Ampicillin 125mg + Cloxacillin 125mg – Bottle

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Ampicillin 125mg + Cloxacillin 125mg – Bottle

Sub Category: Infectious Disease Drugs
Packaging Details: 1 Suspension
Product Composition: Ampicillin 125mg + Cloxacillin 125mg
Product Uses: Acopep 100mg Tablet is utilized in the treatment of useful dyspepsia. It assists with easing the side effects like swelling after a feast, torment/uneasiness in the upper midsection and early satiety.
Category: Bottle
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Acopep tablet is utilized to treat patients with dyspepsia. It helps in easing side effects like early satiety, swelling and epigastric distress or agony. This medication capabilities by invigorating the expanded creation of a synapse called acetylcholine which builds the limit of the motility of your digestive system.

Pregnancy Interaction: Take this medicine in the dose and duration as advised by your doctor. Swallow it as a whole. Do not chew, crush or break it. Acopep 100mg Tablet is to be taken empty stomach.
Prescription: Yes
Food Interaction: Headache, Diarrhoea.
Breast Feeding Interaction: Acopep 100mg Tablet increases the release of acetylcholine, a chemical that can increase the motility of the intestine.