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JoinHub Pharma is a WHO-GMP & EU-GMP certified Lidocaine injections manufacturer, supplier & exporter based in India.  JoinHub Pharma’s Lidocaine injections are GMP certified and are manufactured in our manufacturing facilities located in India.

We have a WHO-GMP manufacturing pharma factory located in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India. According to international regulatory guidelines, the EUGMP approved plant in India is built and also approved by WHO-GMP, EU-GMP, MOH of different countries, and other regulatory agencies.

Lidocaine Injections

Lidocaine Injection

Product Features:-

Dosage: 2%

Therapy: local anaesthetic

Active Ingredients: Lidocaine Hydrochloride

General Information:

JoinHub Pharma is one of the most renowned manufacturer, supplier and exporter of Lidocaine Injection in India.

This injection is very effective to numb any area of the body and minimise the effect of pain in that section. Lidocaine injection is useful during any surgeries as the patient will not feel uncomfortable because of reduction of pain through Lidocaine injection. In addition to that, when someone is undergoing contractions as a result of labour pain or even during cardiac arrhythmias, this injection is used as an epidural (spine block) to reduce soreness. Lidocaine injection also known by xylocaine or lignocaine works best by stopping the nerve signals in the body. This medication gives its result within 4 minutes and lasts as long as thirty minutes to four hours so it is an essential numbing injection. Normally your doctor will administer lidocaine injection into your body through the vein in the hospital.

Side Effects:

Since it is likely with any medication that has consequences, it is mandatory to take it after advice from a medical professional. The likely side effects seen after the administration of xylocaine injection include puffy or swelling at the site where the injection was administered, dizziness, nausea, anxiousness, restlessness, depression, drowsiness, blurry sight, seizure, twitching, abnormal heartbeat, difficulty while breathing, fainting or vomiting. Consult a doctor immediately if the symptoms have a lasting impression on the body. In addition to that, to know a list of all the complicated effects as well as in terms of the case if any new symptoms erupt, please take advice from a medical expert. Moreover, one should use this injection only if it is recommended by a patient care specialist.

Additional Information:-

Indications and Usage:

Lidocaine injection which numbs the site of administration is important during medical procedures like surgery, needle punctures, insertion of a catheter or even a breathing tube. Meanwhile, its usage is seen to take control of  irregular rhythms that may cause a heart attack.


You should not take lidocaine injection if:

This medication does not bear any effect on unborn babies or infants therefore it is considered safe yet a doctor’s guidelines must be followed before taking this injection. The FDA has warned against using this injection to relieve tooth pain in teething children as it is absorbed in the bloodstream and may lead to death.

Administration and Dosage:

Your doctor will guide you accurately in terms of the dosage for lidocaine injection and one should not exceed it.


Lidocaine injection may react with drugs like phenothiazines, depressants, or blood pressure medications therefore one has to inform the doctor priorly about heart, thyroid or blood related disorders.


Seek medical attention urgently if there is difficulty in breathing or passing out after an overdose from this medication.

Adverse Reactions:

Some extreme adverse reactions include baldness or dizziness therefore always keep your doctor updated with your medical history.

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