Trazodone Hydrochloride 50mg – Blister Strip

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Trazodone Hydrochloride 50mg – Blister Strip

Sub Category: Central Nervous System
Packaging Details: 10 Tablet
Product Composition: Trazodone Hydrochloride 50mg
Product Uses: Otski Injection is utilized in the treatment of nourishing lacks.
Category: Blister Strip
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Otski Injection infusion is a doctor prescribed medication. The mix of three wholesome enhancements that are recommended to treat nutrient and mineral insufficiencies. It likewise guarantees the legitimate development and working of the body.

Pregnancy Interaction: Your doctor or nurse will give you this medicine. Kindly do not self administer.
Prescription: Yes
Food Interaction: No common side effects seen.
Breast Feeding Interaction: Otski Injection is a combination of four nutritional supplements: Chromium, Copper, Manganese and Selenium which replenish the body's stores of important nutrients.