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JoinHub Pharma is a WHO-GMP & EU-GMP certified Levofloxacin tablets manufacturer, supplier & exporter based in India. JoinHub Pharma’s Levofloxacin tablets are GMP certified and are manufactured in our manufacturing facilities located in India.

We have a WHO-GMP manufacturing pharma factory located in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India. According to international regulatory guidelines, the EUGMP-approved plant in India is built and also approved by WHO-GMP, EU-GMP, MOH of different countries, and other regulatory agencies.

Levofloxacin Tablets

Levofloxacin Tablets_300 mg

Product Features:-

Dosage: 500mg

Therapy: Antibiotic

Active Ingredients: Levofloxacin

Product Information:-

General Information:

Levofloxacin tablets are utilised in treating different bacterial infections by preventing any ongoing growth of bacteria inside the body. This drug falls from the class of quinolone antibiotics and is not useful in treating viral infections. Therefore, during signs of common cold, flu, etc, this medication should not be taken as it affects its effectiveness in the future in times of need.

Side Effects:

Levofloxacin Tablets causes various side effects that are listed down below-

If any of these effects are persistent or worsen over the period of time, consult your healthcare provider immediately.

Additional Information:-

Indications and Usage:

This medication should be consumed orally through the mouth as per the directions of the physician. Levofloxacin is taken once during the day with or without being accompanied by food as per the instructions]s of your doctor. It is recommended that a generous amount of liquids are consumed along with these tablets for its effectiveness unless told otherwise by your pharmacist.


Patients should inform their doctor about their medical history before initiating a treatment through this medication. Individuals should inform about any history of being allergic to ciprofloxacin, moxifloxacin, ofloxacin or others. As this drug contains certain inactive ingredients that may be allergic to your condition, consult your doctor for more details.

Administration and Dosage:

Levofloxacin tablets should be consumed after leaving a time duration of two hours before and after taking other drugs such as quinapril, sucralfate, vitamins or minerals like iron, zinc, products that contain magnesium, aluminium or calcium like antacids, didanosine solution, calcium enriched juice as well as others. This will help in improving its effectiveness. The length of the treatment as well as the dosage depends upon the severity of the patient’s condition, response to the treatment as well as their weight.


Any ongoing drug can come into contact with Levofloxacin tablets and affect its interactivity. In order to access a detailed list of all possible consequences after taking these tablets, consult your doctor. Moreover, always keep your doctor updated with your prescriptions, non-prescriptions as well as herbal medicines before initiating, stopping or changing the dosage of any medication.


Any signs of overdose from this medication is seen in the form of passing out, severe dizziness, etc. Consult your nearest hospital immediately in these types of situations.

Adverse Reactions:

Some of the adverse reactions reported after undertaking this medication include:

Get medical if any of the above adverse reactions is reported in the patients.

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