Vitamin C Tablets Manufacturer in India

JoinHub Pharma is a leading pharma & nutraceuticals manufacturer plant which is WHO-GMP certified, FSSAI and ISO 9001-2015 compliance-based out in INDIA. Considering the current pandemic of COVID-19 (coronavirus situation) where no effective preventive and curative medicine is available, a healthy immune system is one of the most important weapons to fight against coronavirus.

So, JoinHub Pharma as one of the vitamin C tablet manufacturers in India is focusing on immunity booster dosage forms mainly vitamin c tablet + Zinc + Vitamin D3 along with the antioxidant. As a being multivitamin tablet manufacturer, we are supporting nutraceutical exporters and importers with their brand name to present in their local market of Middle East, African & European countries. As a multivitamin tablets manufacturer & supplier, we provide Zinc tablets, vitamin C supplements, nutraceuticals products etc.

We will provide all required documents like Free sale certificate, COA, COO, MOA, Invoice, packaging list to import vitamins products in your country with assure of quality and always be with our all clients to support and promote their business by providing marketing materials, free goods, free samples by delivering shipment within a specific timeline.

Vitamin C with other Antioxidant Vitamins Coated Tablets for Adults

NOTE: We can do formulation of your required unique combination minerals in any dosage forms too. Price will be changed based on the quantity and outer packaging style.

MANUFACURING TIME: 5,00,000 bottles will be manufactured within 2 weeks.

DELIVERY TIME: 1 week maximum through airways & 1 month through seaway or less depend on country location.

PRICE TRANSPERANCY: We are known to display our price online worldwide and to provide excellent quality of medicine at most affordable price.

So if you are planning to launch your own brands of vitamin C, Zinc, Vitamin D3 or any other nutraceuticals products just reach out to us on WhatsApp/Call+91 9979382527 [email protected]. Hope to start a conversation soon.

For further queries related to the same, please do let us know,we will be glad to assist you.

Why Do you Need Vitamin C?

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