Veterinary Products

1IVERMECTIN INJEach ML contains: Ivermectin 10MGMixed infestation of internal and External ParasitesS / C injection. Cattle/Buffalo/Sheep Goat/Camel
1 ml /50kg b.wt., Swine 0.3 mg/kg b.wt.
2IVERMECTIN ORALIvermectin: 0.08% w/vMixed infestation of internal and external parasites1 ml/4 kg b.wt.100 ml, 500 ml & 1 Ltr
3IVERMECTIN BOLUSEach Bolus Contains:
Ivermectin 80mg
Mixed infestation of internal and external parasites1Bolus/400kg b.wt.Strip of 1 bolus
4CLOSANTEL 6GM BOLUSEach bolus contains: Closantel : 6000 mgMixed infestation of internal and external parasites1 bolusfor400 kg
b. wt., or above
Single bolus
5CLOSANTEL 1GM BOLUSEach bolus contains: Closantel : 1000 mgMixed infestation of internal and external parasitesRound worms & Tape worms
1 bolus / 100 kg b.wt.; Liverflukes & Ectoparasites 1 bolus / 66 kg b.wt.
Strip of 4’s
6CLOSANTEL ORAL SOLUTIONEach ml contains: Closantel: 150 mgMixed infestation of internal and external parasitesRound worms & Tape worms
1ml/15kgb.wt.; Liverflukes & Ectoparasites 1 ml / 10 kg b.wt.
30 ml, 200 ml & 500 ml
7ALBENDAZOLE BOLUSEach bolus contains Albendazole 3 gmNematodal, cestodal, and trematodal infestations (both adult & larval stages)
Cattle &
Buffalo:7.5mg / kg b.w Calves, Sheep & Goat
: 5 mg/kg b.w Double the dose incaseof Fluke infestations
Blister pack of 1 bolus
8FEBENDAZOLE BOLUSEach bolus contains: Fendazole 3 gmNematodal & Cestodal InfestationsCattle &
Buffalo:7.5mg/ kg b.w Calves, Sheep& Goat:5 mg/kg b.w
Blister pack of 1 bolus
Cypermethrin High- Cis: 100 mg
For long acting (9 weeks) protection against ticks, mites, lice & fleasDilution per liter of water:
On animal’s body 1ml / ltr Animal House 20 ml / ltr
15 ml , 50 ml
10FLUMETHRIN POUR ONEach ml contains: Flumethrin-10mgFor effective controlof Ticks,Fleas & Liceof cattleApply 1 ml/10kg b.w, evenly along mid line of back from shoulder
to tail
30 mland 100 ml
11AMITRAZ LIQUIDEachmlcontains Amitraz125mg (12.5%)Infestations of ectopara-sites such asticks , mites, lice,flies & fleasTicks, Mites, Flies
:2ml/ 1Ltr of Water Lice1ml/ 1Litreof Water and mop the animal
15ml & 50 ml
12MINERAL MIXTURE(CHELATED)Each Kg Contains : Zinc 9600mg
Sulphur 5400 mg
Calcium 191.25 mg
Phosphorous 95.62 mg Vitamin A 525000 IU Vitamin
D3 52500 IU
Vitamin E 187.5 mg Vitamin B3 750 mg Biotin 500 mg Methionine
activity (as HMTBa)
94.2 mg.
Copper 4500 mg
Manganese 3900 mg Cobalt112.5mg Iodine 375mgIron 2500mg Selenium
7.5mg Mag- nesium 4500mg
Potassium 75 mg
Sodium 4500 mg
Anestrous, Repeat Breeding, Silent heat and other Reproductive disorders associated with mineral defciency
Cattle / Buffalo : 30 gm/day/ animal1kgand10kg poly bag
13MINERAL MIXTURE(NON CHELATED)Each Kg Contains : Zinc 9600mg
Copper 4500 mg
Manganese 3900 mg Cobalt112.5mg Iodine 375mgIron 2500mg Selenium
7.5mg Mag- nesium 4500mg
Potassium 75 mg
Sodium 4500 mg
Sulphur 5400 mg
Calcium 191.25 mg
Phosphorous 95.62 mg Vitamin A
525000 IU Vitamin
D3 52500 IU
Vitamin E 187.5 mg Vitamin B3 750 mg
Biotin 500 mg
Anestrous, Repeat Breeding, Silent heat and other Reproductive disorders associated with mineral defciency
Cattle / Buffalo : 100-200 gm/day/ animal1kgand10 kg poly bag
14NUTRITION BOLUSEach Sustained release Bolus Contains :
Cobalt 0.056 g
Copper 0.700 g
Iodine 0.140 g
Iron 1.400 g
Manganese 0.560 g
Selenium 0.004 g
Zinc 0.280 g
Reproductive disorders like Anestrous & silent estrus. Delayed onset ofpuberty.To regularise
reproductive cycle and to increase conception rate
Supplement till animal is in heat and continue upto 5 days after AI4 boli in one strip. 5 Strips in a box.
15CALCIUM ORAL LIQUIDEach 100 ml contains : Calcium 1628 mg
Phosphorus 838 mg
VitaminD3 16000
IU VitaminB12200
mcg Vitamin H (Biotin)5 mg
Optimum milk production, high milk yield, Fat, SNF, Better Udder HealthCattle & Buffalo : 100 ml per day1litre and5litre Jar
16VITA AD3E LIQUIDEach ml Contains : Vitamin A 12000 IU Vitamin D3 6000 IU
Vitamin E 48 IU VitaminB12 20 mcg VitaminH(Biotin) 500 mcg
Energy 0.65 Calories
MAJOR INDICATIONCattle & Buffalo: 10 ml /day calves
: 5 ml/day
60mland300ml bottle
17PHOSPHARUS POWDEREach gm contains : Sodium Acid
Phosphate 99.9% w/v
Hyphophosphatemia, Pica, Post Parturient haemoglobunaria, supportive therapy in phosphorous deficiencyCattle & Buffalo
:60 to100gm daily
500 gm plastic container
18NUTRITION POWDERUniqueBlendof AnionsTo optimize calcium & phosphorus mobilization & metabolism to reduce chances of hypocalcemia (Milk Fever)50 gm daily for 10 daysbeforeand after parturitionBox containing 20 sachets of 50 gm
19NUTRITION LIQUIDMulti Gluconeogenic Precursors Enriched with Nicotinamide
and Chromium
Inhighyieldinganimals to fulfill
the energy requirement for optimum milk production
Cattle & Buffalo: 100 –200mloral once daily1 Ltr
20AVIL INJEach ml contains – Chlorpheniraminemal eate IP : 10 mg
Phenyl mercuric nitrate 0.02% w/v
Water for Injection q.s.
Allergic reactions with acute respiratory signs, rhinitis,eczema,insect bite & asthamaIM injection Large animals 3-5 ml, Small animals
0.5-1 ml
100 ml vial
21SULPHADIMIDINE BOLUSEachbolus contains: Sulphadimidine5gmMAJOR INDICATIONLarge animals: 1-2 bolus per 50
kg b.wt. Followed by half the dose daily for 3-5 days.
Strip of 4 boli
22MELOXICAM+ PARACETAMOL INJEach ml contains : Meloxicam : 5 mg Paracetamol: 150mgPain, Fever, Inflamation associated with mastitis, pneumonia, metritis, prolapse15 ml/300kg b.w by I/M route30ml&100ml Vial
dihydrate IP 200 mg in 2-pyrrolidone
vehicle system
Pasteurellosis, Mastitis, Metritis, Pneumonia, Foot rot, Anaplasmosis, Theileriosis, secondary bacterial complications of
viral diseases
IM injection deeper into the muscles 1ml / 10 kg b.wt.30 ml vial
: Oxytetracycline HCL 50 mg
HS, Anthrax, BQ, Actinobacillosis,
actinomycosis, colibacillosis, mastitis, salmonellosis, urogenital infections, Theileriosis,
secondary bacterial complications
of viral diseases
IV, IM, SC injection. 1 ml / 10 kg b.wt.100 ml vial
25HPC INJEach ml contains :
Hydroxyprogestero ne
caproate :250 mg
Threatened & habitual abortion, repeat breeding, prolapse of uterus
IM injection deeper into the muscles
1 ml – 2ml.
2 ml, 3 ml ampoule
26MELOXICAM INJEach ml contains – Meloxicam : 5 mgOsteoarthritis, myositis, bursitis, tenosynovitis, bursitis, pyrexia of unknown
Large animals 1ml / 10kg b.wt. Small animals 1ml / 10 kg.15 ml, 30 ml &
100 ml vial
27MELOXICAM BOLUSEach bolus contains
– Meloxicam : 100 mg
Arthritis, Synovitis, Myositis, Laminitis, bursitis,
tendonitis, otitis, postoperative
Large animals 1 -2 bolus; small
animals ½ to 1 bolus
Blister of 4 boluses
28CEFTRIAXONE-3GM INJEach Vial contains: Ceftriaxone Sodium I.P.
Equivalent to Ceftriaxone 3gm
All Bacterial Infections like mastitis,Pneumonia, Bacterial meningitis and Bacterial Septicemia.5-10mg/kg body weight for 3-5 days; IM/IV3gm Vial with sterile water for injection & syringe in monocarton.
29CEFTRIAXONE 4GM INJECTIONEach Vial contains: Ceftriaxone Sodium I.P.
Equivalent to Ceftriaxone 4gm
All Bacterial Infections like mastitis,Pneumonia, Bacterial meningitis and Bacterial Septicemia.5-10mg/kg body weight for 3-5 days;IM/IV3gm Vial with sterile water for injection & syringe in monocarton.
-Ceftriaxone sodium I.P.
Equivalent to ceftriazone 3gm.
-Tazobactum Sodium U.S.P.
Equivalent to Tazobactum 500mg.
Mastitis,Pneumonia,Metritis,Sep tic arthritis & to prevent secondary bacterial infections.
5-10mg/kg body weight for 3-5 days;IM/IV4.5gm Vial with sterile water for injection & syringe in monocarton.
31CEFTIZOXIME2.5GM INJEach vial contains:
Ceftizoxime Sodium U.S.P.
Equivalent to Ceftizoxime 2.5gm.
Clinical Mastitis & to prevent secondary bacterial infections.Mg/kg body weight.
Repeat after 96 hours in case of severe clinical mastitis.Iv only
2.5gm Vial with sterile water for injection & syringe in monocarton
32VITAMIN H LIQUIDEach ml Contains : Vitamin A 12000 IU Vitamin D3 6000 IU Vitamin E 10 mg
Vitamin H (Biotin) 500 mcg
Copper 1 mg
Selenium 1 mg Sorbitol base
For maintainence of Udder Health, to improve milk production and proper feed utilizationCattle & Buffalo: 10 ml /day calves
: 5 ml/day
100 ml & 500 ml bottle
33VITAMINB COMPLEX INJEach ml contains :
Vitamin B12 100mg, D
Panthenol : 25 mg, Biotin : 10mcg, Choline Chloride : 5 mg, L
ysine : 50mg
Thiamine : 100 mg, Vitamin
B2 : 5 mg Vitamin B6 : 7 mg, Niacin :
25 mg,
Liver injury, muscle damage, Anorexia, Immune suppression
5-10 ml by I/M or I/V route (1:100 dilution)30 ml and 100ml vial
34CEFTIOFUR 1GM INJEach vial contains
– Ceftiofur Sodium sterile powder equivalent to
Ceftiofur : 1000 mg
Bovine Respiratory Disease (Pneumonia, Shipping fever), Foot Rot, Metritis, & Pyometra1.1-2.2 mg /kg b.w by I/M or I/V route. Treatment
to be repeated after 24 hours for three
consecuetive days
1 gm vial
35BUPRAVAQUONE INJEach ml contains
– Buparvaquone : 50 mg
Specific treatment for TheileriosisIM injection 1 ml per 20 kg b.w.20 ml vial
36DEXAMETHASONE INJEach ml contains : Dexamethasone sodium phosphate
4.4 mg equivalent to Dexamethasone
3.34 mg
Ketosis, inflammation of respiratory tract or urogenital tract, anaphylactic
shocks, surgical shocks, acute mastitis
IM or slow IV injection. Cattle, buffalo & horse 4 -20 mg daily; calves, pig, sheep & goat 2-4 mg daily; dog & cat 0.5
-2 mg daily.
5 ml vial
37CLOPROSTENOL INJEach ml contains : Cloprostenol
sodium : 263 mcg equivalent to 250 mcg of Cloprostenol
Induction and synchronization of
IM injection. Cattle & buffaloes 2 ml.
Mares 0.5 – 2 ml; sheep, goat & pig
0.5 – 1ml. In bitch to terminate mismatching
pregnancy 1 mcg/ kg b.wt and To treat metritis & pyometra 1
mcg/ kg b.wt.
2 ml vial
38FLUNIXINE INJEach ml contains Flunixin Meglumine equivalent to Flunixin 50 mgColic, inflammation, pain & fever, arthritis, myositis, mastitis, pneumoniaIM or IV injection. Cattle, buffaloes,
sheep & goat 1-2 ml/45 kg b.wt.,
Horse 1ml / 45 kg, pigs 2 ml/ 45
kg, dogs 0.5 – 1ml,
30 ml vial
39ENROFLOXACIN LA INJECTIONEach ml contains Enrofloxacin IP (Vet) 100 mg and benzyl alcohol 2% v/vEffective against Systemic infections (mastitis, metritis, pneumonia, gastrointestinal infections), Soft tissue infections (wounds, post-surgical recovery, supportive treatment in case of
Administer at the rate of 7.5-12.5 mg/kg body weight IM/SC as a single dose. If required repeat after 48-72hrs.50ML
40TYLOSIN INJECTIONEach ml contains :
Tylosin base 100 mg/ml
-Benzyl alcohol 2 % w/v
-Propylene glycol and
Water for injection (1:1) q.s.
-Tylosin Tartrte equivalent to
bovine respiratory complex, foot rot, metritis,MASTITIS.
1 ml/20 kg body weight daily for 3 to 5consecutive days50ML Vial
`41ATROPINE SULPHATE INJECTIONEach ml contacins : Atropine sulphate
I.P. : 1 mg
Water for Injection
I.P. : q.s.
As an Antidote for Organophosphorus poisoning and Co-therapy in Diarrhoea, by reducing peristalsis movement.By I/M , Slow I/V use only.
For treatment of Diarrhoea: 30 – 40 ml / cow or buffalo
For treatment of Poisoning :
Large Animal : 0.01 – 0.1 mg / Kg Body Wt.
Small Animals : 0.02 – 0.04 mg / Kg Body Wt.
100ML Vial
42OXYCLONAZIDE & LEVAMISOL SOLUTIONEvery 5 ml of the suspension contains : Levamisole Hydrochloride
112.5 mg equivalent to Levamisole95.45 mg Oxyclozanide IP
150.0 mg Anhydrous Copper
Sulphate BP
equivalent to elemental Copper
1.25 mg
Zinc Sulphate Monohydrate USP
:equivalent to elemental Zinc 0.4 mg
Cobalt Sulphate: equivalent to elemental Cobalt
0.15 mg
broad spectrum anthelmintic for fluke & roundworms infestations. Oxyclozanide causes starvation & complete death of live flukes & rumen flukes. Levamisole MAJOR INDICATIONcauses paralysis & complete death of roundworms acts as immuno- stimulant.1ml/3kg B.wt.100ml 500ml
43PRAZIQUANTEL+PYRA NTEL+FENBENDAZOLE TABLETEach tablet contains: Praziquantel 50mg
Pyrantel 144mg Fenbendazole 500mg
For the control of the following gastrointestinal tapeworms and roundworms in dogs and puppies:
Ascarids Hookworms
Whipworms Tapeworms
1tab/10kg b.wt10 tablets in a carton with blister 100 tablets.
44CEFTIOFUR 1GM INJECTIONEach ml contains ceftiofur sodium 50mg/mlGenital infections of bovine (acute metritis, cervicitis, prolapse related to retention of placenta cases,) associated with Arcanobacterium pyogens, Fusobacterium
MAJOR INDICATIONnecrophorum and bacteroids spp.
• Respiratory diseases of cattle, buffalo, sheep and goat (Shipping fever, pneumonia) associated with Pasteurella
haemolytica, Pasteurella
Cattle, Buffalo, Sheep & Goat: 1.1 to
2.2 mg ceftiofur per kg body wt. by I/M route for 3-5 days.
1 g vial with 20 ml sterile water for injection, with disposable syringe and needle.
45CEFOPERAZONE+SAL BACTUM INJECTIONEach 4500 mg vial contains: Cefoperazone Sodium: 3000 mg Sulbactam Sodium: 1500 mgtreatment for Mastitis, pneumonia, metritis & other soft tissues infection associated with septicemia.5-10 mg Cefoperazone/kg B.W. by I/M, I/V route4500 mg glass vial with one unit of Sterile water for injections IP 20 m
46AMOXYCILLIN & CLOXACILLIN INJECTIONSEach Vial Contains Amoxicillin 2.25 GM
Cloxacillin 2.25 GM Water for Injection
Mastitis, Metritis, Salmonellosis, Calf Scour, HS, BQ, E-coli infections and Brucellosis. It is the drug of choice for all Resp Tract Infections as well as Urinary Tract infections.By I/M, & I/V use only.
Large Animals : 5 – 10 mg / Kg. Body wt.
Small Animals :10 – 20 mg/ Kg. Body wt.
Dissolve the content with sterile water
for injection and use.
4500 mg glass vial with one unit of Sterile water for injections IP 20 m
47VITAMIN AD3+E INJECTIONEach ml contains : Vitamin A (as palmitate)
IP : 250000
Vitamin D3 IP : 25000 units Vitamin E : 100 mg
Prevention & treatment
of vitamin A, D3 & E deficiencies, repeat breeding,
muscle dystrophy, poor conception or lowered fertility rate
Deep IM injection. For prophylaxis:
Cattle & Buffaloes 4-6 ml, horses 2 ml, small animals 1- 2 ml. For
treatment: Cattle & Buffaloes 6-10
ml, horses 4 ml, small animals 2 ml.
10ml Vial
48AMOXICILLIN+SALBA CTUM 4.5GM INJECTIONEach vial Contains Amoxycillin sodium IP Equivalent to Amoxycillin 3000 mg
USP Equivalent to Sulbactum 1500
Sulbactum Sodium
Treatment of Mastitis & other Bacterial infections
7-10 mg/kg body weight by I/M or I/V4500 mg glass vial with one unit of Sterile water for injections IP 20 ml
49DICYCLOMINE INJECTIONEach ml contains : Dicyclomine Hydrochloride 10 mgrapid and sustained antispasmodic effect on the smooth muscles. It is excellent for the treatment of spasmodic painful conditions of the G.I
Tract, Colic, Ureteric, Renal Tract.
By I/M only.
Large Animals: 0.5 mg/ Kg. Body.wt (15 ml / 300 Kg Cow, Buffalo)
Small Animals: 10 mg (1 – 2 ml – Total Dos
30ML Vial
50ISOFLUPREDONE INJECTIONEach ml contains : Isoflupredone acetate : 2 mgBovine Ketosis, inflammatory conditions such as laminitis, traumatic arthritis, osteoarthritis, myositis, mastitis, metritis, pneumonia etc.Deep IM injection. Cattle & Buffaloes 5-10 ml, horses 2.5 – 10 ml, small
animals 1 ml per 10 kg.
For local
effect directly into joint cavity.
10ml Vial
51PREDNISOLONE INJECTIONEach ml contains Prednisolone acetate 10 mgPrednisolone crystalline suspension is used as a supportive treatment in ketosis, rheumatoid arthritis, bursitis inflammatory and allergic conditions in large and small
For systemic treatment, injection is given deep into muscle
Cattle: 5-20 ml
Calves: 2.5-5 ml
Piglets, dogs, cats: 1-3 ml
10ML Vial
52ENROFLOXACIN INJECTIONEach ml contains : Enrofloxacin 100 mgbroad spectrum bactericidal and mycoplasmicidal antibiotic. It is highly effective in any Urinogenital & Respiratory Tract infections. It is indicated in
Pneumonia, Metritis. It is also MAJOR INDICATION
By I/M, & I/V use only.
Large Animals : 2.5 – 5 mg / Kg. Body wt.
50ml & 100ML`
53ALBENDAZOLE ORAL LIQUIDEach ml contains: Albendazole 25mgensures complete protection from all types and all life stages of Worms. It acts as a complete killing dewormer.5 mg Micronised Albendazole per kg body weight or
Large Animals- 60-90 ml Small Animals- 5-10 ml
Dogs & Cats – 3-5 ml BD for 3 Days
Bottles of 30 ml, 60 ml,
90 ml, and 500 ml
54DORAMECTIN INJECTIONEach ML contains: Doramectin 10mgDoramectin injection is indicated for the treatment and control of gastrointestinal roundworms,lungworms,eye worms,screwworms,lice,man
ge mites and single host ticks.
1ml/50kg B.wt by SC and IM route10ml&50ml
55DELTAMETHRIN SOLUTIONEach ml of contains: Deltamethrin IP:
12.5 mg
For prevention and control of ectoparasitic infestations in Cattle, buffaloes, sheep, goats,
camels, horses, dogs, and pigs.
3ML/1Ltr of water by spray or dip on animal15ml 50ml 500ml
56POVIDINE-IODINE IUPovidone Iodine IP: 5%
w/v Metronidazole IP: 1%
Excipients: Q.S.
Repeat breeding of infective origin, metritis, pyometra, retention of
placenta, other reproductive tract infections and in uterine prolapse as topical
30-60 ml by intrauterine route.
Repeat twice at an interval of 24 hours.
– Marbofloxacin IP
: 100mg water for injection IP : qs
Mastitis caused by E.Coli, Staphylococcus spp. & Streptococcus spp.
Respiratory tract infections caused by
Pasteurella multocida, Mannheimia haemolytica,
Cattle & Buffalo 8 mg/ kg b.w. ie 4 ml/50kg
b.w administered as single dose deep I/M injection. If total dose is more than 20 ml, it
should be divided & administered at two
separate sites.
30ML Vial
58PENICILINE INJECTIONEach siliconised vial contains – Procaine Penicillin G IP : 15,00,000 IU
Penicillin G Sodium IP : 5,00,000
Streptomycin Sulphate
IP : 2.5 gm
Mixed bacterial infections caused by penicillin and streptomycin sensitive organismsAdd 7 ml of sterile distilled water to make 10 ml suspension. IM injection.
Large animals 2 ml per 50 kg b.wt.
Small animals 1 ml per 50 kg b.w.
2.5GM Vial
59BUSERELIN INJECTIONEach ml Contains: Buserelin acetate 0.0042 mg
Equivalent to Buserelin
0.004 mg
Cattle & Buffalo : Infertility of Ovarian Origin & improvement of Conception rate, Early induction of oestrous cycle after calving, follicular cysts, improvement of conception rate in artificial imsemnation procedures, synchronisation of oestrous with PGF2 alpha
Cattle : 10 to 20 mcg
Mare : 20 to 40 mcg Rainbow Trout : 0.8 mcg Fertility disorders of Ovarian Origin Cattle
& Buffalo : True Anoestrus 5 ml Synchronisation
of Oestrous 2.5
ml Follicular Cyst 5 ml Delayed ovulation
2.5 ml Improvement of
conception in A.I 2.5 ml
2.5 ml, 5ml & 10 ml Vial
60METHYLCOBALAMIN INJECTIONEach ml contains : Methylcobalamin 500mcg
Pyridoxin 50 mg
Nicotinamide 50 mg
Neurological disorders, anorexia, fatty liver degeneration, anemia, post-parturient paresis, as
a supportive therapy with antibiotics
IM or IV injection. Large animals
5-10 ml for 3-5 days. Dogs 2-3 ml daily for 3-5 days
10 ml, 30 ml &
100 ml vial
61ZINC OXIDE POWDERZinc oxide IP 10%w/wA protective astringent, antiseptic, counterirritant for
thoroughly cleanse and dry the area of the skin to be treated. Apply ZINC
OXIDE directly onto the wound with a spatula or place on a piece of gauze.
20gm 400gm
62POTASSIUM PERMANGANATE POWDERPotassium permanganate powderPotassium permanganate treats many skin infections, including eczema, dermatitis, bacterial skin infections and thrush. When applying to small, wet wounds,
only a small amount of a very dilute solution is necessary.
thoroughly cleanse and dry the area of the skin to be treated. Apply potassium permanganate directly onto the wound with a spatula or place on a piece of gauze20gm 400gm
63HYDROGEN PEROXIDE LIQUIDHydrogen peroxide 6%w/vHydrogen peroxide is a mild antiseptic used on the skin to prevent infection of minor cuts, scrapes, and burns. It may also be used as a mouth rinse to help remove mucus or to relieve
minor mouth irritation.
Apply a small amount of product on the affected area, usually 1 to 3 times daily.100ml
64POVIDINE IODINE LIQUIDPovidine-iodine 5%w/vA protective astringent, antiseptic, counterirritant for topical application to aid in the management of superficial
wounds and abrasions.
Apply a small amount of product on the affected area, usually 1 to 3 times daily.100ml 500ml
65LIQUID PARAFFINLiquid Paraffin IPLiquid paraffin is a tried and tested treatment for animals suffering from constipation or colic. It can be used as a laxative or lubricant to soften stools and
improve bowel movements.
100ml twice a daily in large animals.100ml 500ml
66ISOPROPYL ALCOHOL LIQUIDIsopropyl alcohol 70%w/v IPIsopropyl Alcohol is a pre-diluted topical antiseptic, disinfectant, and rubefacientMAJOR INDICATION
solution. Commonly used as an
Use full strength as topical antiseptic or for disinfecting instruments.100ml 500ml
67WOUND HEALING SPRAYComposition: Devdar oil 13.50%
Nimbi oil 7.50% Hari cha oil 1.80% Karanj oil 5%
Tailpatra oil 2%
Haridra oil 0.30%
Tulsi oil 0.40% Excipients & propellant q.s.
-All types of wounds including deep seated wounds (FMD wounds) surgical incisions,traumatic wounds.
-Maggot infested wounds & broken horns.
Spray the required quantity once a daily or directed by veterinarian.100ml
-VITAMIN D3 30000 IU
-Acts as an anti-stress feed supplement for poultry
-Acts as immunostimulant
-Helps to improve growth & egg production
100 chicks – 5 ml – 5 to 7 day Growers:
100 birds – 7 ml – 5 to 7 days Broilers & Layer:
100 birds – 10 ml – 5 to 7 days
2TYLOSIN TARTRATETYLOSIN TARTRATE 50W/WTreats CRD and build immunityDay 1-3: 10gm(3days)
Day 21-22:90gm (1day) For 1000 irds
3NEOMYCIN SULPHATEEACH 20GM CONTAINS: NEOMYCIN SULPHATE 10GM-To treat Colibacillosis & loose droppings.
-To treat bacterial enteritis & Diarrhoea
-To prevent Immunosuppression.
-3rd To 5th week Colibacillosis, Dose 1g/10ltrs of water for 3- 5 days.
-For bacterial enteritis & Diarrhoea 1gm/20ltrs of water
for 3-5 days.
-Helps in liver support for poultry
-Supplementary treatment of Aflatoxixosis, Myocotoxicosis, and Fatty Liver Syndrome
-Helps to repair, rejuvenate & regenerate liver cells
-Helps to secrete digestive juices
– Helps to improves digestion & absorption
-Helps to increase body weight & improves production
Broilers –
For 100 birds, daily 10-20 ml from the 4th to 5th week of age.
Layers –
For 100 birds – daily 20ml – for 7 days – during 16th to 18th week of age.
For 100 birds – daily 20ml –
for 7 days – during 32nd – 34th week of age
MAJOR INDICATION1ltr per 1000-2000 ltr Drinking water for 3-5 days.1LTR
-Improve effectiveness of standard treatments
-Proven water and aerial fresh
-improvement in air quality
20ML/100 Litres of drinking water twice a week1LTR

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