Prazosin 2.5mg – Blister Strip

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Prazosin 2.5mg – Blister Strip

Sub Category: Cardiovascular
Packaging Details: 30 Tablet
Product Composition: Prazosin 2.5mg
Product Uses: Qupod DS 50mg Dry Syrup is utilized in the treatment of bacterial diseases. It is utilized for momentary treatment of bacterial contaminations of urinary plot, skin and delicate tissue, ear, bone, blood, midsection, genital and lungs (pneumonia). Forestalling diseases after surgery is likewise utilized.
Symptoms: infections of the lungs (eg. pneumonia), urinary tract, ear, nasal sinus, throat, and skin. It kills bacteria
Category: Blister Strip
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Qupod Ds 50Mg Dry Syrup are utilized for treating gentle diseases brought about by microbes. Most generally, it is utilized to deal with contaminations like bronchitis, urinary lot diseases, diseases that foster in the ear, throat, or nose, and gonorrhea. It treats these contaminations by not the microorganisms from becoming further. This drug is accessible as a tablet and syrup as well, and is by and large taken with 12 hours stretches. It very well may be taken for anyplace between 5 – 14 days, contingent upon the seriousness of one’s disease.

Pregnancy Interaction: Take this medicine in the dose and duration as advised by your doctor. Check the label for directions before use. Dissolve the powder in sterile water. Shake well and use. Qupod DS 50mg Dry Syrup is to be taken with food.
Prescription: Yes
Food Interaction: Nausea, Diarrhoea, Allergic reaction.
Breast Feeding Interaction: Qupod DS 50mg Dry Syrup is an antibiotic. It works by preventing the formation of the bacterial protective covering which is essential for the survival of bacteria in the human body.