7 Essential Factors That Affect the Manufacturing Tablets & Capsules Designs for Azerbaijan

By: November 17, 2022

Design is crucial.

Oral solid dosage is still one of the most preferred methods of delivery for a variety of reasons, including the convenience of use, portability, administration, and dosing accuracy. Because billions of pharma tablets must be made rapidly and effectively,  tablet manufacturers for Azerbaijan must consider design parameters before processing. It can aid in the production of error-free, high-quality pharmaceutical tablets.

Here are the seven most important considerations:

1. Tablet Shape And Profile

The first consideration is the tablet form and optimal profile. There are two fundamental tablet shapes: round and non-round; however, the intricacy of non-round shapes can vary and may necessitate the use of specialized tooling.

After deciding on the base form, the tablet size must be selected; here, it is worth paying attention to the type of press available for tablet creation since this might limit the tablet size.

Next, you need to follow the tablet. Several variables determine the type of profile required, including the granule, embossing needs, coating process, packing, and business branding. The size of the tablet and if it is coated should also be considered.

The tablet profile is critical to coating success. Coated pills, whether film- or sugar-coated, create design issues. The coating process is quite sophisticated. Many variables are under the manufacturer’s control, but professional tablet design can assist in eliminating possible issues.

2. Particle’s Size and the Formulation Ingredients

Before deciding on a formulation procedure, consider the size of the active medicinal component. Certain formulation procedures can only accommodate specific particle sizes.

For active formulation, extremely tiny particles or bigger particles may be required.

3. Equipment Quality

The quality of the equipment will directly influence the quality of your goods. As a result, it is essential to invest in high-quality gear.

How can you know whether you’re getting the best equipment for making capsules? Choosing a trustworthy and professional pharma tablet maker for Azerbaijan means you’re getting high-quality tablets made using cutting-edge technology.

4. Equipment Speed

The speed of your equipment determines the production capacity of your manufacturing process. While believing that faster is always better, remember that your team must still monitor your production.

While some machines may achieve speeds of up to eight revolutions per minute, it is best to keep them around six RPM. In this manner, a single operator can keep up with output, and your drying equipment can keep up with the number of capsules that need to be dried. Furthermore, if the batch contains any leakers, the quicker the machine operates, the more faulty capsules are generated.

5. Packaging

The packaging should be chosen to preserve the raw material’s authenticity and keep the drug’s efficacy intact. Any packing flaw might jeopardize a large portion of the output.

6. Drying Process

An in-line drying system may be ideal if you manufacture a large quantity of oil-based soft gel capsules. This continuous drying technology is speedier and completes the full encapsulation process from beginning to end.

If you are not working with oil-based soft gel capsules, you must use a regular tumbler dryer and drying tunnel system, which is a more time-consuming operation. Determine your production demands ahead of time to identify the appropriate drying solution for you.

7. Process Assessment

Your manufacturing process may constantly be enhanced. Your operations should be evaluated on a regular basis to enhance machine efficiency and production capacity. Always look for ways to improve the tablet manufacturing and designing process. As a result, as your firm expands and evolves, your manufacturing process will continue to progress in a positive direction.


A decent tablet design is essential, and it should be carefully examined. Working with an experienced and reputable Azerbaijan pharma tablet manufacturer is critical.

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