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By: October 26, 2021

EHG is the full-form of Empty Hard Gelatin. Made from a compound known as gelatin, these capsules are consumed mainly by pharmaceutical industries for various reasons. Due to widespread industrial use, e.g., food, pharmaceutical or cosmetic, they are pretty high in demand.

EHG capsules are additionally famous as two-piece capsules or hard-shell gelatin capsules in solid dosage forms. One or more medicinal representatives and inert materials are enclosed within a tiny shell. Its well-established dosage form offers solutions to many of today’s drug delivery and nutraceutical formulation challenges.

EHG capsule market in India is valued at about 64 billion capsules in complete production terms. Pharmaceutical companies are moving towards grabbing this opportunity.

JoinHub Pharma is known globally for manufacturing high-quality, cost-effective hard gelatin capsules. We cater to customers from the nutraceutical, pharmaceutical, and dietary supplement industries across 100+ countries.

Our high-end manufacturing and warehousing facilities help us guarantee secure deliveries to global markets.

We have invested in cutting-edge Empty Hard Gelatin Capsules manufacturing units. The unit shows the pharma value–orientation into its methods and systems to manufacture benchmarked products with US and EU approval. The unit is entirely based on the pharma concept & is the only unit to follow the unique concept of SMSR (Single Machine Single Room).

Being one of the largest manufacturers of EHG capsules, our only mission is to find solutions to customers’ problems through expertise acquired from servicing large and small requirements. Customize your capsules to be best suited for you

Some of the unique features of the JoinHub Pharma’s EHGC facility are:

  • The State of the Art facility is certified by WHO-GMP and complies with all on Pharma Concept.
  • All production lines are duly segregated.
  • The facility complies with the cGMP guidelines of USFDA, UK MHRA, WHO, & EMEA.
  • A comprehensive uniflow pattern is followed for all the materials.
  • The printing facility also has distinct segregated lines.

We also supply:

  • Liquid filling gelatin capsules
  • TSE / BSE free hard gelatin capsules
  • Printed empty hard gelatin capsules

Gelatin is an odorless and colorless substance made from collagen that is obtained from domestic animals. Capsules made from gelatin can be of varied colors and color combinations. They additionally come in various sizes like 00, 0EL, 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, suiting our dosage forms.

Empty Capsules, whether HPMC, Gelatin, Or Pearl, come in a pre-locked position and must be filled and compressed from both ends (cap and body) for the airtight lock. Filling and locking can be performed manually or by filling machines.

Our capsules work efficiently on high-speed semi and fully automatic machines. Further, we have the material you require is ready stock in our inventory, so you don’t have to wait long. Get your material delivered within 3 to 4 business days right at your doorstep.

Moreover, we have an in-house Batch printing unit—all these complete a full-fledged Formulation manufacturing unit providing end-to-end solutions.

Ingredients Used in Gelatin Capsule

JoinHub Pharma as a Gelatin Capsule Manufacturer offers EHG capsules that are flavorless, colorless, and unscented, making them very easy to consume. Our capsules are an animal obtained product made from a 100% natural protein found in the bones and hides of cows. They are additionally bovine spongiform encephalopathy (BSE) free, generally recognized as mad cow disease.

Advantages of JoinHub Pharma’s Gelatin Capsules

The most critical thing about choosing herbal supplements in Gelatin Capsules is that they are available at a reasonable price than Hard Shell Capsules or vegetable capsules. It is one of the most common reasons a buyer considers when buying between the two forms of capsules. There are other health advantages of preferring these capsules, which contains –

  • Don’t require much effort to swallow.
  • Help to mask the taste and odor of medicine/supplements
  • Easy to digest
  • Available in different sizes

If you’re looking for a reliable EHG capsule manufacturer, supplier, and exporter, look no further than JoinHub Pharma. With the help of our great logistics facility, we can deliver the orders within the proposed time frame.

Get high-quality, cost-effective capsules from the best capsule manufacturer today!

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