Top Considerations for Selecting WHO-GMP and EU GMP Certified Pharma Companies for Malaysia

By: December 26, 2023

Healthcare sectors in Malaysia are growing rapidly and so do their pharmaceutical needs. It is crucial to ensure the medications’ efficacy, quality, and safety. Consider choosing WHO-GMP and EU GMP Certified pharma companies for Malaysia to overcome all the concerns related to pharmaceutical products.

The purpose of this article is to offer professional advice on how to select pharmaceutical firms for Malaysia that have been accredited by the World Health Organization’s Good Manufacturing Practice (WHO-GMP) and the European Union’s Good Manufacturing Practice GMP (EU GMP).

Tips to Consider While Choosing WHO-GMP and EU GMP Certified Pharma Companies for Malaysia

➔ Check Certificates

You may check the websites and other database sources to cross-verify the certificates of the pharma companies. Also, you shall look after to verify the authenticity of the GMP certificate they have! However, there are several resources available out there to ensure that the certificates are genuine.

➔ Review

After finding out that the certificates are genuine. Now, it’s time to look for a few details like scope, expiration dates, and specific conditions and limitations. A readily WHO-GMP and EU GMP Certified pharma company will provide the required information.

➔ Manufacturing Facilities

Choose pharma companies for Malaysia that offer businesses with cutting-edge production facilities. In addition to the same, the GMP rules include strict criteria that the facilities must follow.

It covers all from pollution due to several manufacturing processes to equipment calibration and more. You may even take a virtual tour of the facility if possible. This will even provoke a clear idea regarding the cutting-edge technology, pharma companies currently use.

➔ Compliance with Regulatory Requirements

Although GMP certification is enough to comply with any regulatory requirements, but prior to choosing WHO-GMP and EU GMP Certified pharma companies for Malaysia it is crucial to comply with regulatory requirements.

A business complying with national as well as international regulations is better equipped to handle the regulatory environment.

➔ Quality Management

To check how committed the pharma company is to quality, it is crucial to examine the quality management systems they possess. This includes evaluating their testing protocols, documentation standards, and quality control methods.

Pharma companies that regularly fulfill the required criteria for production are more likely to be quality-conscious.

➔ Check Compliance Records

You shall check the records of the compliance the company has adhered to! Pharmaceutical companies that have a track record of meeting and surpassing regulatory requirements deliver reliable and superior products.

➔ Accountability

For any business, transparency while dealing plays an essential role. This includes everything from raw material gathering to production, distribution networks to accountability of the product.

Consider selecting WHO-GMP and EU GMP Certified pharma companies for Malaysia that track each stage of their production to recognize and solve possible problems beforehand.

➔ Distribution and Logistics Methods

Well-handled transportation and distribution ensures the integrity of the products. Top pharmaceutical companies follow transit rules and maintain appropriate storage conditions for better distribution of pharmaceutical products.


In summary, choosing pharmaceutical businesses for Malaysia that possess certifications for both WHO-GMP and EU GMP is a calculated move that prioritizes patient safety and maintains the integrity of healthcare.

Healthcare industry stakeholders can guarantee that pharmaceutical items entering the Malaysian market comply with the most stringent international standards by following these professional guidelines.

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