Insulin Glulisine 100IU – Cartridge

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Insulin Glulisine 100IU – Cartridge

Sub Category: Endocrine and Metabolic System
Packaging Details: 3 ml in 1 cartridge
Product Composition: Insulin Glulisine 100IU
Product Uses: Montemac Plus Tablet is used for the treatment, control, prevention, & improvement of the following diseases, conditions and symptoms: Bronchospasm Perennial allergic rhinitis Asthma Hay fever Exercise-induced asthma Chronic asthma Seasonal allergic rhinitis
Category: Cartridge
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Montemac Plus Tablet belongs to the therapeutic classification of Antiasthmatic Drugs and COPD Medications. The primary composition for this medicine is Montelukast 10 MG, Bambuterol 10 MG

Prescription: Yes
Warnings: Do not stop taking this medicine of your own unless advised by your doctor. Before taking MONTEMAC PLUS TABLET, let your doctor know if have heart, liver, kidney, and lung diseases, neuropsychiatric disorders like seizures (fits) and depression, phenylketonuria (birth defect caused by the build-up of an amino acid called phenylalanine in the body), hyperthyroidism (overActive thyroid), high blood pressure. MONTEMAC PLUS TABLET is not intended for use during an acute asthma attack. Therapy with leukotriene receptor antagonists like Montelukast should be cautiously administered in patients with neuropsychiatric disorders. There are chances of developing psychiatric-type effects, including agitation, aggressive behaviour, anxiety, depression, abnormal dreams, and hallucinations. Bambuterol in MONTEMAC PLUS TABLET may not be used during pregnancy since it may affect the unborn baby. Montelukast may excrete into the breast milk during breastfeeding and affect the newborn. Please seek medical advice if you are pregnant, currently breastfeeding, or taking any other prescribed or non-prescribed medicines before starting MONTEMAC PLUS TABLET. Stop taking MONTEMAC PLUS TABLET and inform your doctor immediately if you have any unusual mood or behaviour changes.
Medicine Interaction: MONTEMAC PLUS TABLET may interact with steroid medicines (such as prednisolone), Theophylline or aminophylline medicines (for breathing problems), propranolol (medications for high blood pressure), eye drops for glaucoma such as timolol, and drugs containing ipratropium.
Drug Schedule: Schedule H Prescription Drug
Side Effects: You may feel that your heart beats faster and more forcefully, resulting in a pounding sensation in your chest. If this happens, make sure you inform your doctor. Do not stop taking Bambuterol unless told to do so. - Other common side effects include nervousness, shaky hands, headache, Nausea and dry mouth. - Less commonly, you may also have muscle cramps, difficulty urinating and problems falling asleep. If any of these problems persist or get worse, let your doctor know.
How to Store it: Store in Cool and dry place.and protect from Light
Over Dose: Store in Cool and dry place.and protect from Light
Precautions: Store in Cool and dry place.and protect from Light
Missed Dose: Store in Cool and dry place.and protect from Light