Top Pharma Capsule Manufacture, Supplier, and Exporter for Kenya

By: October 14, 2022

JoinHub Pharma is a top third-party pharmaceutical capsule manufacturing company for Kenya, manufacturing and delivering a wide range of high-quality capsules.

The following are the main characteristics of third-party pharma capsule manufacturing:

  • Lower your expenses by outsourcing all areas of pharma manufacture.
  • Shorten the product launch lead time
  • Increase business margins by reducing waste and production expenses.
  • We produce a wide range of capsules, including Oblong Softgel Capsules, Oval Softgel Capsules, Round Softgel Capsules, Tube Softgel Capsules, and others!
  • We provide superior quality assurance.
  • Provides unrivalled assistance
  • We have our own WHO-GMP production plant.
  • A diverse array of pharmaceutical formulas

Partner with a Leading Pharma Capsule Manufacturer for Kenya – JoinHub Pharma

JoinHub Pharma is a well-known pharmaceutical company for Kenya. With a history of exceptional service in the Pharmaceutical Industry, we have taken the world of capsule manufacture by storm. Our certified and approved production plants and tight-knit distribution systems have revealed a perfect selection of capsules for Kenya. As a result, with a diverse selection of capsules, we have revolutionized the production process and swiftly established ourselves as the Best Pharmaceutical Capsule Manufacturer for Kenya.

Aside from that, our firm has built a solid marketing name by providing the best third-party capsule manufacturing services for Kenya at reasonable prices. HPMC capsules, Soft Gelatin Capsules, Vegetable capsules, Caplets (capsules+tablets), Enteric Coated Capsules, Pullulan Capsules, and other pharmaceutical capsules are available at JoinHub Pharma. These capsules are available in various sizes, colours, styles, and kinds to meet the clientele’s needs.

  • Capacity for large-scale capsule production
  • Manufacturing of capsules of both branded and generic types
  • Allopathic capsule manufacturing as well as ayurvedic genre
  • Top-notch quality of products
  • Affordability at the best rates
  • Premium packaging for zero damage
  • Delivery to 25+ Countries
  • Timely delivery
  • Self-sufficient for pharmaceutical product innovation and development
  • Better expectations for testing sessions
  • Use of components with high effectivity
  • Superior quality active and inactive ingredients
  • High standard in storage measures

Wide Range of Pharmaceutical Capsules That We Manufacture at Our Facility

As the leading pharmaceutical capsules manufacturing company for Kenya, we manufacture over 1300 capsules in various sizes and kinds using cutting-edge production and automated gear. The extremely complex factory produces our high-speed capsule production printing machines and plants. Furthermore, our production facilities are spread out across a large region.

Our modern machinery and cutting-edge technology enable us to produce vast numbers of items. JoinHub Pharma, a leading Third-Party Pharmaceutical Capsule Manufacturer for Kenya, specializes in a variety of capsule types such as soft gels, hard shell capsules, caplets, empty gelatin capsules, and so on. Our organization includes all treatments, OTC (over-the-counter), dietary supplements, etc. Because of the widespread usage of this medicine dose, we have compiled a decent product selection from which you may select for your organization. The following is a list:

  • Hair Growth Capsules
  • Hair Nail Skin Capsules
  • Orthopedics Products
  • Eye Capsules
  • Neurology Capsules
  • Cardiology Capsules
  • Fish Oil Products
  • Anti-Dengue Capsules
  • Anti-Diabetic Capsules
  • Digestive Supplements
  • Gynecology Capsules
  • Anti Anemia
  • Anti-Obesity
  • Health Supplements

WHO-GMP Approved Manufacturing Facility For Capsules

Because of its high-quality products, JoinHub Pharma has earned a solid reputation in the industry. Our capsules are manufactured in a high-tech facility within the corporation.

The manufacturing facility, which is located on a wide plot of land and comprises several sections for each type of operation, such as manufacturing, logistics, lamination, quality control team, and many others, must accept full responsibility for our success. It has state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities and infrastructure.

  • Cutting-edge technology is employed to manufacture high-quality items.
  • All devices are greased and maintained to improve productivity.
  • The research team works on a wide range of chemicals and brings the most cutting-edge products to market.
  • This platform has the capacity to produce over 1300 pharmaceutical and nutraceutical items.
  • Our company is backed up by a well-trained production team and well-educated personnel.

Quality Solutions Followed For Capsule Manufacturing By Joinhub Pharma

  • One of the reasons JoinHub Pharma has become a market leader as a veg capsule producer for Kenya and throughout the world is its high-quality standards.
  • As a leading capsule manufacturer in India, we strive to provide a comprehensive range of high-quality, low-cost healthcare solutions to multiple public and private medical facilities.
  • Our factories are equipped with world-class facilities, machinery, automated systems, and so on, allowing us to satisfy the wide variety of needs existing in the international market.
  • Through the continuous investigation of contemporary technology in medical research, JoinHub Pharma has entered the neo-technological domain of manufacturing a wide range of healthcare products.
  • The exclusive R&D team comprises highly qualified scientists, chemists, and technicians with extensive understanding of the pharmaceutical industry.

Outstanding Service Offered by Top Pharmaceutical Capsule Manufacturer for Kenya

Along with the quality of our products, we place a high priority on offering excellent customer service. We have left no stone unturned in our attempts to please our clients and offer them real and honest services. We think that by providing high-quality products and conducting honest business, we will be able to establish long-term connections with our clients.

Furthermore, our clients for Kenya recommend us to other customers after obtaining the original third-party manufacturing service. It eventually aids us in growing our customer base and developing our company network. Consider the following elements of our top third-party pharmaceutical capsule manufacturing services:

  • Affordable Deals
    • We discovered that several pharma professionals want high-quality items that are also competitively priced. There’s nothing wrong with it; we recognize that the bulk of our clients come to us to start their own businesses. They do not, however, have the funds to negotiate high-priced production contracts, as many third-party manufacturing corporations do. We offer our specialized manufacturing services at a reasonable price, allowing the customer some financial flexibility.
  • On-time Delivery
    • As we all know, meeting product delivery deadlines is a major problem for pharma employees. It all depends on the company’s logistics service; if products are delivered on time, it demonstrates that they have strong logistics services. However, we always provide the products on schedule, allowing our customers to satisfy market demand when it is necessary.
  • Inventory Maintains
    • Kenyan manufacturing companies must meet client demand in a timely manner. However, as we’ve observed, most pharma franchise organizations and suppliers struggle when they require supplies immediately or have a stock shortfall. Nonetheless, we always keep our consumers in mind; once they sign a contract with us, we learn about their requirements. As a result, we constantly maintain our clients’ desired products in our warehouse, so they do not have to wait for manufacture.
  • Quality Packaging
    • We all know that pharmaceutical packaging is just as crucial as drug manufacturing. We provide ALU-ALU and Blister packing services with airtight and leakage-proof agreements in our domain. Our entire package is appealing since we have all the crucial information about the drugs on it.

Please get in touch with us if you need assistance with our capsule manufacturing services for Kenya or more information on our Third-Party Manufacturing services.

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