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JoinHub Pharma is a veterinary pharmaceutical company with its Head office in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. It was founded in 2014 with a vision to provide innovative and quality medicine at an affordable price to pet parents.

Today, we have emerged as one of the fastest-growing small Animal Pharmaceutical Company in India, surpassing well-entrenched and respected companies in the market. Being one of the best wholesale Animal Pharmaceutical Manufacturers, we have quality production infrastructure as well as skilled staff as its core strength.

Veterinary cosmetic product development and formulation are subject to a similar range of regulatory approvals and requirements. As an experienced veterinary products manufacturer, JoinHub Pharma offers the wide range of capabilities necessary for both veterinary cosmetic contract manufacturing and Manufacturers of Veterinary Medicines.

Our finished products are of premium quality, manufactured as per Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP), and distributed following GDP (Good Distribution Practices). Our dossiers for registration comply with the needs of the most imperative regulatory.

What Kinds of Veterinary Products Do We Manufacture?

From Which Species Do We Manufacture the Veterinary Products?

As top Veterinary Medicine Manufacturers, we manufacture products for almost all animal species, including birds, fish/shrimp-poultry, cow, buffalo, sheep, goat, pig, horses, camel, dog, cat, shrimp, fish, etc.

Quality Control and Measurements

Quality Control and Measurements

JoinHub Pharma has an in-house quality control department with all modern testing facilities. The top priority is given to the quality-control factor, and sufficient precautions are taken to ensure no lapses on the production front.

We are reputed for being the most reliable veterinary products manufacturers; we offer high-quality products that exceed our customer expectations. By keeping quality as a measuring unit of performance, the entire organization is designed to facilitate the highest quality standards and maintain quality controls at all times.

As a Veterinary medicine exporter, we design, develop, manufacture and market a range of veterinary pharma products that meet customers’ requirements. This is achieved by applying a sound quality assurance system and using current good manufacturing practices (cGMP) and good laboratory practices (GLP). Our quality management system clearly outlines constant update on quality standards and implement & maintain all the prescribed regulations.

Benefits of Third-Party Manufacturing of Veterinary Products

Our strength lies in manufacturing high-quality products, advanced R & D capabilities, and timely delivery to our clients. As a Veterinary medicine supplier, our services offer a large number of benefits to our clients, such as:

Third-Party Manufacturing of Veterinary Products
  • Competitive prices on-net rates.
  • Provision of getting visual aids, visiting cards, drug description manuals, medical and literature, pens, bags, glossaries, gift items, etc.
  • Gift schemes and other promotional schemes.
  • Exclusive marketing and distribution rights for a specific region
  • Utmost support from the professional experts at JoinHub Pharma

So, if you’re looking for a wholesale Veterinary Medicine Companies with excellent and reliable service, your search ends here. JoinHub Pharma has an in-house research and development and quality control department with all modern testing facilities.

All products are tested thoroughly at different procurement, production, packing, and distribution stages to ensure optimum quality. Our end-to-end product manufacturing process complies with the cGMP (Current Good Manufacturing Practices).

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Looking for top-notch veterinary medicine suppliers in India? JoinHub Pharma leads the industry as a premier veterinary pharmaceutical manufacturer. Our commitment to quality ensures the best veterinary drugs for your needs. Contact us now to partner with a trusted veterinary manufacturing company and elevate your practice standards.