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Amikacin Injection

Amikacin Injection

Product Features:-

Dosage: 500mg

Therapy: Antibiotic

Active Ingredients: Amikacin

Product Information:-

General Information:

Amikacin is used to treat gram-negative infections and other serious infections. Amikacin is an aminoglycoside antibiotic so it easily binds together with a part of the bacteria to stop protein synthesis. As a result, bacterial growth can be stopped further which is why Amikacin sulphate injections are many times used in the treatment for tuberculosis along with other drugs.

Side Effects:

As is the case with any drug, this injection too can cause some side effects therefore consult a medical expert before taking this injection. Some of the most frequent side effects include: dizziness, hearing difficulties, rashes, swelling at the site where the injection is administered, wheezing and muscle weakness. Consult a health care expert if you show signs of diarrhoea, nausea, and pain where you take the injection. In order to access the complete list of all unwanted effects, please consult your physician. If these side effects are persistent for a period of time or even worsen, please visit your nearest hospital.

Additional Information:

After the administration of amikacin sulphate sterile injection, the patient must be under critical observation of the doctor in order to check any signs of potential toxicity with use. Moreover, additional tests in terms of hearing and blood related may be carried forth to detect early signs of any side effects. In addition to that, prior to any surgery, your dentist or doctor must be informed that you have been taking amikacin injection. Never take any vaccination or immunisation dosages along with this drug as the antibiotics involved in the same can cause some effects. While you are under the administration of this injection and you show any persistent side effects, consult your physician. Also, there is no issue in driving any motor vehicles after taking this injection.

Indications and Usage:

This medication is given twice or thrice daily in equal doses of of 15m/kg/day in the time duration of every 8 or 12 hours. Moreover, antibiotics should be paired along with this injection to yield optimal therapeutic results. Amikacin Injection is taken intravenously through a vein or even intramuscularly.


Never take Amikacin Injection if:

Administration and Dosage:

Amikacin sulphate Injection can cause adverse reactions to pregnant women or nursing women. Consult your doctor before the administration of this medicine and use it only if it is essential.


Amikacin is sometimes likely to cause serious kidney, hearing and nerve related difficulties. The likelihood increases when other interacting medications are taken in combination with this injection. Inform a medical expert immediately if you report any side effects from the same. Always inform your doctor if you are taking diuretics.


In the case of overdose from this drug, there is no cause of alarm. A patient who is overdosed and has a regular renal function can be taken care of for their potential toxic dose of this injection through careful hydration and maintenance of a generous diuresis.

Adverse Reactions:

Some of the most common unwanted effects after the administration of this injection include: agitation, black or tarry stools, bloody or cloudy urine, bluish lips or skin, chest pain, coma, decrease in urine discharge or the amount of urine, etc. Always consult your physician and keep them updated with your medical history. Moreover, inform your health care expert if you have had any kidney related problems, hearing issues and myasthenia gravis. If your condition does not improve but instead worsens, consult your nearest hospital immediately.

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