How Are Pharmaceutical Tablets Manufactured at JoinHub Pharma
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How Are Pharmaceutical Tablets Manufactured at JoinHub Pharma?

The design and manufacturing of pharmaceutical tablets is a complex and multi-stage process. The formulation experts at JoinHub Pharma ensure that the correct amount of drug substance in the suitable form is delivered at the appropriate time, reasonable rate, and at the desired location with its chemical integrity protected to the extreme point.

Many drug substances do not possess the required properties, which give adequate flow from the hopper to the die cavity of tablet presses. Thus, they are subjected to pre-treatment either alone or in combination with suitable excipients to form free-flowing granules that lend themselves to tableting.

As a leading pharmaceutical tablet manufacturer, we at JoinHub Pharma manufacture tablets by wet granulation, dry granulation, or direct compression. These tablet manufacturing processes consist of a number of steps, including weighing, mixing, granulation, milling, drying, compaction, often coating, and packaging. The unit processes – milling, weighing, and mixing- are the same; subsequent steps differ regardless of which method is utilized.

Primary Goals of JoinHub Pharma’s Tablet Manufacturing Process

The primary goals include:

  • To formulate solid and hard tablets to resist mechanical shock encountered during production, packing, shipping, dispensing, and utilization.
  • To formulate tablets that are uniform in drug content and weight.
  • To formulate tablets that are bioavailable as per the indication requirements.
  • To formulate tablets that are physically and chemically stable over a long period.
  • To formulate tablets with an elegant product identity free from any tablet defects.

Categories of Pharma Tablet for Oral Use

  • Coated tablets
  • Uncoated tablets
  • Gastro-resistant tablets
  • Soluble tablets
  • Modified-release tablets
  • Dispersible tablets
  • Oral lyophilisates
  • Chewable tablets

How Tablets Are Manufactured at JoinHub Pharma

A tablet is a dosage form comprising a mixture of active substances and excipients in powder form in the pharmaceutical jargon.

The ingredients pass through a series of processes and compact into a solid dose. The excipients are:

  • Binders
  • Diluters
  • Glidants
  • Lubricants

The disintegrators are included to help break the pharma tablet into the digestive tract. Sometimes, flavors or sweeteners are added to make the tablet palatable. Polymer coating makes swallowing easy and controls an active ingredient’s release rate. It makes the tablet more environment-resistant.

Steps Involved in Pharmaceutical Tablet Manufacturing

All pharmaceutical tablets are manufactured in JoinHub Pharma’s WHO-GMP certified manufacturing units located in Ahmedabad.


Each ingredient in the tablet formula is weighed and precisely dispensed as per dose. This is considered as one of the critical steps in any type of formulation process and is done by our technical experts.


Formulation ingredients are equally separated in form; otherwise, reducing size needs to be carried out for better flow property and easy mixing.

Powder Blending

Powders are mixed utilizing a suitable blender to get a uniform and homogeneous powder mix. Further, the drug substance and excipients are blended in geometric dilution.


At this stage, tiny powder particles are gathered into layers and permanent aggregates to induce them into free-flowing forms.

Drying and Dry Screening

Screened wet granules are dried for a particular period in a tray dry or fluid bed dryer at a controlled temperature not more than 550C. Dried granules are screened via the appropriate mesh screen.

Tablet Compression

This step includes compression granules into flat or convex, oblong, round, or unique shaped, scored, or unscored tablets; engraved with a recognized symbol and/ or code number using a tablet press.


Granules and tablets are coated if there is a need to mask the unpleasant taste/odor of some drug substance or increase the aesthetic look of uncoated tablets and modify the release or control the release drug substance from tablets. This is accomplished by enclosing or covering the primary tablet or granules with coating solutions.

Packaging and Storing of Tablets

Before sending out tablets to the distributor, they are generally packaged using the latest packaging techniques and materials. The type of packaging material utilized is superior. We choose the material based on several factors, including:

  • Compatibility of the material with the formulation.
  • The degree of protection required.
  • Presentation, especially for those pharma products which may be the subject of impulse buying
  • Customer convenience in terms of weight, size, method of opening or reclosing, legibility of printing, etc.
  • Filling Method and
  • Cost

Types of Tablet Packaging:

Our top-notch pharma product packaging provides excellent environmental protection for each tablet unit, coupled with an aesthetically pleasing and productive appearance. At JoinHub Pharma, pharmaceutical tablets are typically packed using blister and strip packs and are kept in low humidity and save from extreme temperatures. Blister and strip packaging additionally offer some degree of tamper resistance to the dosage form.

Blister Packaging Tablets

This is a universal term for preformed plastic packaging for pharmaceuticals tablets. The major element of the blister pack is in the thermoformed plastic.

It has a fundamental tablet packaging that will envelop the product and keep it in place. The main components of the blister packs are the cavity and the lidding.

We will then cover it with secondary packaging for grouping all primary packages in one place. It further has an aluminum leading foil, paperboard backing, or plastic seal. You may also use a clamshell, a type of blister that folds onto itself.

We use the blister packages for unit packaging of doses.

Bottle Packaging of Tablets

We place the tablets in a bottle which is the primary package. After that, we cover the bottle with a lid which acts as the secondary package. This type of tablet packaging is used for very strong tablets that cannot break easily.

After packaging the tablets in either the blister package or bottle package, we place them in a tertiary package like boxes for bulk handling.

Let us proceed to the last section of this guide, covering the quality control tests.

For larger quantities delivered to the pharmacist, plastic or glass bottles, cartons, metal containers, or paperboard drums are used along with polyethylene liners, whenever required, to provide extra protection from moisture.

If cotton wool stuffing is used under these circumstances, we use external liners so that any moisture it contains does not gain access to the tablets. Tablets that are decomposed when exposed to moisture are packaged with a desiccant packet. Light-sensitive tablets are packaged in light-resistant containers. With just a couple of exemptions, tablets that are well stored will remain stable for many years.

Joinhub Pharma – A Leading Pharmaceutical Tablet Manufacturer

An ISO Certified Third-Party Pharmaceutical tablet manufacturing Company adheres to WHO, and GMP Guidelines have a Trusted name in providing Third-Party Manufacturing services for Tablets.

Being the Best Pharmaceutical Tablets Manufacturer in India, we offer to manufacture all Tablets segments such as analgesics, antibiotics, antiemetics, anti-infectives, anti-allergic, local anesthesia, anti-inflammatory, etc. We Manufacture tablets intending to be uniform in drug content and weight, chemically & really stable and free of defects. Also, it uses the latest packaging technologies Flexible selection of more modern and venerable science.

We always focus on manufacturing pharma tablets that are effective and hard to resist several movements without breaking yet become an easy solution in dissolution.

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Which is the Best Indian Pharmaceutical Company to Import Medicines in Liberia?
pharmaceutical exporters

Which is the Best Indian Pharmaceutical Company to Import Medicines in Liberia?

The health care delivery system in Liberia is weak and relies heavily on global donor support. Therefore, the government runs most healthcare facilities, bilateral and multilateral donors, and NGOs, including faith-based organizations. The private sector’s involvement is significantly less.

The National Drug Service – a state-owned pharmaceutical supply medium, delivers medicines for government-owned health establishments.  Even privately-owned health facilities are constrained by insufficient financial resources to procure high-quality medical equipment and pharmaceuticals overseas.

If you’re looking to import medicines and other pharmaceutical products in Liberia, then look no further than JoinHub Pharma.

JoinHub Pharma – Best Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Companies in India for Liberia

JoinHub Pharma is a science-led global healthcare company. The company researches and develops a broad range of innovative pharma products. We also have a solid global presence with commercial operations in more than 25 countries, with WHO-GMP certified manufacturing companies and large R&D facilities in India.

JoinHub Pharma has globally emerged as the most preferred pharmaceutical manufacturer. Our ever-increasing global customer base reflects our international quality products at the most cost-competitive prices.

At JoinHub Pharma, we are on a mission to help humans do more, feel better, and live longer. We know that healthy communities rely primarily on healthy people, and healthy societies are the backbone of strong and sustainable societies.

Further, we leverage cutting-edge technology to accelerate the production of Life-saving pharmaceutical products. You won’t find anyone better than us because we are one of the best Capsules manufacturers in India for Liberia. We have experience of a decade and WHO-GMP Certified Companies in India compared to other companies.

So, your search for the best ends here. As one of the Top Pharmaceutical exporters in India for Monrovia, we offer high-quality, affordable medicines. They go through a set process that includes multiple quality tests under the supervision of an experienced quality auditor. For manufacturing pharma products, we gather high-quality raw materials from reputed sources across the globe.

Top Pharmaceutical exporter in India for Monrovia

If you are looking for a leading Pharma exporter in India, JoinHub Pharma is the name that should be on top of your list. With our years of experience, we have been doing business and promising our clients to bring them the best products and pharma opportunities. Every medicine is prepared at our in-house WHO-GMP Certified manufacturing facility using cutting-edge technologies and reliable compositions to fight against several diseases.

We are the Best Tablet manufacturer in India for Liberia and present you with the best Pharma Products, including Antibiotic Tablets, Derma Medicine, Dry Powder Inhaler, Asthma Inhaler, etc. We use top-quality raw material, offer excellent promotional material, and are also known for the best packaging of products. We follow ethical business practices never to give our clients any chance to complain.

Being a reputed WHO-GMP Certified Third Party Manufacturer, we rely on the best composition of making numerous medicines to ensure their superiority in terms of quality. All our pharma products are tested against several quality parameters and under the supervision of our highly-skilled auditors. If you’re thinking of starting a pharma business in Liberia, JoinHub Pharma is your partner to collaborate with.

Our company is well-known for establishing new standards of quality in the market. Give us a call right now to learn more about the Best Injection manufacturer in India for Liberia and the services we offer.

Our Prime Customers in Liberia

JoinHub Pharma – wholesale Pharmacy supplier, Exporter from India includes the product line, including HIV medicines, Oncology, Aerosol, and Prefilled syringes(PFS). Here are some of our top customers in Liberia:

  • Hospital Supplies:
    • Pharmaceutical wholesaler to hospitals around the globe, including emergency medicines and tender supplies
  • Government Supplies:
    • Long term contractual supplies with tenders
  • Pharmaceutical Company:
    • We set pharma products and their dosage and other documentary prerequisites for registration, emergency, and tender supplies.


We are committed to making JoinHub Pharma your first and your last call. If you’re looking for a reliable exporter from India with competitive pricing, then you will find us invaluable and efficient for all your needs.

Please contact us for more information, and you will be amazed by our keen prices & efficient service.

Pharmaceutical Company Pharmaceutical Manufacturing

Five Advantages Of Pharmaceutical Manufacturer and How You Can Make Full Use of It

India is always one step ahead in the field of pharmaceutical manufacturing predominantly because of the affordable cost of production, infrastructure, and skilled workforce. These aspects have launched India among the major players in the segment of generic medicine production. Moreover, India has a vast domestic market that helps it to dominate the world as the topmost pharmaceuticals manufacturer. Overall, India is a lucrative place for the medicine company owners who wish to outsource their products.

Digging into the 5 most important advantages of pharmaceutical manufacturers in India:

  1. Extremely cost-effective:

It needs a huge amount of initial investment and thorough research to develop a new drug. First, investment is done on comprehensive research and development. Then, huge finance is needed for setting up the manufacturing units. But, when it comes to the pharmaceutical products manufacturer, especially the contract manufacturing organizations, then the tension remains much lower as they have the ready-made infrastructure and established expertise for producing medicines at cheap rates. Hence, labor costs including wages, fringe benefits, training, etc. can be substantially saved.

  1. Highly advanced technology and skills:

Currently, there is a rapid change in the rise of the pharma industry. Advanced skills and technology are obligatory for production. It needs colossal investment in the process of manufacturing to launch new drugs in the existing market quickly at the lowest possible price. There are many big names in the pharma industry that face trouble in boasting such resources and expertise. But, the best pharmaceutical companies in India that solely focus on contract manufacturing already possess such kind of expertise as well as resources to produce the needful at full scale. Their intimate connection with the raw material suppliers which adds fuel to the manufacturing segment.

  1. Good quality assured:

The dominant Indian pharmaceutical companies are always prepared with pre-established quality checks boosted for several years. The medicines are produced in consent with different standards used in various countries. These manufacturers have typical systems in assured place for controlling the end products’ quality. The contract-based manufacturing uses techniques of quality control for ensuring the acceptance of the quality control standards prevailing globally.

  1. Present throughout the world:

A pharmaceutical company can enter into a new market through a first-rated pharmaceuticals manufacturer. There is a negligible financial risk. Also, minimum local investment is enough for the workforce, capital, and time. In certain areas, manufacturing companies take control of the clients’ marketing and sales. Most importantly, various resources are needed to manufacture a drug and a particular country may not have all of them. Hence, the medicine companies of that country preferably give the contract to the best pharmaceutical companies in India where the required resources are readily available at an unimaginably low cost.

  1. Growing competition:

The price of various medicines is continuing to be low because of the intense competition and the growing number of Indian pharmaceutical companies. Refined medical infrastructure, newly emerging market, increasing diagnosis of chronic disease, the launch of patent products, etc. contribute to the growth. India can typically manage to produce drugs at low cost which also includes factors like equipment, labor, property rates, and utilities at an affordable cost.

Pharmaceutical companies all over the world are making complete use of Indian pharmaceutical manufactures due to unavoidable reasons:

  • Both are winners:

India has a favorable business model that is a reason to smile. The hubs that purely manufacture drugs can produce the same products for different pharma companies. Hence, both the manufacturing partner and pharma company will be at the winning position. Furthermore, some pharma houses give contracts of the same product to multiple manufacturing units when there is a surge in demand. It ensures an uninterrupted supply of medicines.

Expansion of business at low investment:

Yes, the manufacturers of pharmaceutical products in India have made it possible. Choosing a third party model paves the way to expand the business without the requirement of huge investment. Partnering with a company delivering the best pharma products to the customers as well as the channel partners helps in building an excellent reputation in the prevailing market.

Excellent work efficiency:

Investing in the best pharmaceutical companies in India that manufacture drugs as a third party as well as a business partner guarantees magnificent productivity and work efficiency.  The right producing hub can bestow the best value for money.

Upgraded manufacturing plants make exporting of medicines trustworthy globally:

The pharmaceutical manufacturing companies in India make significant investments in the hope of upgrading their plants for reaching and maintaining international standards. As per Deloitte’s report in 2015, Indian drug manufacturing plants have matched the unique standards set by the FDA. Hence, medicine companies from all over the world are relying on these manufacturing companies and are not minding importing medicines from India. Hence, Indian pharmaceutical manufacturers are making huge profits by exporting generic and other medicines.


Better sales and higher profits combined with rich professional experience and superior quality products- Indian pharmaceutical companies can give the ultimate benefits to the entire pharma industry both in India and oversees. The medicine manufacturers are truly transforming the current healthcare system and will remain at the top in the coming years too.

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