity, and electrical supply should not affect pharmaceutical products or equipment functioning adversely.
  • Delivery and Dispatch Areas
    • These should be designed to safeguard products from the weather and be designed and well-equipped to clean delivery containers.
  • Fittings
    • Ventilation fittings, pipework, and light fittings must be designed for ease of cleaning and maintenance.


  • Pest Control
    • Pest control materials, including insecticides, rodenticides, and fumigation gases, should not contaminate equipment: starting materials, materials in process, packaging materials, or finished products.
  • Water
    • The water utilized in the manufacturing process should be of the best quality.


  • Equipment for Cleaning
    • Equipment for cleaning, washing, and drying should be suitable for use and not contaminate products.
  • Cleaning
    • Equipment must be cleaned using validated procedures, according to a suitable schedule and records kept of the procedures, times, and results of tests.


JoinHub Pharma

Leveraging India’s worldwide competitive cost base and talented team of scientists, JoinHub Pharma has successfully launched a wide range of affordable pharma products which are accessible across the globe. From innovation to development to commercialization, our growth is supported by affordable drug development and substantial manufacturing.

JoinHub Pharma exports to more than 100+ countries across the globe, with more than 85% of its revenues acquired from international operations.

Simply drop us an email at [email protected] or call us directly. Our experts will get in touch with you within 24 hours.

Pharmaceutical Company

Best Pharmaceutical Companies In India 2020: It’s Not as Difficult as You Think

Pharmaceutical Industries discover and market drugs, different kinds of vaccines, medicines to treat the patients. They produce sanitizers, bandages, medicines, drugs, vaccines to cure the different patients. The main motive of the pharma industry is to produce medicines for preventing healthcare issues and cure diseases.

Nowadays Pharmaceutical companies in India and all over the world are earning very high due to the corona pandemic. Medicine spending in India is projected to grow 9-12 percent over the next five years, leading India to become one of the top 10 countries in terms of medicine spending

There are few best pharmaceutical companies in India which have the highest exports all over the world, and at the same time, they give the best customer satisfaction. A satisfied customer is always a loyal customer.

The exports from India of pharma companies have increased a lot.

It increased from US$6.23 billion in 2006-07 to US$8.7 billion in 2008-09 a combined annual growth rate of 21.25%.

Government expenditure on healthcare increased to Rs 3.24 lakh crore (US$ 45.96 billion) in FY20, growing at a CAGR of 18 percent from FY16. As per Economic Survey 2019-20, Government expenditure (as a percentage of GDP) increased to 1.6 percent in FY20 from 1.2 percent in FY15 for health. FDI increased to 74 percent in existing pharmaceutical companies and 100 percent in new projects.

Indian Pharmaceutical Companies always take precautions for not harming the environment and bridge the gap between demand and supply of products and services. They are serving the high quality that will help the advancements in the health care sector into all the regions of the country. They have the highest economic growth along with increasing the penetration of health insurance.

The healthcare sector comprises hospitals, clinics, medical tourism, health insurance, and medical equipment and this sector is providing the best in terms of revenue and employment. India has well trained medical professionals, the best medical services in the ayurvedic sector, physiotherapy sector as well.

The department of technology was established in 1986 and every state as well as the central government tried to grow the industry in India. This industry affects the global population. Many people enter into this industry to improve the lives of people. The Pharmaceutical industry has 100% foreign direct investment.

Join Hub Generic Medicine develops, licenses, and sells a range of medical products globally and has a wider reach of curing and treating patients. We believe that the key to improving people’s health lies in innovation and the discovery of medicines and drugs and it is one of the generic medicine export from India as well.

They develop products depending on the needs of the healthcare sector, and always try to focus on improving the status. They provide innovative therapies to improve patient’s suffering and provide affordable solutions. Being a leading and one of the best Hand Sanitizer manufacturers in India and supplier of Hand Sanitizer, offer high-quality products along with COA, FSC, and all other required documents to deliver safely in your warehouse.

In addition, they offer to manufacture for some outsourcing companies, they offer to manufacture of injections, capsules, dosage, syrups, tablets, ointment, tubes, etc. Depending on the requirements, other services which provide quality control, quality inspection, purchasing of raw materials, manufacturing, shipping, labeling, packaging. They interact with healthcare providers all over the world and bridge the gap between demand and supply. Try to improve the audit between commercial and medical areas.

There are numerous WHO GMP Certified companies in India as well as they are top generic Pharma Companies in India.

There is one book launched, named as Bad Pharma, which also discusses the representatives of drugs, and how the drugs were discovered, and how ghostwriters write research papers on drug discovery.

The practical guide discusses how efficiency and productivity can be achieved in the workflow, by eliminating any efficiencies founded in the company.

  • Capsule Filling
  • Preparation of Culture Media
  • Inefficiency in the new product development
  • Sample Preparation for Titrator
  • Preparation of Reference Standards and Solutions
  • Not Centralizing and Simplifying Business Operations.
  • Sample Preparation for Quantitative Elemental Analysis in Research Labs

For maintaining the workflow, every company has to face the challenges and improve the efficiency by following the correct procedures and eliminating the errors, interpretation of results.

Drug developers use systematic and data-driven strategies to improve the quality and the outcome of the product, by eliminating the errors and issues, solving real-time queries. Accountability and accuracy are the two important factors that should be maintained for workflow efficiency.

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