Frequently Asked Questions

Based on the queries we often receive, here are some frequently asked queries for our clients searching for answers regarding generic medicine manufacturing, contract manufacturing and many more:

Who is JoinHub Pharma?

JoinHub Pharma is known for offering its pharmaceutical manufacturing services to the other pharma companies. We at our manufacturing premises produce a wide medicine range for different segments along with advance pharma molecules for oncology, hormonal therapy, infectious diseases, etc. Our company is having 5 manufacturing plants which are an ISO, GLP & WHO-GMP certified India, EU GMP approved plant and have certified from MOH of CIS countries, African countries, Latin America and Middle East. Our cutting-edge technology units consistently produce high-grade productsin order to maintain best pharmaceutical exporter from India title.

Why should i go for a pharmaceutical contract manufacturing in India?

As you know, India is the 3rd largest pharma products producer at affordable price with good quality. For a small to medium size pharma organizations, it isn’t possible to offer medicine in different segments by having own single pharma manufacturing plant. Even it is additionally somewhat extreme for them to install or manage the latest machinery and manage all different dosage forms (tablet, injection, beta lactum, suspension, etc.) so taking manufacturing services is the most ideal way for adding new products in the product portfolio and keep focusing on marketing and sales in their specific country. By taking a manufacturing facility you can save your time and concentrate on other departments. What’s more, you can run your business without any hassle.

What type of medicines do JoinHub Pharma offer?

JoinHub Pharma has a solid position in high potency drugs, biologics, medical product development and active pharmaceutical ingredients (api’s). We can assist you with both pharma development and manufacturing, and consolidate best in class facilities with one of the industry’s most trusted reputations for best medicines exporter from India and its trustworthiness.

What quality measurements does JoinHub Pharma follow?

JoinHub Pharma has a different quality assured team that measures and analyze the medicine quality. The QA team consistently ensures that all products ought to be safe and effective. A few things which the organization consider for pharma products: • Stability • Pharmacopeias • Impurities • Quality of products • Analytical validation • Good manufacturing practice • Pharmaceutical development • Specifications • Risk management • New Product Development

Who will be responsible to market the products?

You will be managing marketing/selling of products on your own; while we will give you promotional material for marketing support and will guide you completely based on our discussion like what kind of problems are you facing in your country so will make customized strategy to compete other competitor and to be a market leader as we are treating all our clients as our business partner as your success is ours.

Why contract manufacturing is better?

Solely responsible for decision making. • Huge profit margin. • You can be the sole proprietor of the organization & not only an employee working under some manager. • Immense growth that relies upon you how well you take your business. For more information about any of our services or products, contact JoinHub Pharma. Our team will get back to you within 24 hours and help you best with your queries.

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