Why should you choose an Indian Generic medicine exporter for Ghana
Generic Medicine pharmaceutical exporters

Why should you choose an Indian Generic medicine exporter for Ghana?

According to the World Health Organization’s 2017 bulletin, worldwide “catastrophic health spending” pushes roughly 100 million people into poverty each year. Almost 90% of the population in low-income nations has financial issues due to healthcare costs. To raise awareness about this dire situation, WHO has declared the topic of this World Health Day, April 7, 2019, as ‘Health for All’ and has urged its member nations to join and support its UHC campaign. The goal is simple: lower growing healthcare costs while maintaining quality.

India is the world’s leading manufacturer of generic medicines.

The Indian pharmaceutical business meets more than half of the world’s demand for vaccines, 25% of all pharmaceuticals in the UK, and 40% of generic drug demand in the US. When a doctor prescribes a medicine, she will use either the brand or the generic name. The brand name is the name given to the medicine by its original creator or patent holder. A generic version of the same medicine has a different name, which is known as the generic name.

When medicine is created and meets the conditions for patentability, the applicant is given a patent for up to 20 years, providing the intellectual property owner a limited market exclusivity to recover their costs. After the patent expires, the medicine enters the public domain and is freely available for usage.

A generic medication is defined by the WHO as a pharmaceutical product that is typically interchangeable with the originator brand product, is made without a license from the originator manufacturer, and is marketed after the patent or other exclusivity rights have expired.

During the post-expiry period, other pharmaceutical companies may produce identical medicine and sell it under an international non-proprietary name – often at a cheaper cost. Because generics remove this obstacle to affordability, Indian law permits doctors to prescribe them to patients and pharmacists to sell them.

A generic medicine includes the same active ingredients as the branded version and produces the same therapeutic effects, regardless of their different colours, forms, tastes, or pricing.

Are generic prescriptions as safe and effective as brand-name prescriptions?

According to the FDA, all pharmaceuticals are made up of both brand names and generic drugs that should function well and be safe. Generic drugs have the same active components as their brand-name counterparts and carry the same risks and benefits. Many customers are concerned about the cost of generic medicines.

To ensure safety, quality, and effectiveness, the FDA subjected all generic pharmaceuticals to a thorough reassessment process that included a review of scientific information regarding the constituents and performance of the standard drug.

Furthermore, the FDA requires that a basic medication manufacturing plant satisfy the same high criteria as a location for a brand-name drug. Brand-name pharmaceutical businesses manufacture almost half of all generic medications. They can produce duplicates of their own or other companies’ brand pharmaceuticals and sell them without the brand name.

Benefits of importing Generic Medicine from Indian Generic Manufacturer, Exporter, Supplier for Ghana

Generic medication can be used to treat a variety of medical ailments. Some of the benefits of working with an Indian generic medications exporter for Ghana are as follows:

Generic drugs are less expensive

Buying generic drugs can help you save a lot of money. Generic medicines manufactured by Indian generic drug manufacturers are less expensive than non-generic drugs. These medications are less expensive because, unlike non-generic medications, they do not need to redo the active ingredient’s clinical studies.

Generic drugs include the same ingredients as non-generic medicines that are already authorized and approved. Another key method Indian generic pharmaceutical manufacturers and exporters for Ghana keep prices low is seldom spending money on promotion and marketing.

Generic drugs are safe and effective as their branded replicas

For patients, generic drug alternatives offer a safe and FDA-approved choice. In many ways, these medicines are similar to their brand-name counterparts, including dose, quality, potency, form, safety, intended use, and performance capabilities. The generic drug alternative is thought to be bioequivalent.

Duplicated Drugs are a Trusted Substitute for Brand-Name Drugs

Generic medication is bioequivalent to the more costly pharmaceuticals on the market because it is equally effective as its brand-name counterpart. Generic medications have the same dose, intended purpose, effects/side effects, dangers, safety, and strength as brand-name medications. Because the pharmacological effects of a copied drug are the same, about 90% of the US population prefers to purchase these drugs as a suitable alternative.

Your patients can readily discover generic substitutes

Patients in Ghana do not have to look far to find alternatives to many popular brand-name medications. Clients get access to a staggering quantity of respected prescriptions with high-quality generic medications.

Solves insurance coverage issues

Most health insurance policies that cover pharmaceutical drugs cater solely to a certain formulary or a list of brands whose medicines they will pay for. Any medicine not on that list or formulary must be paid for out of pocket, and you rarely receive the insurance benefit you deserve. In such a case, generic drugs can help you save money by lowering total health care costs or possibly lowering co-pay fees if generic medicines are covered.

JoinHub Pharma – A leading Generic Drug Manufacturer, Exporter, and Supplier for Ghana

JoinHub Pharma is also one of India’s top Generic Medicine Manufacturing firms. The pharma company has extensive experience in the manufacture of generic medications. Additionally, the pharma products created by JoinHub Pharma are of excellent quality and extremely effective. JoinHub Pharma’s whole product line is noted for its purity, excellent efficacy, and immediate alleviation. The main thing to remark about the company is that it is more concerned with improving people’s health than price.

Why Choose JoinHub Pharma as the best Indian Generic Medicine Manufacturer and Supplier for Ghana?

The following are the primary reasons for choosing JoinHub Pharma as the world’s best Indian Generic Medicine Manufacturer and Supplier for Ghana:

  • The company specializes in high-quality, low-cost pharmaceutical products.
  • The most crucial thing to remember about us is that we are more concerned with improving health than lowering prices.
  • We are a WHO-GMP certified manufacturing facility.
  • We collaborate with the customer to create the pharma range that meets their needs.

If you are looking for a reputed Indian Generic drug manufacturer and exporter for Ghana, look no further than JoinHub Pharma. We offer high-quality medicines at affordable rates.

Get in touch with our pharma experts for bulk orders.

Which is the best pharma exporter for Cambodia?
pharmaceutical exporters

Which is the best pharma exporter for Cambodia?

Cambodia’s ever-expanding pharmaceutical business significantly influences the world economy, accounting for 10 billion dollars in international commerce each year.

Many people worldwide are concerned about the rising demand for pharmaceutical medicines and treatments, fuelling the expansion of giant big pharmaceutical companies. However, the end consequence is a sector that is expected to continue playing a significant role in the global economy for the bright future.

Since 2013-14, Indian pharmaceutical exports have increased by 103%. This is the Pharma Sector’s greatest export performance until 2021-22. In the last eight years, exports have increased by over USD 10 billion. From Rs 90415 crores in 2013-14 to Rs 1,83,422 crores in 2021-22, it has increased by a factor of two. With India producing 60% of the world’s vaccines and 20% of generic medications, Indian pharmaceutical businesses have had a worldwide impact via price competitiveness and high quality.

It is also worth noting that about 55% of our pharma exports from India are destined for highly regulated markets. Indian pharmaceutical companies have a large presence in Cambodia’s prescription industry. India has the most FDA-approved plants outside of the United States.

Despite global trade interruptions and a decrease in demand for COVID-related drugs, pharma exports in 2021-22 remained favourable.

JoinHub Pharma is your partner if you want to export pharmaceuticals from India to Cambodia.

JoinHub Pharma – Top Pharma Exporter from India to Cambodia

JoinHub Pharma is a leading Indian pharmaceutical and medical device supplier and exporter for Cambodia. If you want to export Pharmaceuticals globally and give your company a new look, you should look for a reputable Pharma Export Company In India like JoinHub Pharma.

We are a well-known Top Indian Pharmaceutical Exporter For Cambodia, providing a broad range of top-quality pharmaceutical products. Our organization has set a wonderful milestone with the great performance offered by our team, owner, and clients. Furthermore, our Indian pharmaceutical company is supported by a highly trained and educated team that works hard to fulfil our client’s demands.

The primary reason for our success is the unit that provides us with high-quality pharmaceutical goods and is located in a large, well-lit, WHO-GMP-approved production facility.

Furthermore, our WHO-GMP certified manufacturing facility is divided into departments for each sort of activity, including quality control, manufacturing, logistics, packing, and many others. This helps to smooth out our entire pharmaceutical manufacturing process and keeps everything under control.

Here are some further characteristics of this Indian pharmaceutical exporting company for Cambodia.

  • We use hi-tech machines for pharma manufacturing, and all equipment is oiled and serviced to ensure peak performance.
  • We ship injections and eye drop to other countries.
  • A highly competent production team prepares the unit for excellent manufacture.
  • Our company’s research team regularly delivers the most recent pharmaceutical items.
  • The logistics crew delivers the items on schedule since we appreciate the client’s time.
  • Stock availability also assists our clients in obtaining items in a timely manner when the market demands.
  • We guarantee the best turnaround on all RFQs and have specialized staff for international commerce.
  • We provide depth and diversity on in over various category goods

JoinHub Pharma is a Pharma Export Company in India that provides high-quality products to customers all over the world. JoinHub Pharma can give you high-quality medicines and assist you in reaching the pinnacle of success in this industry. You may simply reach your company goals and generate high profits with our assistance.

Why Choose JoinHub Pharma as Your Pharma Exporter for Cambodia?

JoinHub Pharma is India’s leading Pharma Export Company. We have extensive knowledge and skills in exporting pharmaceutical products from India to over 80 countries worldwide. We supply our clients with a comprehensive set of paperwork to ensure the successful and seamless export of pharmaceutical items from India. We also update the newest pharmaceutical legislation, market trends, and regulatory information regularly. Here are a few reasons why you should pick us as your pharmaceutical exporter:

  • High Productivity
    • To maintain the highest levels of customer satisfaction, we, as third-party pharma manufacturers, keep our manufacturing costs low while maintaining high standards of sanitation and cleanliness on the premises. A reputable Pharma Export Company should be able to accomplish so while also assuring.
  • Quality Control Measures
    • The export industry cannot function unless quality control measures are adopted at all stages of manufacturing and packing. As a top Pharma Export Company for Cambodia, we have a thorough system in place for monitoring production processes and product quality, allowing us to handle any concerns as they arise.
  • Low cost
    • The procedure of exporting medicines from India to another nation might be time and money-consuming if you don’t know what you’re doing. It is less difficult than most people believe and only accounts for roughly 5-8% of overall pharmaceutical costs.
  • Regulatory Awareness
    • As the leading pharmaceutical export company, we are fully aware of various countries’ regulatory requirements. We are not only aware of these requirements, but we must also follow them in order to retain a good reputation with our consumers.

Our Pillars

JoinHub Pharma is one of India’s largest manufacturers and exporters of pharmaceutical products. The rapid expansion was accomplished by in-house development and selective in-licensing. JoinHub Pharma has always decided to manufacture affordable medications for patients by focusing our efforts on a diverse selection of products that span a wide range of therapeutic areas and dosage formats. Our pharmaceutical product line includes tablets, capsules, oral suspensions, and solutions.

  • Leadership Management
    • JoinHub Pharma’s management systems aim to ensure the safe and secure manufacture of high-quality pharmaceutical goods.
  • Quality Control
    • JoinHub Pharma’s Quality Management System adheres to international quality standards. We ensure that all necessary requirements are followed.
  • Quick Resolution of Complaints
    • We have a future mindset and a systematic customer complaint redressal mechanism for swift and efficient resolution.
  • Inspection
    • We think constant inspection at every level, from procurement, to manufacture to completed goods delivery, is the key to quality management.

How to Import Pharma Products to Cambodia From India?

International trade acts as a fuel for the economy and GDP. It also benefits mankind because pharmaceuticals are all about solving health challenges; therefore, India is important from both monetary and humanitarian perspectives. For example, almost $500 million in pharmaceutical products were shipped from India to Cambodia.

Take the technique given by the top Pharma Products Exporter from India to Cambodia if you wish to make a lot of money while also helping people live better lives by importing our pharma products from India.

  • Fill out Form No. IE230 to become an importer with Sars.
  • Go to ITAC or complete the relevant paperwork by downloading it.
  • If you’re importing nutraceutical items for business use, fill out forms like IE230 and IE 461.
  • ITAC’s Import and Export Control Directorate must receive both forms.

Please let us know if you are interested in obtaining services from a Top Indian Pharmaceutical Exporter For Africa.

Simply email us at info@joinhubpharma.com  or give us a call!