WHO-GMP EUGMP Approved Pharmaceutical Plants

WHO-GMP EUGMP Approved Pharmaceutical Plants Facility

WHO-GMP EUGMP Approved Pharmaceutical Plants Facility

JoinHub Pharma was established with the goal using the very best in product development and manufacturing process with high quality control parameters to supply innovative medicines and much-needed healthcare products at fair prices to consumers across the world.

Building on our core values of focus, collaboration & excellent product development, we have achieved continuous growth since our establishment. Being the foremost and in the list of top WHOGMP Certified Companies from India, we have crossed the benchmark of the most reliable pharma exporters from India to deliver all consignments on time and hope to continue doing so in the future and helping people live well.

“Life’s not just about staying alive…it’s about being well!”

Leading Edge WHOGMP/EUGMP Manufacturing Factory

We have WHO-GMP manufacturing pharma factory located in Gujarat, India. According to international regulatory guidelines, the EUGMP Approved plant in India is built and also approved by WHO, EUGMP, MOH of different countries and other regulatory agencies.

Tablets and capsules manufacturing company

It is well-equipped with a hi-tech HVAC system in our WHOGMP pharmaceutical and nutraceuticals manufacturing plant ensuring low humidity and an international standard of cleanliness. An ample amount of space is provided for packing materials, raw materials, manufacturing area, in-process QC, finished goods storage, QC lab, and an effluent treatment plant serve as an incredible platform for GMP pharmaceutical manufacturing of high-quality medicine at affordable rates.

Every equipment, raw material (both active & non-active), and packing material used in the manufacturing process are best in their class and as required by cGMP. It is something that is further reinforced by the efforts of the on-site Quality Assurance systems, allowing for consistent, high-quality GMP pharmaceutical products fit for supply worldwide.

Our EUGMP pharma manufacturing plant is capable of manufacturing solid orals (coated tablets, uncoated tablets, hard gelatin capsules), liquids (syrup, suspension), dry syrups (dry powder syrups), external preparations (gels, creams, ointments).

With a qualified, trained, and dedicated workforce, we try to maintain adherence to established quality standards to assure the safety and efficacy of drug products.

There is an availability of adequate premises and space with suitable storage and transportation. The production of various formulations is done in EUGMP nutraceuticals manufacturing plant and complies with Approved procedures and instructions.

Regulatory Affairs

We have a world-class Regulatory Affairs team with vast experience in global regulatory management. Our team is highly responsible for registering in MOH of different countries and defending JoinHub Pharma’s products filing to various regulatory bodies globally. The Regulatory Team makes and implements registration strategies to ensure that the Company’s products comply with international regulations.

Quality Management

A quality par-excellence and delivering seamlessly is our hallmark. As a leading WHO-GMP Certified third party manufacturers in India, JoinHub Pharma’s quality supervision is demonstrated at all phases of the product life cycle. Quality evaluation starts with careful documentation. This guarantees compliance with good laboratory practices and, consequently, the integrity of the data produced.

Quality supervision is continued for distribution, production, and conclusion for the shelf life of the product. Our high commitment to quality and adherence to best practices has shown itself time and again.

Being in the list of top WHOGMP Approved Companies from India, we at JoinHub Pharma are committed to supplying good quality products, excelling laid down standards to delight our valuable customers by continually upgrading our skill, processes, technology, and complying with Good Manufacturing Practices and Quality Management Systems.


We make sure that all the functions of QC & manufacturing are rightly controlled by Quality Assurance. All the major stages of the manufacturing process are validated to ascertain that every GMP pharmaceutical product we manufacture is widely and internationally accepted for quality, purity, efficacy, and safety standards.

Regular training programs conducted for our people guarantee that they implement and meet higher standards every day. We work ceaselessly to meet stringent regulations and set new benchmarks in all countries where we promote and market our products.


With the objective to offer a safe product, the Quality Control department works consistently with precise analytical methods. The laboratory is well-equipped with sophisticated & modern instruments.


We strive for 100% customer satisfaction through continuous improvements in systems and processes, delivering consistent quality meeting International standards.

Our Aim

Our Aim

JoinHub Pharma was founded on three foundational pillars – Our customers, our products, and our employees. Our mission is to make sure all our customers grow profitably with time due to their collaborative association with us.

Our vision is to achieve worldwide recognition as the most reliable pharma export business partner from India that provides customers with superior quality GMP pharmacy at highly affordable prices and consistently follows that up with reliable service, thereby giving them an unparalleled experience.

GMP / EUGMP / WHOGMP Certified Manufacturing Units for

  • CECMED Approved Plant (Facility) in India – Cuba
  • PROMESS Approved Plant (Facility) in India – Haiti
  • ANMAT Approved Plant (Facility) in India – Argentina
  • ISPCH Approved Plant (Facility) in India  – Chile
  • INVIMA Approved Plant (Facility) in India – Colombia
  • ARCSA Approved Plant (Facility) in India – Ecuador
  • DIGEMID Approved Plant (Facility) in India – Peru
  • European Medicines Agency (EMA) Approved Plant (Facility) in India – Europe
  • ANSM Approved Plant (Facility) in India – France
  • SMCA Approved Plant (Facility) in India – Lithuania
  • NAMMD Approved Plant (Facility) in India – Romania
  • Icelandic Medicines Agency Approved Plant (Facility) in India – Iceland
  • Kosovo Medicines Agency Approved Plant (Facility) in India – Kosovo
  • Norwegian Medicines Agency Approved Plant (Facility) in India – Norway
  • Swiss Agency for Therapeutic Products Approved plant (Facility) in India – Switzerland
  • Turkish Medicines and Medical Devices Agency Approved plant (Facility) in India – Turkey
  • SCDMTE Approved plant (Facility) in India – Armenia
  • SFDA Approved plant (Facility) in India – Saudi Arabia
  • DPMED Approved plant (Facility) in India – Benin
  • DPML Approved plant (Facility) in India – Burundi
  • FDA Cameroon Approved plant (Facility) in India – Cameroon
  • ARFA Approved plant (Facility) in India    – Cape Verde
  • FDA Ghana Approved plant (Facility) in India – Ghana
  • MoH Gambia Approved Plant (Facility) in India – Gambia
  • AIRP Approved plant (Facility) in India – Ivory Coast
  • PPB Kenya Approved plant (Facility) in India – Kenya
  • MOH Liberia Approved plant (Facility) in India – Liberia
  • NAFDAC Approved plant (Facility) in India – Nigeria
  • MOHD Approved plant (Facility) in India – Somalia
  • NMPB Sudan Approved plant (Facility) in India – Sudan
  • GDPA Approved plant (Facility) in India   – Afghanistan
  • TGA Australia approved nutraceutical plant (Facility) in India – Australia
  • FDA Myanmar Approved plant (Facility) in India – Myanmar
  • MOH of Tajikistan -Tajikistan

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