What to Look for in a Nutraceutical Manufacturers in India

By: June 28, 2022

According to the latest survey performed by the Council for Responsible Nutrition, over 72 percent of Americans use a nutritional supplement, regardless of gender, age, income, or education (CRN). According to Grandview Research, the nutritional supplement industry is worth $140 billion, with an estimated compounded annual growth rate (CGAR) of 8.6 percent over the next seven years.

People use nutraceutical supplements to fill nutritional shortages and improve their health and well-being. With the circulating Corona Virus variations, many people are trying to strengthen their immune systems.

Do you want to enter the booming nutritional supplements business by creating and marketing your own supplements? But you’re not sure where to begin? Finding the best Nutraceutical manufacturers in India is essential for a profitable business endeavour.

Nutraceutical manufacturing companies devote substantial effort and money to research and development, marketing planning, and matching their strategies with market realities. One such truth is that when it comes to manufacturing their products.

Businesses of all sizes have two alternatives. They can come up with and justify the capital expenditures required to secure the necessary facility, fill it with safe and efficient manufacturing equipment and systems, train a large staff to the nth degree of competency, build a stellar supply chain, and bear the spectrum of risks that come with this endeavour, or they can outsource the manufacturing and partner with a nutraceutical contract manufacturer.

Some of the world’s most successful companies rely on third-party nutraceutical manufacturers because it allows them to focus on R&D and marketing without worrying about production risk. The difficulty arises from not understanding what to look for while selecting the correct spouse. The following are 12 factors to consider while looking for a reputable nutraceutical manufacturer, supplier, and exporter.

Look For The Right Certifications

One of the most crucial features to look for in a Nutraceutical manufacturer is that they have the greatest certifications and can fulfill crucial standards.

Look for fundamental certificates that demonstrate the manufacturer’s dependability. Look for cGMP (Current Good Manufacturing Practices) compliance overseen by the FDA and frequently third-party validated by NSF or NPA.

It’s also crucial to consider your demands ahead of time and decide which certifications you want to be able to include on your label. JoinHub Pharma is an approved WHO-GMP, FDA, and cGMP nutraceutical manufacturer, supplier, and exporter.

Look for Location, Location, Location

To be more specific, Nutraceutical manufacturers should be located near substantial, efficient transportation hubs. The closeness to an international airport is the most significant aspect. This will enable the organization to fulfil orders in the most timely and effective manner feasible.

Consider The Types of Supplements They Manufacture

When looking for the top nutraceutical manufacturers in India, be sure they can truly create the supplements you’re interested in. Tablets, capsules, and powders are some of the most common supplement types. Gummies, gel capsules, and liquids are other supplement forms.

Another consideration is the manufacturer’s primary skills. Sure, they claim to be able to manufacture any form of supplement, but what do they specialize in?

JoinHub Pharma specializes in manufacturing nutraceutical supplements in tablet, capsule, and powder form. We have extensive R&D experience and can assist you in developing an outstanding supplement that both you and your clients will like.

Consider Formulation

If you need to formulate to discover the optimal balance for your vitamins and supplements, you should look for a skilled pharma manufacturer that can assist you in creating the supplements you require and provide the greatest and most comprehensive benefit to your customers. Having an expert on-site may save you and your company a lot of time and money.

Check For Minimum Order Requirements

Another key factor to think about when choosing a WHO GMP-approved nutraceuticals manufacturer is their minimum order requirement. Most manufacturers will want a minimum of 1,000, although it is generally more than this.

You’ll want to think about this carefully depending on the quantity of the orders. You’ll be pleased to ensure that the minimum order requirement isn’t too huge for your needs.

Make sure you ask ahead of time if you’ll be allowed to collaborate with the manufacturer on your nutrition supplements.

Consider Quality Assurance and Testing

When you partner with a third-party supplement manufacturer, you want to be absolutely certain that you are receiving (and selling) a product that is safe and what it claims to be. Selling low-quality goods to customers might sink you faster than the Titanic.

You should ask about the procedure and how you may obtain a certificate of analysis for each batch they perform for you. If your supplement manufacturer isn’t testing the pharma product or doing quality assurance and can’t supply you with a certificate of analysis, it’s time you should probably look for another manufacturer.

Quick Turnaround Time

Another factor in determining how long or short their turnaround time is maintaining inventory in-house. The faster the turnaround, the better. You don’t want to lock up your company’s capital in inventory that you can’t sell.

Keep in mind that if you ever run out of something, you’ll want to refill it as soon as possible. The sooner your manufacturer can send merchandise to you, the better.

Global Supply Chain

Third-party nutraceutical makers should be more than just capsule fillers to their clients today. They are true mates in every way. To sustain margins, the best contract manufacturers should have a worldwide network to assist you, their clients, in sourcing the best materials from anywhere in the globe at a fair price. They should also have approved suppliers with a track record of supplying safe products with consistent purity and composition.

Facility & Equipment

Third-party nutraceutical manufacturers who suit your demands are the finest. To accomplish so, they will require the appropriate equipment for this business. This implies they have the capability to provide encapsulation, packing, blister packaging, powder fulfillment, and other services.

Also, with today’s ever-expanding product line, it’s critical to understand whether they have in-house fulfillment skills, such as label printing, technical review, and 3PL delivery, or whether they need to collaborate with a separate fulfillment company to satisfy your demands.

Production Lead Time

This takes us to the production lead time. How long will it take to fulfil an order from the moment it is purchased to when it is released? Finding someone who can provide the goods in the least time is always positive, as long as they aren’t cutting shortcuts.


The top nutraceutical manufacturers in India understand that there is a healthier approach to producing nutraceuticals. JoinHub Pharma often combines affordable price and high quality.


This is the point at which the relationship either solidifies or disintegrates. From start to finish, the best third-party nutraceutical manufacturers in India will be open and upfront with you in order to develop and strengthen a relationship of trust and responsibility.

The company’s awareness of customer nutritional supplement needs and aspirations enables them to proactively strategize, create, and deliver solutions that can fulfill your goals and help you grow.


Working with a contract nutraceutical manufacturer provides you with substantial competitive benefits by allowing you to focus on your main strengths and running your pharmaceutical business. The best contract manufacturers are specialists in their fields and can assist you in formulating, manufacturing, and distributing your products throughout the world.

Just make sure to carefully consider the factors mentioned above and thoroughly analyse any manufacturer before beginning to deal with them.

Are you ready to begin with your nutraceutical supplement production requirements? Contact us today to learn more about JoinHub Pharma’s nutraceutical manufacturing services and what we can do for you.

Simply drop us a line at [email protected], and our pharma experts will get in touch with you within 24 hours.

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