Which Indian Companies Produce High-Quality Injections For Armenia?

By: February 20, 2023

The injection manufacturing industry in Armenia has been growing steadily over the past decade. In 2016, the industry was worth USD 5 billion, and it is expected to increase at a rate of 6% annually. The main drivers of this growth are the increasing demand for injections due to an aging population and a growing number of pharmaceutical companies entering the Armenian market.

The injection manufacturing industry in Armenia is dominated by small businesses, with most manufacturers having fewer than 50 employees. However, there are also many medium-sized businesses that employ between 50 and 100 people. These companies often specialize in making only one type of product (such as syringes).

JoinHub Pharma is the largest injection manufacturer for Armenia and operates internationally. We have been listed in the “Top injection manufacturing companies in India” as well.

JoinHub Pharma – Top Indian Injection Manufacturing company for Armenian

JoinHub Pharma is a leading Indian Injection Manufacturing company for Armenia. The company is managed by a pharma team of highly experienced professionals who have been working in the pharma field for more than 10+ years. JoinHub Pharma is committed to providing high-quality injections at affordable prices. The company is well-equipped with world-class facilities and tools that enable it to provide high-quality products at affordable prices.

JoinHub Pharma provides a wide range of pharma services and pharma products like vaccines, vaccines, eye drops, surgical sutures, and more to its customers under one roof. It offers custom-made pharmaceutical services at affordable prices which are not available elsewhere in the market. Their team consists of highly skilled professionals who use their expertise to make great products for their clients all over the world.

We are a full-service contract manufacturer, offering everything from pre-formulation to product development and commercial supply of finished products. We specialize in liquid, semi-solid, and solid dosage forms using hot melt extrusion technology for oral and injectable delivery systems.

We offer a wide range of pharma services, including:

  • Contract Manufacturing (Injectables)
  • Custom Formulation Development
  • Product Development
  • Commercial Supply Of Finished Products

Our production lines are always running at full capacity so that we can meet demand as quickly as possible. We also offer custom services to meet specific needs, such as customization of packaging or color coding, private labeling, and design tweaks on existing products.

Our team is also available around the clock so that you can get help with any questions that you may have about our services or products. We take pride in what we do and want to ensure that all customers are 100% satisfied with their experience with us!

Types of Injections Manufactured by JoinHub Pharma

JoinHub Pharma is a leading provider of cost-efficient injection manufacturing for Armenia. We have developed an innovative approach to the manufacturing process that helps us reduce costs and increase efficiency. We also offer a wide range of injection manufacturing services, including process development, formulation development, filling, finishing, and packaging.

The first step in our injection manufacturing process is comprehensively understanding each client’s specific needs. We work with you to identify the most efficient way to meet those needs, whether it’s by using existing machinery, incorporating new technology, or building something custom for your company.

Once we’ve created a plan for your manufacturing needs, we implement it by creating a detailed timeline and budget for implementation. This allows us to manage deadlines and ensure that all aspects of the project are achieved on time and within budget.

Here are a few types of injections that JoinHub Pharma manufacture and supply:

JoinHub Pharma is a manufacturer and supplier of medical injections. We work with all kinds of injections, including:

  • Vaccines and immunizations
  • Antibiotics
  • Pain medications, including opioids and non-opioids
  • Cancer treatments, including chemotherapy and radiation therapy
  • Antiemetics (medications that help prevent nausea during treatment)
  • Antibody therapies (for example, immunoglobulin replacement therapy)

Wide range of pharma products at JoinHub Pharma

We know that most people do not enjoy going to the doctor or taking medication, which is why we strive to make our pharma products as easy as possible for patients to use. We offer a wide range of convenient dosage forms, including

  • Tablets
  • Capsules
  • Syrups
  • Sachets
  • Ointments
  • Injections
  • Powder
  • Eye Drops

Our goal is for you to feel comfortable taking our medications so that you can continue living your life without interruption or discomfort!

Our GMP and WHO Authorized Cutting Edge Infrastructural Facilities for Injection Manufacturing

We have the expertise to provide you with all of the necessary services to manufacture your pharma products. Our clean rooms are equipped with state-of-the-art air handling systems, which provide a controlled environment to maintain low levels of particulate matter in the air. Additionally, our WHO-GMP-certified manufacturing facilities are equipped with high-performance air filtration systems. This help us to meet the stringent requirements set forth by our customers and regulatory agencies such as GMP, WHO, and FDA.

We are proud to say that our recent investments in this area have resulted in an increased efficiency rate and a reduction in waste materials.

Standard Steps Taken By JoinHub Pharma for Cost-Efficient Injection Manufacturing

JoinHub Pharma is known for its cost-efficient injection manufacturing for Armenia. We have taken various steps to ensure quality and minimize the costs of injection manufacturing.

Injection manufacturing is a complex process that requires high-end technology, skilled personnel, and strict quality control measures. JoinHub Pharma ensures that all these requirements are met while keeping its production cost low.

Here are some ways in which JoinHub Pharma ensures cost-efficient injection manufacturing:

Using the most up-to-date technology available to them

This includes investing in new equipment and utilizing software that helps them track their manufacturing process. It also includes using the most advanced techniques for cleaning, sterilizing, and packaging their products. All these things help ensure that JoinHub Pharma holds its reputation as an industry leader in affordable injection manufacturing.

Testing raw materials

In addition to testing finished products before they leave the factory floor, JoinHub Pharma also conducts regular tests on raw materials used in production processes so that they can ensure purity levels remain high throughout entire production runs without interruption.


We provide FDA-certified facilities and staff, ensuring that your products are manufactured in the safest possible manner.

Skilled Personnel

They have established several policies for their employees that help them meet ISO standards for medical device manufacturers. These policies include:

  • Using only qualified personnel for all tasks involving product handling and production processes;
  • Ensuring that employees are trained on the right use of equipment and materials;
  • Ensuring that employees are properly trained on how to perform each task;
  • Establishing an internal quality system that meets ISO standards;
  • Creating an internal audit program as part of their internal quality system; and
  • Creating a communication plan between management and line staff so that everyone understands what they need to do in order to meet ISO standards

Efficient supply chain management system

Being a leading injection manufacturing company, we use a highly efficient supply chain management system that allows us to keep track of every single step of their production process from start to finish. This makes it possible for them to pinpoint any problems or errors quickly and fix them before they become costly issues down the road.

Benefits of Third-party Injection Manufacturing from JoinHub Pharma

JoinHub Pharma is a leading manufacturer of injectable drugs and biologics in Armenia. We offer Third-party Injection Manufacturing services for a wide variety of biopharmaceutical products, including products under the purview of the FDA and other regulatory agencies around the globe. Our team has extensive experience manufacturing products in compliance with cGMP, and we are able to provide a high-quality product at a competitive price.

Here are a few benefits of partnering with a Third-party Injection Manufacturing company like JoinHub Pharma:

  • 100% Quality Assurance System

We have a 100% quality assurance system in place that ensures all products are produced according to industry standards, specifications, and regulations.

  • Cost-Effective Production

By outsourcing production to us, you’ll be able to save money on overhead costs while maintaining the highest levels of quality control and regulatory compliance.

  • Fast Delivery

We’re able to deliver on time because we have a streamlined production process that allows us to get your product out faster than most other manufacturers can.


  • Increased speed and efficiency

The third-party will be able to provide you with a faster turnaround time than if you were doing it yourself, which is especially beneficial if you need to get products out quickly. You also won’t need to worry about keeping up with all of the equipment maintenance and other tasks required for successful injection molding operations.


  • Ensure consistency

By outsourcing part of your manufacturing process, you can ensure that all products produced to meet your high standards for quality and consistency across all units sold or shipped out into the marketplace.


  • Increase flexibility

If you have multiple products that need manufacturing at once, outsourcing some or all of the production process gives you more freedom in scheduling production runs without having to worry about overburdening any one facility’s resources or workforce being maxed out on other projects first before they could start working on your own particular needs at hand here instead!

  • Scale

By partnering third-party injection manufacturing company for Armenia like JoinHub Pharma, you can scale up or down as needed, depending on your production needs. This means that if your pharma company for Armenia has a lot of orders in one month, you can increase your supply chain to meet those orders easily and efficiently. If not, then your supply chain will be manageable by excess inventory or unused resources at any given time.

Partner With The Top Indian Injection Manufacturer for Armenia Today!

Are you looking for a third-party injection manufacturing company for Armenia that can help you meet your company’s needs?

Offering a wide range of services, JoinHub Pharma is the best third-party injection manufacturing company for Armenia. Our wide range of pharma services includes bulk drug manufacturing, custom formulations, contract manufacturing, and clinical research. We have a state-of-the-art facility that is equipped with high-end machinery and equipment to ensure that we meet all industry standards.

If you’re looking for third-party injection manufacturing services, reach out to JoinHub Pharma today. We can help you.

You’ll get exactly what you want from your product—and if something doesn’t meet expectations, we’ll work with you until it’s perfect!

Contact us today to learn more about how we can help!

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