Which is the best Third-party pharma manufacturer for Venezuela?

By: March 10, 2022

Third-party pharma manufacturers for Venezuela are in demand owing to a growing need for medicines and the lack of resources that forces pharma companies for Venezuela to outsource manufacturing to third-party manufacturers.

So, if you’re also looking for a reliable third-party pharma manufacturing company for Venezuela, JoinHub Pharma is your one-stop destination.

JoinHub Pharma – Leading Third-party Pharma Manufacturing Company for Venezuela

JoinHub Pharma is one of the prominent names in Venezuela’s pharmaceutical industry that offers the highest quality drug formulations manufactured with hi-tech machinery, leveraged key resources by the highly experienced staff under guidelines of health organizations. We are a well-known ISO certified Indian Third Party Pharma Manufacturing Company for Venezuela that offers its best third-party manufacturing services across Venezuela.

Backed by experts in each department, our manufacturing units are vast and can carry out vigorous operations on a daily basis. Innovation has been the prime motto of our company that sets goals to meet the highest customer who takes our services.

Key Highlights of JoinHub Pharma’s Third-party pharma manufacturing

Logistics Service

It has become a significant concern in every industry due to current challenges that frequently develop while dispatching and delivering products. However, at JoinHub Pharma, we provide outstanding logistics services to ensure that our client’s product is delivered on time.

Safety Measurement

While packaging and shipping products, our packaging and logistics departments closely adhere to safety standards to ensure that the product arrives safely at your destination.

24*7 Customer Care Service

We have seen some pharma companies, distributors, and other pharma associates have to struggle if they have a query doubt regarding service. But here at JoinHub Pharma, the Top Third-Party Pharma Manufacturer for Venezuela, our customers can contact us any time whenever they need to ask anything about our products or services.

Stock Availability

Due to product shortages, some pharma companies need to move back from taking orders from the customers occasionally. They don’t need to wait for manufacturing, which significantly helps them establish a grip throughout the market. However, after the client finalizes the first deal, we start making the most popular products in stock at our warehouse facility.

What do We offer?

  • We offer contract manufacturing high-quality manufactured products like Tablets, Capsules, Dry Syrups, Ointments, Syrups, Softgel, Powders, Sachet, Drops, Liquid orals, Nanoshot, etc.
  • Our services include purchasing raw materials, production, packaging, and quality control depending on your needs.
  • Through this flexible approach, we can integrate perfectly into your supply chain.
  • Mutually beneficial partnership and a strategic alliance.
  • ISO, USFDA, WHO, and GMP certified pharmaceutical company

Economic Value of Our Strategic Alliance

  • Reliable supply of quality pharma products – Validated and approved processes.
  • Relief from the hassles of manufacturing and improved net earnings and cash flow
  • High-quality staff to focus on their core competencies like marketing.
  • Our quality control staff tests and releases all pharma products before shipment.
  • Monitor and optimize the delivery timeliness

Our 6 step simple pharmaceutical third party manufacturing process

Selecting order quantity and composition

To start third-party pharma contract manufacturing of your products, we first need to determine the product’s minimum order quantity (MOQ) and composition. After finishing the order quantity, we will let you know the composition’s minimum order quantities and batch size.

While choosing all these factors, as we mentioned above, we have to check if we have salt manufacturing authorization for that composition of salts.

Quotation for your required products

After selecting salt names and MOQ for contract manufacturing, we will send you a quotation that will include all the information and costs. It will consist of the cost of the product, packaging material, securities, or insurances if any needed for small batches. A quotation will additionally include miscellaneous charges you would have to pay for the contract manufacturing process.

Documentation for manufacturing

To prepare a formal agreement for official purposes, the client must bring some essential documents.

Design and packaging material

After the documentation, we will begin the process, and we will send you a different small design so that you can select the best design for your products as per your needs.

Once you give the go-ahead sign for the design, we will start printing the final package. We will print sufficient enough material for your products to maintain the inventory level for your next order, as it may be needed in the case of small batches.

Manufacturing of your products in the plant

In the pharma world, GMP refers to Good Manufacturing Practices, and it is applicable in our pharma plants as well. There are specific quality norms set in the GMP compliance production unit having the GMP certification, and we need to follow the guidelines set by GMP while manufacturing. We will take approximately 20-35 days to fulfill the entire requirement and deliver the products to your doorsteps.

We guarantee that the product is constantly produced and controlled according to quality standards. We cover all the aspects of pharma product quality and manufacturing, from starting material to finished products. Every time our products are made with the help of a qualified professional, correct procedure/guidelines must be followed at each step.

Final delivery of your products

Prior to the actual delivery of products, we generally ensure all the documentation and quality testing have been done as per correct procedure and instruction. We will send you the final performa invoices tie-up with all your area’s transportation and courier services. We usually ask the customer for their preferred transport of courier services.


Which is the top third-party pharma manufacturing company for Venezuela?

One of the top third-party Pharma manufacturing companies for Venezuela is JoinHub Pharma. The name speaks for itself. It is one of the biggest third-party manufacturers in Venezuela with the most advanced infrastructure.

We have got a license for producing high-quality products. We have WHO-GMP-certified manufacturing facilities in Gujarat, India. We also have partners across the globe, and 86% of our revenue comes from exports.

How do I start a third-party pharma manufacturing business in Venezuela?

You can start your pharma business with a Minimum Investment. JoinHub Pharma, the Top Pharmaceuticals Company for Venezuela, offers Pharma Franchise and third-party pharma manufacturing business. If you want to begin a third-party pharma manufacturing business, you must have a pharma drug license.

How do you test and analyze your products to ensure quality before shipping them to us?

We have cutting-edge pharma facilities and work closely with partners for routine testing. Our high-end labs are well-equipped with the latest technology to ensure our products meet the highest quality standards.

How many approved product lists for manufacturing and marketing do you have?

Over 1300+ product approvals from various regulatory agencies, including FDA, WHO, and M, GMP.

What are the certificates that your pharma company has?

Our pharma company is a manufacturer of health products. It is approved by GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices), M (Manufacturing), and ISO 9001:2015. They ensure that the company follows FDA (Food and Drug Administration) and WHO (World Health Organisation) guidelines.

What are the advantages of third-party contract manufacturing?

There are many reasons why using Third-party contract manufacturing is beneficial for a pharmaceutical manufacturer; here are the top five:

  • Fulfills pharmaceutical manufacturers of Venezuela’s aim of building their own pharmaceutical DRUG
  • Our third-party pharma manufacturers are experts in what they do
  • A highly-skilled staff dedicated to the quality of each brand build
  • Component pharmaceutical with a broad network of part vendors and distributors
  • Fully trained and certified as per pharma industry standards

What is the major difference between contract manufacturing and third-party manufacturing?

In third-party manufacturing, there is no deadline for delivery of goods, while, in contract manufacturing, the company should deliver its product within a defined time. Small pharma companies usually opt for third-party manufacturing, while medium-sized and big companies typically do contract manufacturing.

Learn more about how JoinHub Pharma can help you fulfill all your third-party pharma manufacturing needs.

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