Atracurium 50mg – Vial

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Atracurium 50mg – Vial

Sub Category: Musculo-Skeletal System
Packaging Details: 5 ml in 1 vial
Product Composition: Atracurium 50mg
Category: Vial
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Elmecob D Tablet’s uses, composition, dosage, side effects and reviews is listed below.

Side Effects: Please consult your physician or pharmacist or product package for this information.
How to Store it: Store at temperature not exceeding 30C. Protect from light & moisture.
Over Dose: When a dose is taken in higher dose than the recommended doses, it is called Overdose. Overdose always needs a clinical supervision. Any medicine or drug when consumed in Overdose produces untoward side effects on one or various organs in the body. A medicine is excreted in the kidney or metabolized in the liver most of the times. This process goes without any hurdles when taken in normal dose, but when taken in an overdose, the body is not able to metabolize it or send it out properly which causes the effects of anoverdose.