Why should you choose an Indian Generic medicine exporter for Ghana
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Why should you choose an Indian Generic medicine exporter for Ghana?

According to the World Health Organization’s 2017 bulletin, worldwide “catastrophic health spending” pushes roughly 100 million people into poverty each year. Almost 90% of the population in low-income nations has financial issues due to healthcare costs. To raise awareness about this dire situation, WHO has declared the topic of this World Health Day, April 7, 2019, as ‘Health for All’ and has urged its member nations to join and support its UHC campaign. The goal is simple: lower growing healthcare costs while maintaining quality.

India is the world’s leading manufacturer of generic medicines.

The Indian pharmaceutical business meets more than half of the world’s demand for vaccines, 25% of all pharmaceuticals in the UK, and 40% of generic drug demand in the US. When a doctor prescribes a medicine, she will use either the brand or the generic name. The brand name is the name given to the medicine by its original creator or patent holder. A generic version of the same medicine has a different name, which is known as the generic name.

When medicine is created and meets the conditions for patentability, the applicant is given a patent for up to 20 years, providing the intellectual property owner a limited market exclusivity to recover their costs. After the patent expires, the medicine enters the public domain and is freely available for usage.

A generic medication is defined by the WHO as a pharmaceutical product that is typically interchangeable with the originator brand product, is made without a license from the originator manufacturer, and is marketed after the patent or other exclusivity rights have expired.

During the post-expiry period, other pharmaceutical companies may produce identical medicine and sell it under an international non-proprietary name – often at a cheaper cost. Because generics remove this obstacle to affordability, Indian law permits doctors to prescribe them to patients and pharmacists to sell them.

A generic medicine includes the same active ingredients as the branded version and produces the same therapeutic effects, regardless of their different colours, forms, tastes, or pricing.

Are generic prescriptions as safe and effective as brand-name prescriptions?

According to the FDA, all pharmaceuticals are made up of both brand names and generic drugs that should function well and be safe. Generic drugs have the same active components as their brand-name counterparts and carry the same risks and benefits. Many customers are concerned about the cost of generic medicines.

To ensure safety, quality, and effectiveness, the FDA subjected all generic pharmaceuticals to a thorough reassessment process that included a review of scientific information regarding the constituents and performance of the standard drug.

Furthermore, the FDA requires that a basic medication manufacturing plant satisfy the same high criteria as a location for a brand-name drug. Brand-name pharmaceutical businesses manufacture almost half of all generic medications. They can produce duplicates of their own or other companies’ brand pharmaceuticals and sell them without the brand name.

Benefits of importing Generic Medicine from Indian Generic Manufacturer, Exporter, Supplier for Ghana

Generic medication can be used to treat a variety of medical ailments. Some of the benefits of working with an Indian generic medications exporter for Ghana are as follows:

Generic drugs are less expensive

Buying generic drugs can help you save a lot of money. Generic medicines manufactured by Indian generic drug manufacturers are less expensive than non-generic drugs. These medications are less expensive because, unlike non-generic medications, they do not need to redo the active ingredient’s clinical studies.

Generic drugs include the same ingredients as non-generic medicines that are already authorized and approved. Another key method Indian generic pharmaceutical manufacturers and exporters for Ghana keep prices low is seldom spending money on promotion and marketing.

Generic drugs are safe and effective as their branded replicas

For patients, generic drug alternatives offer a safe and FDA-approved choice. In many ways, these medicines are similar to their brand-name counterparts, including dose, quality, potency, form, safety, intended use, and performance capabilities. The generic drug alternative is thought to be bioequivalent.

Duplicated Drugs are a Trusted Substitute for Brand-Name Drugs

Generic medication is bioequivalent to the more costly pharmaceuticals on the market because it is equally effective as its brand-name counterpart. Generic medications have the same dose, intended purpose, effects/side effects, dangers, safety, and strength as brand-name medications. Because the pharmacological effects of a copied drug are the same, about 90% of the US population prefers to purchase these drugs as a suitable alternative.

Your patients can readily discover generic substitutes

Patients in Ghana do not have to look far to find alternatives to many popular brand-name medications. Clients get access to a staggering quantity of respected prescriptions with high-quality generic medications.

Solves insurance coverage issues

Most health insurance policies that cover pharmaceutical drugs cater solely to a certain formulary or a list of brands whose medicines they will pay for. Any medicine not on that list or formulary must be paid for out of pocket, and you rarely receive the insurance benefit you deserve. In such a case, generic drugs can help you save money by lowering total health care costs or possibly lowering co-pay fees if generic medicines are covered.

JoinHub Pharma – A leading Generic Drug Manufacturer, Exporter, and Supplier for Ghana

JoinHub Pharma is also one of India’s top Generic Medicine Manufacturing firms. The pharma company has extensive experience in the manufacture of generic medications. Additionally, the pharma products created by JoinHub Pharma are of excellent quality and extremely effective. JoinHub Pharma’s whole product line is noted for its purity, excellent efficacy, and immediate alleviation. The main thing to remark about the company is that it is more concerned with improving people’s health than price.

Why Choose JoinHub Pharma as the best Indian Generic Medicine Manufacturer and Supplier for Ghana?

The following are the primary reasons for choosing JoinHub Pharma as the world’s best Indian Generic Medicine Manufacturer and Supplier for Ghana:

  • The company specializes in high-quality, low-cost pharmaceutical products.
  • The most crucial thing to remember about us is that we are more concerned with improving health than lowering prices.
  • We are a WHO-GMP certified manufacturing facility.
  • We collaborate with the customer to create the pharma range that meets their needs.

If you are looking for a reputed Indian Generic drug manufacturer and exporter for Ghana, look no further than JoinHub Pharma. We offer high-quality medicines at affordable rates.

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Can Indian Pharmaceutical Exports Develop Post Corona Virus Chaos?

India is extremely cautious in resisting the transmissible spread of coronavirus compared to other developed countries like the United States, China, etc. The nation is consistently restricting mobility from a foreign land, tracing contacts, executing lockdown, and so on. The top medicine exporter from India is making efforts to send necessary medicines to other countries.

India is in a better position in restricting the virus spread by taking all the precautions. The nation is experiencing lesser death. It has created ample opportunities for Indian pharmaceutical exports. The firms have achieved 15.3%in the financial year of 2020-21. Pharmaceuticals Export Council of India, Pharmexcil has opined that the Indian pharma export firms can reach the mark of $25 billion.


Pharmexcil’s view about Indian pharma exporters:

The director-general of Pharmexcil, Mr. R UdayBhaskar opined that generic formulations cover over 70% of pharma exports of India. The exports of pharmaceuticals in the financial year of 2019 and 20 reached $20.5 billion of which over 75% are generic formulations. Vaccines and APIS are also exported. Approximately $28 billion can be touched by FY22. The medicine manufacturers in India produce pharma products at a large scale.


Investment in the healthcare sector:

The investors are showing more interest in investing in other nations’ outward development of healthcare sectors. It is due to the present advantage of India with respect to pharmaceutical production. India is providing medical training and sending technical expertise to other nations where the healthcare system is not up to the mark.

In fact, many international NGOs and non-state actors dealing with public health are making use of generic drugs produced in India. The affordable cost of treatment is the primary reason behind it.

To take a few names, a humanitarian organization named Doctors without Borders has done an estimation concerning AIDS treatment with the use of generic drugs from India which is at least two to three times affordable compared to other brands of other developed nations. This is not the end as globally recognized organizations like UNITAID and UNICEF depend heavily on Indian generic drugs for various programs.


Indian pharmaceutical company has great potential for trading:

The pharmaceutical companies in India have greater potential in increasing trade partners domestically and internationally. The government is giving encouragement through investment in the research and development of the pharma sector in India. Medical colleges and universities are progressing in this regard. The Indian government is providing a large number of incentives to the private sector for increasing pharma production for the purpose of export.


Medicine manufacturers in India are successful in multiple ways:

India is undoubtedly growing as a pharmaceutical supplier. It has become the largest generic medicine provider in the whole world. The country is presently occupying approximately 20% share in the worldwide supply by volume. Indian medicine manufacturers are supplying 62% of the global demand for necessary vaccines.

Currently, India holds the 3rd rank globally for pharma production by volume. Also, the nation holds 14th rank for production by value. The largest number of pharma plant which is US-FDA compliant are located in this country. The number exceeds 262 which includes APIs.

Presently, India is blessed with:

  • 2000+ WHO-GMP approved pharmaceutical plants
  • 253 European Directorate of Quality Medicines approved plants
  • 60,000 generic brands covering 60 therapeutic categories
  • 500+ Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients or APIs

The API industry in India ranks 3rd in the world as it contributes 57% of APIs to WHO’s prequalified list.


Pharma company in India in post coronavirus world:

Though we are still being forayed by COVID 19, yet the consistent growth of the pharmaceutical medicine suppliers from India has shown a positive light on the development of the pharma industry. The whole world is giving attention to the evolution of healthcare right now to curb the current COVID 19 and upcoming horrors.

Global public goods including healthcare security is urging nations to look for partners with a competitive advantage in offering medical expertise for proper treatment, essential drugs, capacity building for in-state medical aids, offering medical service to other countries, etc.



The top pharma companies in India are doing extremely well in the sphere of pharmaceutical exports and medical tourism. They are working very hard at meeting the fundamental aim of offering global clients with utmost flexibility, adaptation, and detailed focus on all the steps. The investors and clients using drugs manufactured by these pharmaceutical medical suppliers are getting the best return on investment.

Countries like UAE, Mali, Zimbabwe, Nigeria, Sri Lanka, Vietnam, Afghanistan, Kuwait, and many other nations are coming forward to import generic medicines, injectables, APIs, and other pharmaceutical products from India at a reasonable price. Therefore, medicine manufacturers in India need wide-ranging reorientation in the global commitments and priorities ranging from domestic and international channels.