How to Choose The Top Indian Pharma Company For Ethiopia?

By: April 12, 2023

Ethiopia’s pharmaceutical sector has been growing rapidly in recent years, expanding at an average rate of 15% per year over the past decade. It is now one of the top producers of generic drugs in Africa and supplies products to other African countries, Europe, and Asia.

The pharmaceutical industry for Ethiopia is booming, with the government announcing a plan to bring Indian pharma companies to their country. The Ethiopian Ministry of Health has invited Indian drug manufacturers to set up operations there, citing a need for more affordable medication for their citizens.

India is the biggest manufacturer and supplier of generic drugs in the world. The Indian pharmaceutical industry is predicted to grow at a CAGR of 11% between 2017 and 2022.

If you are a pharmaceutical company for Ethiopia looking to partner with the best Indian pharma company, then this article is for you. We’ll discuss some factors you can keep in mind while choosing an Indian pharma company for Ethiopia.

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7 Things to Keep in Mind While Choosing the Best Indian Pharma Company for Ethiopia

The Indian pharma industry is one of the most important industries in the world. The growing demand for pharmaceutical products is driving new companies to come up every day. This means that you have a variety of options when it comes to choosing an Indian pharma company. The choice, however, has to be made with a lot of care and thorough research as well because choosing the wrong company can lead to loss of time, money, and trust, among other things. 

If you want your pharmaceutical business to succeed in India, it’s best for you to hire a reputed Indian pharma manufacturer like JoinHub Pharma, who can help you get started on this journey.

Here are some things you should consider while choosing an Indian pharma company for Ethiopia:

Expertise in manufacturing

The first thing to consider is the expertise of a company in manufacturing. A good pharma company should be able to manufacture drugs that are required by the Indian market and should have expertise in manufacturing specific products for specific markets. For instance, if you want to set up a new drug-manufacturing unit, it’s important that you work with an experienced company that has experience in developing and producing Ayurvedic medicines.

Quality of the products

The quality of the products is the most crucial factor to consider when choosing a pharma manufacturing company. You need to ensure they have good laboratory facilities, maintain high standards and follow the guidelines set by government organizations. You can visit their manufacturing facilities and check how they manufacture your product or call or email them for more information.

The size of the company

The size of the company is an important factor to consider in choosing the best pharma manufacturing company in India. A large company has more resources at its disposal and thus can offer better services than a small one. However, this does not mean that smaller companies are not good enough or cannot deliver high-quality products; it simply means that they might not be able to offer as many services as larger ones do.

Time to market (TTM)

The time to market (TTM) is very important in the success of any product. It is the time taken from the conception of a new drug to its approval for use by consumers. The TTM depends on numerous factors, such as expertise, quality, and reliability of the company that manufactures the drug.

Compliance and GMP certification

A GMP certification is a must when you are choosing the best Indian pharma manufacturing company. GMP stands for Good Manufacturing Practices. It is a set of guidelines that the manufacturers follow to ensure the quality of the product. A manufacturer who has been awarded a GMP certification ensures that all its practices meet or exceed regulatory requirements, which helps in producing safe and high-quality products.

In addition, it also provides consistency in manufacturing, packaging, storing, and distributing products so that they remain stable throughout their shelf life. This ensures that your drugs retain all their beneficial properties until they reach your doorstep directly without any loss or change!

Check Client Reviews

Finally, look at reviews from previous clients. You can find these online easily by searching for “Indian pharma manufacturing company reviews” or something similar on Google or another search engine. You should also ask around within your network—who do people recommend? What do they say about the services provided by different firms?

Check their facilities

When you’re looking for an Indian pharma manufacturing company, ensure they have all the necessary equipment to produce your product. This includes autoclaves, lab equipment, and all the other tools that may be required for the production process.


Look into the company’s track record of reliability when making decisions about whether or not it will be able to deliver on its promises and deadlines.


Cost is always a factor when choosing an Indian pharma manufacturing company, but don’t let this be the only thing you consider when looking at different options because the price may not always reflect the quality or service levels offered by different providers within this industry sector or even within one particular provider’s offerings.

Quality control

It’s important to learn about quality control measures at each stage of production so that you know precisely what you’re paying for when choosing an Indian pharma manufacturing company. For example, do they test their products before shipping them? Do they use third-party testing services? 

These questions can help you determine whether or not this is a reputable company with high standards for quality assurance and compliance with regulations across all aspects of its operation—from raw materials through final product testing before packaging and shipping out final products ready for sale on store shelves worldwide!

Customer service

The company must provide excellent customer service and give you all the information you require about your order or product at any stage of manufacturing, shipping, and delivery.

JoinHub Pharma – Top Indian Pharma Company For Ethiopia

Pharma companies are the backbone of the healthcare industry, providing essential services to people around the world. They’re also not easy to start. The costs associated with research and development and finding a good location for your business can be daunting.

But you don’t have to do it alone! JoinHub Pharma is here to help you get started on your path toward building your own pharmaceutical company. We’ll guide you through every step of the process, from setting up your business to choosing and promoting the right pharma products for your market.

JoinHub Pharma is a top pharmaceutical company that is working to enhance the lives of people in Ethiopia. 

JoinHub Pharma offers various services to its customers, including research and development of new products, manufacturing of generic drugs, distribution of finished goods, and more. We have been in business for more than 10 years and have a strong presence in India and many other countries around the world.

If you are looking to expand your reach and make a strong name for yourself in the world of pharmaceuticals, partner with us today!

We believe in the power of solid partnership and collaboration and are passionate about ensuring patients have access to high-quality, affordable healthcare. We’re a team of highly-experienced professionals who know how to get things done, and we’d love to work with you.

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