Best Indian GMP-Approved Nutraceutical Manufacturers for Somalia

By: July 13, 2022

In recent years, Somalia has emphasized health and related parameters. As a result, the healthcare market has taken precedence and commanded a strong market share. While the healthy food movement has been popular for several years, its importance has increased since the pandemic began. People have recognized the significance of living a healthier lifestyle; this is where Nutraceuticals products fit right in.

In this article, we will help you understand what nutraceuticals are, their benefits, how to identify the real nutraceuticals, and which is the best Indian GMP-approved nutraceutical manufacturer if you are looking for import nutraceuticals in Somalia.

What are nutraceuticals?

Nutraceutical products are non-specific biological therapies that are used to improve general well-being, control symptoms, and prevent cancer.

The term “nutraceutical” is the combination of the words “nutrient,” which refers to a nourishing food ingredient, and “pharmaceutical,” which refers to a medical drug. Stephen DeFelice, the founder and chairman of the Foundation for Innovation in Medicine, an American organization based in Cranford, New Jersey, coined the name in 1989.

As per the saying by a Greek physician Hippocrates (known as the father of medicine), “let food be your medicine,” the philosophy behind nutraceuticals is to focus on prevention. One of the most important research areas is their role in human nutrition, which has far-reaching implications for consumers, healthcare providers, regulators, food producers, and distributors.

Types of Nutraceutical Products

Nutraceuticals are classified into four types based on their natural origins, pharmacological conditions, and chemical composition. They are as follows:

  • Dietary supplements

These are nutrients derived from natural food products that are concentrated in liquid, capsule, or powder form, such as l-arginine, casein, and so on.

  • Functional foods

These are foods that have been enriched and bolstered with nutrients that are not present in their natural form. As a result, they provide more health benefits by lowering the risk of some severe diseases.

  • Medicinal foods

These foods are used in the dietary management of a situation and are very precise to their purpose. They are prescribed with the assistance of a health care professional.

  • Pharmaceuticals

As the name implies, this is a combination of the words “farm” and “pharmaceutical.” It refers to foods derived from genetically modified agricultural crops or animals. These foods contain medically beneficial components and are extremely cost-effective.

Benefits of Nutraceuticals

The immense health benefits provided by these products have resulted in their continued popularity. Let’s explore them:

  • A favourable role in biological processes

Nutraceuticals have a beneficial effect on a variety of biological processes. This includes antioxidative stress defence, cell proliferation management, gene expression enhancement, and mitochondrial integrity protection.

  • Increase life expectancy

Nutraceuticals are projected to increase life expectancy by supporting the body’s functions and maintaining its integrity. They have also been proposed to improve quality of life by preventing chronic diseases, slowing aging, and improving overall health. As a result, both the quantity and quality of life are increased.

  • Disease-modifying potential

Nutraceuticals have the potential to boost immunity and reduce susceptibility to certain diseases. Furthermore, they have been discovered to have disease modification tendencies, i.e., influencing the pathophysiology of the disease to decrease its activity and progression and lead to improved outcomes.

How to Distinguish Between Fake And Genuine Nutraceuticals In Somalia

Follow these guidelines to learn how to tell the difference between fake and authentic Nutraceuticals.

1. Look for the Distributor Logo and Stamp

In each country, reputable nutraceutical manufacturers have specific distributors for their brands. If you’re looking for a specific brand, look for the distributor logo and stamp on the nutraceutical box. To find the official distributors of other brand names, visit the official website of the brand you are interested in.

The majority of supplement retailers sell supplements without distributor stamps, indicating that the product is of grey import. In that case, only buy the supplement if you have faith in the retailer, such as your brother. I’ve never met anyone so trustworthy.

2. Evaluate the seal and packaging

Take a glance for awkward spelling errors, unknown fonts, information errors, and logos that differ from the standard look. Check the seal. If it is tampered with, the product must be returned. Products made by companies with inadequate infrastructure do not have high-quality seals.

3. Examine the packaging for FSSAI approval

It is critical to determine whether the Food Safety and Standards Association has approved the medicine of India. It is important to note that the supplements are subjected to numerous tests and quality checks before they are delivered to you.

4. Match the Nutrition Profiles

A given brand’s flavour will have the same nutrient profile all over the world. Compare the nutritional info on the supplement label to the nutrition facts on the supplement brand’s official website. It’s a RED FLAG if you see numbers like Protein mentioned 25g (on supplement label) vs. 22g (on the official website).

5. Keep an eye out for the hologram

Examining the brand’s hologram is a sure-fire way to tell the difference between a genuine and a fake product. Not every company possesses the necessary technology to create and replicate the hologram. Holograms are used as a form of authentication all over the world.

Partner with a reputed Nutraceutical Manufacturer like JoinHub Pharma

JoinHub Pharma is a leading manufacturer of nutraceuticals, dietary supplements, and food supplements in India. We provide high-quality Dietary Supplements for the market’s best nutrition brands by utilizing cutting-edge technology and high-quality ingredients.

JoinHub Pharma has become one of the leading private label supplement manufacturers for Somalia due to the wide variety of each segment, such as Gym Supplements, Dietary supplements, Multivitamin & Multimineral Syrups, Whey Protein, Amino Acids, Vitamin Supplements, Advance Clinical Products, Effervescent Tab, Chewable Tabs, Instant drink mix.

Our quality standard is in line with the WHO Form, making us the most reliable Nutraceutical Medicine Manufacturing Company in India.

JoinHub Pharma is the best Nutraceutical Medicine Manufacturer in India. The company is well-known for producing nutraceutical products. A number of pharmaceutical companies have approached us about third-party manufacturing for our Nutraceutical Range. We have the capacity to manufacture pharmaceutical products on a large scale. We have amassed a diverse portfolio of nutraceutical products, all of which are manufactured under expert supervision.

Quality Controls Taken from JoinHub Pharma to Furnish Safe Manufacturing

Our company is very concerned about the medication’s quality. JoinHub Pharma adheres to strict quality standards to ensure that the product’s effectiveness is not jeopardized. The Quality Management team strictly instructs our manufacturing team and professionals to pay special attention to each manufacturing step. The company’s main goal is to meet international quality standards in the WHO and GMP settings. We manufacture to meet the needs of our customers, so it is more important than ever to deliver a good and healthy product.

  • All raw materials and other chemical formulations are obtained from a reliable vendor, and the team of experts tests the product’s persistence at various parameters.
  • Before dispatch, the Quality Management team personally inspects each product.

What Makes us Trusted Third Party Manufacturing Company for Nutraceutical Medicine?

Nobody wants to put their lives in danger when it comes to fitness and health. It is critical for them to choose a reputed brand for themselves.

That is why we take great pride in claiming to be the best manufacturers of nutraceutical medications. Our company is very particular about product quality and productivity. Here are the various features that set our manufacturing services apart from the competition.

  • We are an ISO-certified pharmaceutical company that manufactures nutraceuticals.
  • The company’s manufacturing units are GMP-WHO certified.
  • The DCGI and FSSAI have approved all of the stock and products that we prepare.
  • Our manufacturing services have earned a good reputation in the market, making them more well-known.
  • All of the products we deliver in the marketplace are of the highest quality and are highly trustworthy.

Why Choose us?


The product’s appearance is just as important as its quality, so We offer our customers customized packaging made of certified materials.


We have a talented and skilled R&D team that assists us in conducting better market research and developing new and better innovative ideas for our product portfolio.


To ensure a high-quality product, the company has partnered with registered suppliers who provide us with high-quality ingredients for manufacturing.


JoinHub Pharma supports environmental causes voluntarily and in collaboration with a number of other organizations. In our offices, we employ a variety of energy-saving practices.

Research & Development

Our research team is committed to providing the best techniques, processing, and quality standards in order to ensure cost-effective and technologically advanced methods.


Our manufacturing unit is FSSAI compliant and a cutting-edge facility equipped with cutting-edge machinery and a high-precision micro lab for scrutinizing and testing each ingredient used in the products. FSSAI-approved ingredients are used. We never compromise on visual representations, label claims, or textual statements on labels, and we strictly adhere to the guidelines.

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We have a team of highly experienced, qualified, and skilled professionals who make sure our products are completely safe for our customers.

If your pharma company operates in the nutraceutical supplement market in Somalia and if you are looking for the Best nutraceutical manufacturers in India, JoinHub Pharma is a one-stop solution.

We value your business growth in Somalia and look forward to hearing from you!

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